Perfect for our mid-size business
December 22, 2014

Perfect for our mid-size business

Victoria Richardson | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with HubSpot

Hubspot has made it easier to track, connect and monitor activity with our customers. We are now able to effectively use forms, download the data and turn the results into marketable action items. We are using Hubspot within our Marketing and Quality Control departments with plans of expanding it into the sales department via the CRM system that was just released. In the past our online forms were lost in a jungle of programming with no way of easily downloading or analyzing the information given to us. Pebble Technology was using constant contact (via an outside consultant) to "blast" emails out with very low click through rates and very high bounce rates.

After the implementation of Hubspot, we have updated our forms making it easier for us to track consumer feedback, automated many manual processes saving time and money as well as increased our email success rates. There are some tweaks that could be implemented to make it even better (ie: auto formatting the downloaded information to match the order of the form fields) but all-in-all we are lightyears ahead of where we were!
  • The phone support is unmatched. They are responsive, helpful and very knowledgable giving you thought out solutions.
  • The email automation and list making capability makes it easy for me to send personalized emails to the right people. I can categorize my lists in many ways making it easy for me to reach who I mean to.
  • The social monitoring tool makes it easy for me to interact with conversations around our business and respond quickly to our customers.
  • When downloading form submissions, the exported file does not match the flow of the from. Meaning, when you export your form submissions you have to reorganize your excel sheet to match the order of the flow of questions. This is pretty manual and it would be helpful to have the results export in the order they are asked.
  • It would be nice to implement If/then logic to the questions on forms. We can use that logic in workflows, but it would be nice if you could change the question that a consumer saw based on the question before it (ie: State - Arizona. Choose your applicator - this would display answers only pertaining to AZ).
  • There are tools out there for social listening and I would like to see if that is something Hubspot would entertain. I think it would make this tool so much more impactful because a business could integrate their social response to an email follow up etc.
  • Exporting form submissions by date. Currently we have to export all submissions and there isn't a way to pull submissions from a certain month or date range. It would be really helpful if we could export form submissions by date range in order for us to analyze and report on it.
  • Increased employee efficiency. We have automated 5 processes that used to involve emailing a form, printing it out, scanning it or typing a reply email with the answers and someone hand typing in the information. We now have easy and accessible forms that our employees, customers and partners can use, cutting down hours of manual labor.
  • Increased customer satisfaction. We implemented a new product registration form and each month we export the results and our Quality Control team follows up with our partners and consumers if there was an issue. This is leading to higher quality conversations and a higher value to our partners.
  • Increased click through rates. Because we were able to clean up our email lists and target the correct audience, we have seen a dramatic increase in click throughs with our emails.
Marketo had more capability than what we needed. There wasn't a circumstance that I could see us using all of the functionality so it would be like buying a Porsche when you need a reliable Toyota. HubSpot has almost all of the capabilities that we need in our small business, so it is a perfect fit for our needs.
It would be too complicated moving to another solution. I am pleased with HubSpot and the product performance so I don't have a reason to switch.
If anyone is looking for an easy way to create landing pages, manage their social media, automate processes or send more effective emails (which is 99% of business) HubSpot can offer an affordable solution that can be tailored to your individual business. They offer so many free education courses and you can take it one step at a time.