Umbrella, worth it's weight for sure
Updated April 30, 2021

Umbrella, worth it's weight for sure

Karl Fulljames | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Cisco Umbrella

We are an MSP with 7000 endpoints that we support. Umbrella is not optional for our clients. While antivirus is required, it serves as a checkbox. Umbrella is what does all of the heavy lifting for us on the antimalware side of things.
  • Cisco umbrella protects the whole network. While you can have an agent installed on machines to provide more protection abilities and filtering, you more than likely have IoT devices on your network and you want to make sure those aren't working with bad actors.
  • Umbrella is lightweight and the geniuses behind it are constantly finding ways to thwart evildoers.
  • When we initially put in umbrella we were spending over 40 hours per month on fighting crypto viruses and that dropped to 20 hours for the next 12 months. It has paid for itself easily.
  • Every once in a while it conflicts with an app and we need to turn it off to troubleshoot, see it working again, then create a ticket to get support to resolve the issue.
  • The amount of times Umbrella has stopped crypto from entering an environment is countless. If crypto manages to get on a desktop, it doesn't let it communicate back with the bad actor server and notifies us in Connect Wise that a computer needs a virus cleaned off.
  • We can look at our antivirus suite and see that maybe a dozen items are blocked in a month. Looking at umbrella, it's literally millions of bad data points being rejected.
Especially during a pandemic, protecting users when they are not behind a firewall can be incredibly hard to accomplish. Thankfully we already had Umbrella in place to help protect endpoints that are roaming around the world. We've been notified regularly of ransomware attacks that have been thwarted by Umbrella.
We use the Meraki suite of products but haven't seen an integration worth using.
I believe there's an integration with cisco anyconnect but that's very new in Meraki land and we haven't tested it yet.
Every once in a while Umbrella will get in the way and cause issues with a certain application. Creating a ticket with Cisco will normally take a few days to resolve. In the meantime we have to shut off Umbrella for the client to work. This needs to be shored up.
We've looked briefly at the DNS protection from Webroot. I think Webroot is a fine base, but would you prefer your 1999 Camry that works most of the time or would you rather be driving in a 2019 Acura NSX that does everything so well and makes you look like a hero using it?
Great product that saves us SO much time by blocking more bad actors than I could ever count.
We've seen the number of ransomware attacks drop substantially after putting Umbrella in place

Using Cisco Umbrella

10000 - All business functions. This number is for both us and our client base. Umbrella is mandatory for our clients protection.
40 - Junior to senior level techs can work with umbrella. It is not a complicated product.
  • Protecting against ransomware
  • Protecting against IOT attacks on your network
  • Uncovering Shadow IT that may be persistent within the organization
  • We've been able to use Umbrella to uncover Shadow IT that might be within an organization
  • We've been able to do some basic level of web filtering to help with situations that warrant it
  • We are able to use Umbrella to get some base level of reporting for business owners that want to see how often sites are used
  • Roll it out everywhere and get everyone protected. Figure out the rest later
We've renewed it ever year without question

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Evaluating Cisco Umbrella and Competitors

  • Product Features
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  • Product Reputation
It was easy to justify the cost of Umbrella based on the amount of effort we were spending cleaning up ransomware attacks
There are a number of new players in this market space now. I'd review against them and try to determine if we need the Rolls Royce or the Honda Fit

Cisco Umbrella Implementation

Very easy to roll out using the RMM scripts that were pre-written by the cisco crowd
Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled
  • The Bria phone app was broken by Umbrella and we had to disable it for those phone users until it was resolved by cisco

Cisco Umbrella Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Support understands my problem
Quick Initial Response
Yes - It was a bit slow to get to the resolution but it was resolved
Sales support and initial rollout was fantastic. Great team.

Using Cisco Umbrella

It's a fantastic product that works better than advertised.