With new cyber threats evolving every day, security is a must. MFA service is a great way to add a layer of security to protect your credentials.
July 13, 2021

With new cyber threats evolving every day, security is a must. MFA service is a great way to add a layer of security to protect your credentials.

Ryan Chester | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with WatchGuard AuthPoint

Our company is an IT Security and Management provider. We provide outsourced IT support, proactive maintenance and security for our clients. All the solutions and security "layers" we provide our clients we also use internally.

One of these security layers is WatchGuard's AuthPoint Multifactor Authentication (MFA) tool. This solution is widely used throughout our company with literally every service it's compatible with. I just checked how many sites or cloud services and other applications I use it for and I'm currently using this MFA service for 13 different applications or cloud platforms to provide an additional layer of security for my credentials. It's mission critical to our organization and the companies we manage to provide best-practice security solutions to minimize and when possible eliminate the risk of compromised credentials or data breaches.
  • Ease of use, the mobile app is very ease to use once set up.
  • For companies that may have employees that are not comfortable using their personal smart phone for this MFA service, WatchGuard offers a hardware token solution. It's like a mini stop watch keychain that allows the MFA service to function without a smart phone.
  • Setting up new MFA accounts is ease, you can simply scan a QR code or do a quick manual setup.
  • More compatibility, continue to adapt to additional services. The list is long now, but at times we have run into situations where it's not compatible. Though some services force a user to use their own MFA service and there's probably nothing WG can do about that.
  • Peace of mind, higher sense of security.
  • Our data is sensitive and so is our clients, it's too hard to put a number on the cost of data breach. Most companies go out of business or their names or brands are permanently tarnished.
  • Value. MFA service is one of the lowest cost security layers with one of the highest impacts. It's a no brainer, the only hesitation with most companies is the inconvenience. It is an inconvenience, I get it, but it quickly becomes routine.
I've found most MFA applications function essentially the same. It's ideal to have all your accounts using the same platform for simplicity. WG's AuthPoint provides that compatibility.

We're a WatchGuard Gold Partner and have been installing WG firewalls and Wireless Access Points for many years and trust their security. It's a natural fit for us to use the WG AuthPoint service. We started using it and providing it to our clients about a year ago and it's been a solid solution. Our clients find it easy to use and we're able to manage it for them on the back end.
It's simple. The application is a small download for a smart phone or if a smart phone isn't available for a specific user, WG offers a hardware token that can be used in place of a smart phone.
Well received. Users can use the code that is updated (I believe) every 30-60 seconds or they can use a the push notification.

Once they get familiar with it, it quickly becomes routine.
This has simplified the user experience, security is critical, but making it easier to use it just as important.
As these security tools get easier to use companies are more open to adopting these security services and their users ultimately benefit from a better experience.

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We use internally and provide WG's AuthPoint MFA service to our clients primarily for an additional layer of security for their Active Directory accounts. From there we promote using it for any additional accounts the client has that's compatible with the service.

Most cloud or hosted online services today are compatible with MFA service, where it can be used, it should be. There's far too many cyber threats and bad actors out there compromising credentials, selling them on the dark web or using them in data breaches.