Oracle Database. Real Horsepower for your organization.
Updated October 27, 2017

Oracle Database. Real Horsepower for your organization.

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Overall Satisfaction with Oracle Database 12c

I use Oracle Database 12c as engine central database and hub of many distributed systems. Oracle Database 12c guarantee the security, confidentiality and availability of data like any other database can do.

Normally this database is used in the implementation of highly complex projects, where security and data availability are the highest priorities; for example, in the financial field. I also choose to deploy Oracle Database applications that require high transactionality high power as CRM or ERP.
  • Very fast transactions.
  • Security. It is practically Impenetrable.
  • Highly configurable
  • New keywords, identity changes, visible columns. All to make your DBA life easier.
  • It is basically a database engine and powerful data mature. All it does, it does well, so you just have to implement new features at the same speed of its rivals
  • If you are a newbie, Oracle may have a learning curve too high. It is strongly recommended to follow specialized courses to achieve maximize their use.
  • The migration tools can be overly complex
  • When you give power to your database, you reduce significantly failures and incidents that may arise due to poor performance of transactions. This translates into more capital for your organization.
Well, Oracle is a solid database and as I mentioned, is for the first quartile of project complexity. The other solutions mentioned databases have more specific goals and respond to reduced complexity. For example MySQL or PostgreSQL are widely used for startups. On the other hand, if you were in my experience to propose a rival to Oracle, SQL Server this would be. Although Oracle Database is preferable in any environment that requires maximum performance, SQL Server could be chosen according to the customer's policies or compatibility with programming tools.
Large systems, large projects. Environments where they have to unify many applications or working with legacy applications. If you implement a holistic system for an entire corporation, or ERP, or CRM, you need something as powerful as Oracle Database. If you work with complex server, you need to deploy Oracle Database. If you implement SAP, the best database will be Oracle. On the other hand, if you want to focus on a more specific application, or a startup, you'd better choose another database that will accelerate development times at the cost of much less power.