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Sprout Social Review: "Great Social Platform Manager" SocialUnspecified8279101
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December 15, 2017

Sprout Social Review: "Great Social Platform Manager"

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Overall Satisfaction with Sprout Social

My hotel is unique because we are actually two hotels in one which means we have double the social profiles a normal property does. We use Sprout Social to keep track of all our social profiles and interactions. It assists in making sure nothing falls through the cracks or goes unanswered.
  • Creating and scheduling posts across a multitude of platforms.
  • Discovering content through RSS feeds and account feeds
  • Discovering potential profiles to follow and manage your following/followers.
  • Browser compatibility. I use chrome and sometimes the page doesn't fit properly or it gets stuck and won't refresh.
  • The way the pop-ups for scheduling work. Sometimes they look deformed or don't fit on the screen of my full sized laptop. It's odd the way they pop out and don't function properly.
  • The app has a long way to go. It's getting better with every up date, but I wish it was as user-friendly as the website.
1 - I am the whole Social Marketing team for two hotels. Sprout Social allows me to maximize my efficiency and social reach all in one place. It would be very easy to lose track of 6+ social platforms. Sprout Social allows me to keep up with all the platforms, scheduled posts and makes sure all interactions are responded to.
  • Sprout Social has positively impacted our interactions with guests and potential travelers looking for information because we can answer their questions in a timely manner.
  • Sprout Social has positively impacted the way we are able to schedule campaigns and track their process.
  • There is no direct data to indicate an ROI. We can measure link clicks but we cannot translate that into bookings as of yet.
I have used Hootsuite Free and I am unimpressed. It is not as user-friendly as I would hope for it to be and find it confusing at times. I can't figure out how some of the add-ins work and I don't like the layout at all. It's not aesthetically easy on the user's eyes either. I prefer the ease-of-use with Sprout Social and how it reads. It is easier on the eyes, easy to compile reports and very understandable.
It is truly a great platform for anyone trying to manage more than three social platforms at a time. I don't think it's worth purchasing for less than three social platforms because of its lack of ROI accountability. I wish it had a built-in tool that could create short links that could then be tracked in the application. Right now it relies on and I have to go to an outside site to track links posted.

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