Great tool for tracking, keeping prospects warm, and saving time with custom cadences
January 08, 2021

Great tool for tracking, keeping prospects warm, and saving time with custom cadences

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Modules Used

  • Cadence and Automation
  • Calendaring
  • Conversation Intelligence
  • Opportunity Management

Overall Satisfaction with SalesLoft

SalesLoft is being used by a few sales teams within my organization, and those who have access all seem to benefit greatly from the platform. In lieu of a CRM that can track activity, tasks, and prospects, this is a crucial tool that keeps me organized. It saves an immense amount of time when developing cadences that incorporate a variety of touches (email, LinkedIn requests, LinkedIn shares/messages, calls, etc.). I especially love the tracking feature (assuming a company is not on the tracking exclusion list), which gives a fairly accurate level of intent data. Our team tends to follow up with calls after seeing a number of email opens, which has worked well in scheduling new prospects or getting back on the calendar of existing prospects.

The platform is great for organizing leads that are sent to reps through our CRM, as they often fall out of the funnel. By tagging prospects when they've come in as a lead, I can easily place them in fodder campaigns that help me stay in touch with prospects who may not be ready to connect right away. We've also been able to solve issues within the team when duplicating outreach efforts/finding territory overlap.

One feature that has been removed, which was helpful, was being able to delete contacts (e.g., because of dupes, moved organizations, no longer a valid prospect, etc). Also, the email targeting could be improved to eliminate opens/clicks from your own domain (e.g., if I cc my colleague and she opens the email 20 times, it is not easily distinguishable from the prospect who may live in the same area).
  • Tracking emails/intent to inform next best actions
  • Organizing prospects and activity
  • Creating cadences that save time
  • No longer able to delete prospects
  • Email tracking does not exclude those from your own domain
  • Copying cadences from one rep to another can only be done with admin's permission
  • Improves rep productivity by saving time on which prospects to target, when to engage, and scaling cadences
  • Analytics are helpful for modifying rep behavior/replicating successes
  • Number of meetings has increased by using tracking data/knowing when to engage
SalesLoft's initial training was robust and easy to follow. It highlighted the top features and benefits to other reps.
Since SalesLoft does not connect our CRM, integration was not a concern. However, it is much easier to use than our current CRM/spreadsheets.
  • Outreach
In a previous organization, I used Outreach for tracking/cadences and I believe the SalesLoft interface is very user friendly. I mostly used the plug-in when using Outreach, so I was provided a limited view which was appropriate for what I needed the software for. However, I prefer the layout and interface of the Outreach platform. I do not use the email plug-in as often (compared to Outreach) but it serves its purpose when I'm quickly looking to add a contact/track an email.
This platform is very well suited for an organization that does not have an email/activity tracking capability. It is also great for collaborating between reps and their SDR/BDRs. It saves time by allowing you to throw prospects into cadences and repeating successes.