Linode is a relevant choice for a small startup, for it is simple, powerful and inexpensive
March 15, 2021

Linode is a relevant choice for a small startup, for it is simple, powerful and inexpensive

Aurelien Slodzian | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Linode

Linode is used for hosting our online production servers.
  • Very flexible, create a VM in seconds
  • Integrated solution: servers, domains, storage
  • The right price
  • Very supportive team
  • Vault for storing secret data like deployment keys.
  • Low cost and stable production environnement for our application servers
  • One provider for all
Linode is comparable to Digital Ocean, but DO adds the concept of Droplet, which adds a layer of complexity. When I tested DO, it had more "ready to use," preconfigured, machines with databases, etc., while Linode had only barebones VMs. Since then Linode has integrated a marketplace with a similar offering. AWS is, for small companies, a money drain: the price model is too complicated, it is impossible to estimate the budget; there are many features but each one adds a cost. There are too many AWS specificities, so we could not just import a Linux image and we had to spend a lot of energy to adjust all of our scripts. Then you are stuck with AWS. In the end, we switched to Linode, where you can do the same, for 1/10th of the price, with standard stuff, and with peace of mind for free!
Great support. We had issues that were related to some certificate chains and not related to the Linode infrastructure at all, but the people at Linode did not hesitate a second to dig into the problem and point out where the problem was, a case where a lot of companies would have just said: "it is not our fault."
Our servers run 24/7/365 for $10 per month each instead of $50 with AWS; Object Storage and backups for almost nothing. No specific expertise needed, no hassle, no bad surprises. It was the right choice.
We do not have strict uptime requirements. Nevertheless, we have set up a continuous monitoring system (Postman) and the only things we observe are some temporary slowdowns on the low-end servers, nothing that could not be fixed by upgrading a bit.
Above all, Linode is conceptually simple. One does not have to learn any specific concepts, so one understands exactly what is going on and how it works. Hence the deployment infrastructure does not need specific skills and it does not consume any energy from our team. I like the ability to deploy in a second a new VM and for a very low price, for example for setting up a temporary test environment. It is also very easy to deploy a new production environment in a parallel VM, then switch in a second just by changing the DNS.