AudienceStream, a marketer's dream come true
August 11, 2015

AudienceStream, a marketer's dream come true

Monique Trulson | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Tealium AudienceStream

AudienceStream is currently being used by the Marketing Department, including the ECommerce Department. We initially implemented it to power trigger email programs through our email service provider - we have several campaigns currently triggered by AudienceStream. We have since started utilizing the tool to enhance our knowledge of our customers, and are working to utilize this knowledge to make the user experience more relevant for each visit to our website. Tealium iQ (supporting tool for AudienceStream) currently allows us to enhance our marketing database with online data, and AudienceStream allows us to enhance our online experience with offline data.


  • AudienceStream allows me to expand on the data I'm already capturing about my visitors to the website, taking the data points and combining them to create and assign new definitions ("badges") to my visitors, which then allows me to enhance their experience with my company.
  • The APIs within AudienceStream expand the reach of all the data we collect and the new definitions we create - we are no longer limited to only using this data on our site directly, instead we can pass this information effortlessly through to other tools to increase the relevance of our other marketing efforts, be they email, retargeting, paid search, or even our call center and retail stores through a connection to our CRM system.
  • Audience Discovery within AudienceStream immediately provides insights to the folks on my website in real time, and also allows for historic views. I can slice the data in any way I choose to watch as visitors move through my site, gaining or losing badges as they perform various actions. I can then drill down into any group of visitors for the smallest of details, and use that to create new badges to use.
  • The tools Tealium provides, such as AudienceStream Trace, allow me to feel 100% confident that the tagging and defining I'm doing is correct, and working as expected.
  • Tealium's customer service is AMAZING - an entire team supports both your technical and strategic needs, and provides tools such as customer communities to help with learning.


  • We are using AudienceStream with offline data to help identify and improve online experiences for our visitors, and build out more robust personas - once uploaded into AudienceStream, the visitor stream is monitored for a period of time and when a match is found, the data we uploaded is assigned to that match, allowing for more relevant interactions with them. We find that period of time to be relatively short, given our customers buying patterns.
  • Within the AudienceStream interface we have the ability to create attributes - taking the information we know about the visitor and assigning it within AudienceStream to allow us to act on it in some way. This is incredibly easy, thus we have a very large amount of attributes available, to the point where it can be overwhelming to understand what is mapped to what. I'd love to see some sort of visual representation of how things tie together, above and beyond the labeling that is currently available.
  • The dashboard, which is the main view presented upon login to AudienceStream, has some great snapshot reports which would be valuable to share - however there is no way to share them currently.
  • Ease of implementation of new marketing channels - we went from concept to completion in a week and a half when developing a new email program, and that included setting up the API to tie AudienceStream to our ESP.
  • Inspires blue sky thinking - we are no longer limited by the data we can specifically capture, allowing for us to develop a far more relevant and personalized experience both online and off.
  • From a budget standpoint, the spend on this tool is justified by the fact that AudienceStream can be used across other tools to enhance our marketing campaigns there - email, paid search, recommendations, testing, even offline marketing such as catalogs, retail stores, direct mail.
This tool is definitely made for organizations that go above and beyond simply capturing data on their online visitors for simple reporting. AudienceStream allows you to combine data from multiple sources and manipulate it to represent everything from hard facts about a visitor/customer (# of times ordered, device used, time on site, etc) to more intangible concepts (visitor is a fan of the company, visitor is a frugal shopper, visitor is a social maven, visitor prefers search over navigation) - and then allows any of that data to be shared back to your reporting platforms, and your other online functionality. This would be overkill for an organization that only uses basic segmentation.


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