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Valicom Clearview, Calero, One Source, Telesoft, Tellennium - Management of Things (MoT), Avotus Telecom Expense Management, Cass Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Softeligent, Network Control and Saaswedo mytem360.

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Valicom Clearview

Clearview is a web-based platform for managing voice, wireless, data environments, and more. Used by internal staff alone, or paired with professional services provided Valicom's expert team, Clearview is presented by the vendor as a robust proactive tool that increases visibility,…

Tellennium - Management of Things (MoT)

Tellennium is an expense management, lifecycle management, and wireless mobile management company.

Genuity -

For managing assets, vendor spend, usage and contracts to strategic sourcing and spend analysis, Genuity is a Technology Business Management platform designed to enable teams to spend smarter and maximize the value of every dollar a business spends. Genuity builds tools to help businesses…

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Telesoft is a Telecom Expense Management company, offering self-managed SaaS, hosted or a managed service option.

Network Control

Network Control provides Telecom Expense Management managed services. Among the services offered are evaluation, preparation and negotiation, bill auditing and dispute resolution, expense management, employee provisioning, inventory and asset management, policy review, and development.…

Avotus Telecom Expense Management

Avotus' Telecom Expense Management is a software solution that helps users make informed decisions by getting in-depth visibility of telecom assets & spend. Modules include Inventory, Purchasing, Invoicing, and Analytics; they are self-contained, yet interactive. Users can employ…

One Source

One Source is a Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM) services partner that provides a cohesive view into telecom connectivity portfolio, proactively optimizing expenses and inventory based on business needs and actual usage. They are headquartered in Greenville.


Calero is a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) product that helps companies manage their fixed and mobile networks by controlling costs, optimizing services, boosting efficiency and productivity, and enhancing security.

Widepoint Telecom Lifecycle Management

Widepoint offers a range of products and services to enterprises and government entities. TEM is available a a product called Telecom Lifecycle Management and is also available as a managed service which includes mobility management, identity authentication and access management.

Cass Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Telecom Expense Management from Cass Information Systems handles procurement, asset management, service optimization, change management, financial audit and payment management for large telecom companies.

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Spenza (formerly iSimplexity) provides self-service, assisted or managed Telecom Expense Management (TEM) software and services. Operating globally, their service aims to automate and simplify enterprise mobility policy administration and reduce costs.Spenza caters to small, medium…

CDK Telecom Spend & Services Audit

With so many major carriers standardising their contracts, there are more chances to overpay for unneeded services, possibly by thousands of dollars each month because of the hidden fees and charges hidden in contracts. But very few of them know where these extra costs are coming…

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A cloud-based telecom expense management solution that provides businesses with an overview of voice and data expenses. It provides real-time data, advanced analytics tools that map usage trends, and audit functionality that helps uncover overbilling or discrepancies, helping business…

Velocity Global Expense Management (GEM)

Velocity’s Global Expense Management (GEM) is a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution that leverages Velocity’s twenty years of client & partner success experience. GEM delivers comprehensive financial, operational, and strategic support, including expense reduction, budget…

Thinking Machine Systems

Thinking Machine is designed to help enterprises uncover hidden value in their technology and telecom spend, without changing suppliers, and while supporting digital transformation efforts. The solution automates challenging activities related to telecom asset inventory auditing,…

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Asignet provides an IT Full lifecycle Management solution for IT and Telecom that connects services, devices and people through automation and business processes. Utilizing a patented robot to automate business process and a proprietary Application Platform as a Service (APaaS), Wayfast,…

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Learn More About Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Software

What is Telecom Expense Management Software?

Telecom expense management (TEM) software began with the goal of controlling fixed phone line monthly expenses. Today, it has expanded to cover the management of wireless, voice, and data services with the goal of reducing risk and cost. Departments such as finance, IT, and procurement benefit from using these services by simplifying cost management of corporate communications as well as their inventory.

Services provided by telecom expense management are now automated to reduce the stress of billing and monitoring expenses on a day-to-day basis to ensure goals are met. Having complete visibility over your communication systems, mobile devices, and circuits gives an organization a snapshot of expenses which helps improve efficiency. TEM software applications also assist with C-level technology strategic decision-making.

The functionalities of TEM software are similar to that of mobile device management (MDM) which provide a broad range of security capabilities so that they are safe to use for business. TEM products, however, have more of a focus on the following areas:

  • Inventory management and change control
  • Sourcing
  • Procurement and fulfillment
  • Invoice management
  • Expense management (including validation and optimization)
  • Usage management and chargeback
  • Bill payment
  • Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Telecom Expense Management Features

Some useful features when using telecom expense management include:

  • Data billing
  • Voice billing
  • Call monitoring
  • Dashboards & visualization
  • Usage tracking
  • Asset inventory
  • Asset discovery
  • Contract management
  • Fixed-line capability
  • Notifications & reminders

Telecom Expense Management Company Comparison

As a buyer, some important factors to keep in mind when researching TEM companies include:

  • Expense vs. Lifecycle Management: Some TEM products focus on managing the financial aspects of telecom assets and expenditures. Others integrate expense management into broader lifecycle management capabilities. The full lifecycle management function can be valuable to some orgs, but may be repetitive with other existing IT asset management tools. Consider whether built-in lifecycle management capabilities feel existing needs for the business beyond pure expense management.
  • Support Rating: When using any system, you want to make sure you feel supported when you find yourself with any questions or concerns. This involves being able to talk to a real-live person who, preferably, makes you feel like part of the same team. Therefore, researching a vendors support rating may be wise when deciding on a product.

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Pricing Information

Most of the pricing for telecom expense management is customized to fit the end users needs and therefore usually aren’t displayed publicly. Industry estimates place average pricing around $30 monthly for basic packages with limited features. Many of the products will offer a free demo upon request.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using telecom expense management?

TEM products are beneficial for telecom companies in that they are able to cut costs and increase efficiency by automating billing and invoice management. The tracking and monitoring of telecom services and expenses allows for an increase in overall operational and financial efficiency.

What does telecom expense management software do?

Telecom expense management (TEM) is used by business telecom companies to automate the management of certain business practices such as costs, expenses, and billing. They are specifically designed for managing the financial side of mobile and/or landline communications systems.

How much does telecom expense management software cost?

Most of the pricing for telecom expense management is customized to fit the end users needs and therefore usually aren’t displayed publicly. Industry estimates place average pricing around $30 monthly for basic packages with limited features. Many of the products will offer a free demo upon request.