SmartCloud Connect - a versatile and user friendly cloud based integration utility
July 12, 2019

SmartCloud Connect - a versatile and user friendly cloud based integration utility

Kenneth Harrington-Colon | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with SmartCloud Connect

SmartCloud Connect is only being used by a couple of departments in our organization; here there is an extra cost associated with it so only those departments that have a critical need for it are utilizing it. The utility streamlines the linking of inbound and outbound emails to bpm'online, our CRM platform. Before this system was implemented in this particular department, which has a heavy workload, there were complaints of the amount of time it took to track an inbound and outbound email within the CRM system. SmartCloud solved that issue by allowing all of the tracking to be implemented within Outlook itself.
  • Keeps email tracking simple within Outlook.
  • Has a global search to allow associating an email with multiple types of accounts (i.e clients, leads, contacts, and activities).
  • Single-button click to open or close the SmartCloud interface in Outlook.
  • The software updates often, leading to an opening delay the first time it is used in a session.
  • Creating contacts is simple, but can lead to duplicates when proper research for tracking is not utilized by the end user.
  • Extra cost on top of CRM costs add to the bottom line expense of the system.
  • Departments that use it save time on email tracking, allowing them to focus on client request and tasks.
  • Simple integration with Outlook made it a breeze to set up, allowing for quick expansion or reduction of licenses.
  • Extra cost has prevented us from applying the utility company-wide, which creates dual methodologies for email tracking and training.
Out of all the other utilities we've used, SmartCloud connect seems to be the most stable. The other interfaces sometimes caused glitchy integrations with Outlook, requiring a user to restart the add-in to restore functionality, but so far that has not been the case with SmartCloud Connect. SmartCloud connect also allows you to connect to different CRM's instead of just one, which means you can still use it when migrating between CRM's.
If you are using Office365 and it is within your budget, utilizing SmartCloud Connect as an interface with a CRM is a no-brainer. It remains hidden when Outlook opens, but with an email selected you can open it with a single click. It then allows you to associate the email and even attachments with email addresses that were included in the to, cc, or from sections of the email. It's a very intuitive user interface and saves time in email tracking.