Pure Storage delivers on their promise
Mark Locastro | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 06, 2019

Pure Storage delivers on their promise

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Overall Satisfaction with Pure Storage FlashArray

The Pure storage is used as our Enterprise block storage capability supporting over 8,000 VMs running enterprise & research workloads. The solution addresses the issue of provisioning & supporting thousands of disparate workloads with various performance characteristic (medium/high IOPs and low latency requirements) cost-effectively with minimal administrative overhead. The Data Reduction in production is over 5x which allows great performance with a compelling value proposition.
  • Data reduction, we are seeing 5.x in Production and 6.x in non-prod environments.
  • Ease of management, deployment (API), seamless capacity expansions and even array upgrades with zero downtime.
  • Support, Pure One Dashboard is dynamically updated with all the relevant performance, capacity, and health on all devices (e.g. IOS). Pure is proactive in addressing issues the moment they are detected and are extremely responsive to any questions or queries.
  • Still niche products - would like an expanded portfolio to cover all storage use cases.
  • Slightly higher cost than their competitors.
  • With a 5.x Data reduction in production, the solution has allowed the business to receive the benefit of peak performance at critical business events (admissions, results etc) without over-investing in Hardware that sits underutilized.
  • The ease of provisioning via the Pure API's has removed the need for a dedicated Storage admin, the Platform team can now run via code and don't have to wait for manual zoning or carving out of storage, when new workloads need to be provisioned or scaled up it is done immediately inline with the business need.
  • The Evergreen nature of the product removes the capital lumpy spend profile. This fact, augmented with the HW upgrade with no downtime, the business keeps running and scaling without IT being a roadblock, we are an enabler.
We were an early adopter, the claims around data reduction were unproven, and the evergreen and hit-less array upgrades were unheard of in the storage vendor community. Their high price point was a risk as if the claims did not become a reality the value proposition was invalid. Other Vendors had a more rounded portfolio of products, we were concerned Pure was a one-trick pony, but they have continued to innovate and deliver on all their promises.

From the initial purchase, we have looked at their other products, our advice would be to ensure you are very clear on your workloads, capacity and performance characteristics. Their products perform exceptionally well, at a price point, we could not justify the investment for Flash Blade, not a reflection on the product, more the usage scenario and ROI from our side.
  • Easy to manage and deploy, 1 day to install, migration was seamless.
  • All capacity expansions and array upgrades have been hit less. The products performance has exceeded expectations and has never failed under business-critical periods.
  • We have not had a single outage in the three years we have been running the product.
  • The ease of integration of the Flash Array with their technology Alliance Partners (We integrate their product with AWS, Cisco, Citrix, Commvault, VMware, Splunk, Redhat, Microsoft, Oracle, Mongo DB, Brocade, Veem). Having this partner ecosystem allows for true workload mobility and supports our DevOps Infrastructure as Code operational mindset.
Data reduction, de-duplication. Originally we were in the 4.x range, but with ongoing firmware & software improvements from Pure, we are at 5.x with no change to the way we deploy workloads. All this new efficiency and performance is driven by Pure and released to customers without some new licensing constraint or performance tiered licensing.
Previously, our end users had a prohibitive price point per Gb for high Performance that led them to try and make do with cheaper alternatives, running workloads that maxed out the arrays, and caused congestion impacting other lines of business. The ongoing delays in capacity expansion, the requirement of full environment downtime to address Bugs and software upgrades impacted the availability and created the perception with our business that Storage was a never-ending money pit that didn't deliver.

Now we have no noise from our stakeholders and research partners other than requesting new services and PoC's/Prototypes to leverage the capability of the Flash array to solve emerging digital business problems.
NetApp, at the time, was more a hybrid approach as did not have the same level of features and capabilities in the all-flash array market, newer products have since been released to market that would make a closer comparison now, but three years ago this was not the case.
Nimble, more suited to Silver/bronze (teir2/3) storage with Flash as a Cache.
HDS, has very solid products, compares favorably with the capacity and performance required, but at a higher price point and does not offer the benefits of the Pure solution in terms of features, monitoring, and reporting, support model and flexibility of upgrades.
Block is where Pure Storage excels, such as enterprise VM hosting, Critical Oracle, SQL, MySQL Databases, and farms. Basically any high/medium performance workload, they cover easily. Their product is rock solid from an availability and performance perspective. General file and object storage is not their play. The value proposition is only effective at a large scale, so small/medium enterprises may not get the value from the product.

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