Miro outperforms all other digital whiteboards
December 21, 2021

Miro outperforms all other digital whiteboards

Chris Gomez, SPHR | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Miro

Miro has been a tool we use when we want to collaborate but can't all be in the same space or room. Whiteboards are great for "in the moment" drafting and sketching but Miro excels because you can be constantly working on the same board for weeks while getting constant feedback from your team. We've found it's been most helpful when we don't exactly know what a workflow is going to look like and we can start putting down ideas.
  • Workflow drafting. Miro has some great tools that are super easy to use to sketch workflow processes and make notes.
  • Editing. Seems simple and a given but it's not. I've worked without "whiteboard" software where it's actually pretty difficult to edit your content. Miro makes it really easy to edit things quickly and make changes without having to do a lot of clicks.
  • Share your board. It's been great adding people to Miro and having them work on projects with me. People who have no experience with Miro are able to get in and start working in just a few minutes.
  • Maybe it's just because I'm just scratching the surface of what Miro can do, but I really haven't had any issues or places where I thought "I wish Miro would do this." It's been great with all the places I need it to work.
  • It's given clarity to otherwise confusing projects. I'm able to get ideas down and get feedback quickly and share things in ways people can understand. I'm not waiting to schedule a meeting and find a whiteboard anymore.
  • It's helped us to sell our ideas. It's one thing to tell someone how it's going to work. It's another thing to show them. Miro has so many "out-of-the-box" visual options, it makes it easy to create something for a presentation.
  • I've found that people are more likely to look at a Miro board that contains everything they need as opposed to a word doc here, a presentation there, etc. Miro helps us stay organized and, therefore, more efficient.
Miro uses the common in-app messages to onboard new users. I found it to be helpful but Miro's user face is simple enough that I felt confident in using it within the first 10 minutes. They've got plenty of helpful articles and videos to support you as well. Overall, I found Miro's content to be helpful in getting me going quickly.
We use 2 main products that Miro integrates with: Teams and Confluence. The actual process of integrating was not difficult to do. Once integrated though, I found myself not using it all that much. Not exactly sure why but I have not found the integrations incredibly useful for me in my daily routine. I typically just go to Miro. As far as integrating with our processes, that was easy to do. Many of the things we do during the brainstorming phase were done through Miro instead of using a physical whiteboard.
It's impacted it quite a bit. We've been using Miro to work through a redesign of our company website. People from multiple departments are viewing the whiteboard to see what's being worked on and what's left. It's been great to create transparency and a visual so people can not only read but see the progress that's being made.

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Figma's new whiteboard tool will be interesting as it continues to improve and get better. For now, I think Miro offers an easy experience. As far a draw.io, Miro is far easier to use and work with. I don't find myself getting frustrated when I need to edit or update things in Miro. Every other application, its always felt like a headache.
Miro is for the brainstorming phase of any project. You're gathering a lot of information and want to keep it all in the same place. With Miro, you can create a space where all of your data can be together. I love the fact that I have only one place to go for a project. I'm not sure how helpful it would be once you get past the brainstorming phase and move into something more concrete. I'm sure there is a place for it and teams use it in that way, but that is not what we've used it for up to this point.