Socialbakers is Great, but Expensive!
January 01, 2019

Socialbakers is Great, but Expensive!

Alejandro Matheu, MD, MBA, MSc in Digital Marketing | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Modules Used

  • Analytics Pro
  • Builder Pro
  • Market Insights

Overall Satisfaction with Socialbakers Suite

We use Socialbakers to have better insights and better statistics about our social networks and our competitors. It’s also very helpful to follow the mentions we have had. The option of reports they give you are truly great and the option to export them really makes your life easier. It is also really easy to use and to get used to it.
  • Great statistics. The system gives you very detailed statistics of your KPI’s.
  • Great report system. It’s very easy to use, you can export data and in different formats.
  • Not hard to use. I would have said it is easy to use, but it is not very easy. It gets easy once you get used it. Sometimes there are so many options that you don’t know where to start.
  • Very Accurate. The system has a very accurate algorithm or AI system. I’ve compared it with Facebook statistics and there isn’t a significant difference.
  • The price.
  • I understand this is a really good and useful software, but the prices are too high for the basic suite. If you want more features you have to pay more and you could end up spending a lot of money.
  • I have received just one follow up from them since I subscribed. They need to give continuous follow up to their clients.
  • They need better customer service.
  • Inform clients about new features and those that are going to disappear in a better way. I understand that the main social networks metric algorithms change and lots of features disappear and new ones appear, but they should let us know which are changing and which are being added.
  • Actually this is not a software that can give you exactly an ROI, but obviously, it gives you the metrics of how your campaigns are doing.
  • It gives you great insight to make decisions based on the statistics. Which is the best “ROI” I think.
Socialbakers is the best-known brand, and Socialbakers used to have a free analyzing tool. (I’m not sure if it’s still available). Also, I think they were some of the first ones to have this kind of software.
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If you have enough money to spend on marketing tools and software and are willing to spend even more for more and better features, this is your option. Socialbakers is really good but is the best with all of the paid features they offer. If you are looking into the basic version, you can find the same elsewhere, cheaper.

Using Socialbakers Suite

5 - Marketing and Big Data