LastPass? EVERYBODY should use this.
Updated April 23, 2021

LastPass? EVERYBODY should use this.

Jill Liegghio | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with LastPass for Business

We are currently deploying LastPass to a group of beta testers, with the hope of potentially making it available enterprise-wide. I'm one of less than 10 who is currently using the product to solve the problem of maintaining multiple user IDs and passwords. I probably have more than 75 active passwords that I was keeping in a local OneNote file. However, you still have to type your credentials into the websites or copy and paste. With LastPass, these are automatically completed through the software.
  • Keeps multiple passwords and user IDs for both computer and mobile applications.
  • Allows user to remember just one master password to access all accounts.
  • Recommends secure, unique passwords so you don't have to try to come up with them and risk repeating / forgetting any.
  • Increases security by allowing users to stop the habit of storing passwords locally, in unsecured media.
  • At times it can overwrite your user name with another piece of data. For instance, if you have multiple sign in points on the same site or if you have an additional level of authentication - like a token key - it may overwrite a part of your credentials.
  • Sometimes if you move the credentials into folders - for instance, Business, Banking, Personal - it may not pull up the credential the next time you access the website. It would seem that it matters where it is stored in LastPass when you save your data.
  • It won't always auto-populate your credentials when accessing them from a website.
  • They have a sharing feature - so you can provide passwords to other individuals. But we've have difficulty getting this to work.
  • We are currently using a free version of the software - so no investment needed. But we are testing for enterprise roll out. From a security standpoint, we all really feel this is the way to go. No more generating easy to crack passwords and / or storing them in an unsecured way.
  • Never having to retrieve and type passwords again has saved me hours a week. Not every user will have this same productivity gain but I would think those in Finance and IT will benefit greatly.
  • I will provide feedback to our IT team that we should roll LastPass out to all users in our Corporate Office when asked. Currently, I've been beta testing.
Even though OneNote isn't a password keeper, this was the way I used to do it. It is one level more secure than a piece of paper taped to your desk. LastPass has allowed me to move away from this very insecure method of keeping important information. This is the only secure password software package we've tried out as an organization. Our project manager has tried several other and recommended this one for testing.
There doesn't seem to be any limit to the number of credentials this software can house and this is ONLY the free version. Honestly, I feel everyone can benefit from this freeware version. In the future, we will look to license it for Enterprise use. Maybe we will even require it as the only permissible way to keep passwords.

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We have had no difficulty implementing this software to our beta testing team and have found even the free version was very easy to install and use with minimal support. I have not needed to contact LastPass support personally, as we have an on-site IT team who does supports us. However, if support, ease of use or ease of implementation were an issue, we wouldn't be looking to bring this software to our Enterprise.
I recommend this to any business professional who has to handle multiple accounts or has accounts that time out very quickly. It's no surprise that you spend a GREAT DEAL of time finding and typing passwords. And worse, even once you get all the information stored somewhere, you may have to create a new password again after 60 days. That old way of doing things needs to go by the wayside. When I see someone with a paper book full of passwords, I spread the news.

LastPass for Business Feature Ratings

Using LastPass for Business

20 - We are in the beta testing phase of an enterprise version of LastPass. Our beta testing group consists of users who manage multiple passwords over multiple sites who mostly work in IT and in Finance. A few members of our executive team also uses this software for the ease of use and I have been sharing about this software with our administrative professionals team.
1 - We have a person who serves as our cyber and data security manager. He has been approaching users for a limited roll out of the enterprise version of this software and helps users implement it on their machines. Implementation took less than 5 minutes and was almost self serve. This same security manager teaches a class on cyber and data security to the organization and recommends LastPass to everyone, even for home use.
  • Greater password security.
  • Ability to keep dozens of passwords with site references in one secure location.
  • Auto-generating secure passwords to stop the practice of easy to guess codes.
  • Efficiency for users who are often logged out of secure sites after a few minutes of idle time.
  • LastPass functions as advertised, however, we are looking in to expanding the use of password sharing for administrative professionals who may need to log in to sites on behalf of the person they are supporting.
  • For finance and IT professionals, we could enable LastPass as part of the suite of software preloaded on their computers. That way, our team members would be able to use this great tool right from the start and begin good data access habits.
LastPass has been a game changer for me. I keep more than 100 passwords for financial sites for my company and many of those sites will automatically log you out if you've been idle for 10 or 15 minutes. Typing and re-typing credentials is not only extremely inefficient, but it also adds the risk that you could type them incorrectly and have your account locked. LastPass fills in all my credentials automatically and helps me to generate secure passwords for new sites. I will always want this software on my machine because it makes my life so much easier.