Chartbeat — Useful. Reliable. Simple.
July 16, 2021

Chartbeat — Useful. Reliable. Simple.

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Overall Satisfaction with Chartbeat

We use Chartbeat across our network, both at the local and national level, to give use real-time results for which stories are driving high engagement. The real-time results give us an effective birds-eye view of where we should be devoting more resources, or, in the instance of low engagement, less.
  • Real-time results give you a great glimpse at which stories are driving engagement.
  • The referrer traffic indicators allow you to track who's sending you traffic and how much, which affords you an opportunity to tweak your messaging on specific social media platforms, if necessary, or double down where appropriate.
  • Being able to view results across an entire network or drill down on a specific market is highly useful, especially when tracking engagement for a single story.
  • There are times when Chartbeat is buggy when selecting a specific section in real-time results.
  • I miss the feature that showed you which specific tweets were delivering high engagement. It added a level of personal touch that's hard to replicate without it.
  • It would be nice to be able to drill down on specific markets (sections) for video views. Currently you can only track video views across an entire network.
  • ChartBeat has helped us reach 97% of our user goals year-over-year.
  • ChartBeat helps us identify areas of opportunity as we strategize new annual goals.
From a user standpoint, Chartbeat helps identify wasted energy, which is a highly useful endeavor. If a two-minute video embedded in an article is getting the same engagement as a 10-minute video, there's no reason to waste the extra time needed to edit a 10-minute video when two will do.
The best part about Chartbeat is how intuitive it is. You really don't need to explain to someone how it works; just plop them down in front of it and let them poke around. They'll quickly get a feel for how it works and how it can be used to streamline their day.
I have not used Chartbeat's content testing tool, only because I didn't know it existed until this moment. But now that you mention it, I'll have to look into it. Chartbeat gives us a strong feel for how to time our social media response (which times of day are optimal engagement times, when's a good time to push something out again, etc.).
Reader loyalty lets us know when we're hitting our wheelhouse, or when we're dragging behind and need to pick up our game. Device type is somewhat useful in that it gives us a good idea of when something's askew (e.g., if we're usually at 60 percent mobile vs. 40 percent desktop, but today we're at 30 percent mobile, we could have a blind spot for something that needs our immediate attention). Concurrent users is a metric we use daily, repeatedly, for that real-time snapshot of how effective a story is.
In my opinion, Chartbeat should be paired with Google Analytics. Chartbeat is perfect for real-time results, an area GA lacks, and GA is best for long-term outlook.

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Outside the purview of digital media (editorial/journalism/social media), I can't imagine a scenario where Chartbeat would be very useful. If a colleague in this field were looking for a tool to better track results in real time, Chartbeat would be the first tool recommended. But it's still necessary to supplement with Google Analytics.