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URL Shorteners Overview

Link or URL shortening tools are used to create shorter and easier-to-read URLs that redirect to a webpage. The shortened link is useful for social media networks where the number of characters is limited such as Twitter.

Link shortening tools also provide analytics and click tracking on the shortened links. Many social media management software products provide link shortening functionality natively and/or integrate with standalone link shortening tools.

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Bitly (Bit.ly) is one of the most popular link shortening tools. The vendor says it shortens 1 billion links per month. The company is privately held, based in New York City, and was founded in 2008.



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Rebrandly is an easy way to create, share and manage branded links. The vendor offers companies and individuals the possibility to brand and shorten the links they share using a specific domain name of their choosing.With Rebrandly, users can create and share branded links directly…


Branch provides a cross-platform linking and attribution platform, offering solutions that unify user experience and measurement across devices and channels. Branch powers mobile links and cross-platform measurement to more than 3 billion monthly users across the globe. It provides…

Short.io (formerly Short.cm)

Short.io (formerly Short.cm) is a custom domain URL shortener used to create, customize, and share short branded links. The vendor boasts advanced features like country/region/mobile targeting; set up UTM-tags, link expiration/cloaking; apply API for developers; free email and online…


GetSocial helps eCommerce websites increase their sales by generating highly qualified traffic, boosting visibility and purchase intent, and providing data on their visitors. We do so by providing a simple tool to create social action buttons. Companies now use regular social action…


Create short links and track clicks (neon.ly): Transform URLs into customised short links and gather analytical data about clicks.Create micro landing pages (neon.page):Create small landing pages with multiple links. For example for an Instagram biography or as a simple portfolio…


With Linkin Bio, URL Retargeting, and Curated Pages, Linkjoy helps users Increase Brand Awareness, Generate More Leads and Re-Target one-time Visitors, and power up posts on Instagram, taking followers where they need to be. Users can shorten URLs and run scripts to retarget one…


OSlash is an enterprise URL manager that helps teams navigate, manage, and share information by internally naming all important links.


Foxly is a URL shortener service for brands, advertisers, marketers and for many more. It’s presented as a simple and easy to use link management system. Foxly aims to help brands increase their engagement with short urls. Foxly is designed to help users exceed growth goals on URL…


gShift is the flagship cloud-based search engine optimization platform from the Canadian company gShift Labs headquartered in Barrie, Ontario, launched in 2009 to simplify and "demystify" organic SEO. Billed as a comprehensive and integrated suite of tools, gShift offers keyword…


BL.INK is a link management and URL shortening service that creates an environment to manage every touch, monitor for accuracy, and provides analytical insights to measure value and performance.

T2M URL Shortener

T2M is a URL shortener built by Zesle Software in Calgary.


Geniuslink is a link shortening tool and also provides affiliate linking capabilities to app developers, music labels and Internet marketers with international audiences.


Users are aware of the links they're clicking, branded links will increase brand recognition, inspire trust and increase click-through rate. The solution aims to enable users to get to know audiences with detailed statistics and better understand the performance of links, while also…


MyShorten is an online URL Shortener that turns long links into short ones. URL Shortener's are helpful when a long link is difficult to remember. With MyShorten the user can shorten links with what vendor provides is a free to use shortener which has the ability to customize a…


TinyURL is a link shortening service.


BudURL is an enterprise link management system. Users can create custom domains and vanity URLs and manage links with intelligent routing by device, location, language, time of day, and date. The BudURL dashboard includes advanced and custom click analytics, tiered user roles, link…


adf.ly (or AdFly) is a paid url shortener that enables users to get paid for visitors to shortened links.


Lnnkin is a URL shortening tool developed with a focus on user-safety. Its algorithms permanently ban malicious domains and links to keep users safe from unwanted activities. Lnnkin offers plans and features for companies of all sizes. It also offers a free plan to users with some…

Learn More About URL Shorteners

What are URL Shorteners?

Link or URL shortening tools are used to create shorter and easier-to-read URLs that redirect to a webpage. The shortened link is useful for social media networks where the number of characters is limited such as Twitter.

Link shortening tools also provide analytics and click tracking on the shortened links. Many social media management software products provide link shortening functionality natively and/or integrate with standalone link shortening tools.

URL Shortener Features

Features common to URL shorteners are:

  • Easy to read real word links

  • Branded links and short domains

  • Embedding UTM parameters

  • URL builder

  • Link analytics and tracking

  • Deep linking

  • Campaign creation and performance metrics

  • Mobile optimization

  • Security and guaranteed link uptime

  • User matching to track visitors across platforms

  • API and social platform integrations

URL Shorteners Comparison

Before purchasing a URL shortener, consider the following key points:

  1. Free vs. paid: There are several free URL shorteners available on the web that provide basic link shortening capabilities. However, these free tools typically lack features like being able to produce a branded link, link analytics and tracking, or social media platform integration. Paid tools, on the other hand, will likely have these features.

  2. Budget: What does your budget look like? Will there be multiple people at your business using the URL shortening platform or just one user? Will you be generating more than 500 links per month and expect massive amounts of traffic to these links? The answer to each of these questions will impact how much a URL shortening platform will cost you.

  3. Ease of use: How user-friendly is the URL shortener you’re considering purchasing? Are you able to easily navigate around the user interface and find the features you’re looking for? Are the link tracking and reporting metrics easy to view and understand? Many URL shortening tools offer a free version or free trial of their software. Taking advantage of a free version or trial is a great way to assess the overall user-friendliness of the product before making a purchase.

Pricing Information

Popular URL shortening tools have free editions providing a limited number of links and custom domains. They also provide limited feature sets. Paid link management plans offer a larger volume of links and more custom domains. Paid plans are also more advanced and supply customer tracking and analytics. Enterprise-level plans support campaigns with A/B testing, marketing functionality (e.g. retargeting), and live support with onboarding and coaching.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do URL shorteners do?

The simplest and cheapest URL shorteners allow users to input a link and produce a shortened version of that link. These tools are often free plugins or web-browser applications. More sophisticated URL Shortening tools offer other features such as the ability to create a branded shortened link, track clicks to the link and the resulting web traffic, embedding UTM parameters in links, link retargeting, etc. These more advanced are typically not free.

How do I shorten a URL for free?

There are several free URL shortening web-browser applications. Users can simply copy and paste their long link into the link shortening field within the application and the software will provide a shortened URL. Examples of free URL shorteners include:

What are the best URL shorteners?

According to end-user feedback on TrustRadius, some of the most popular URL shortening tools (based on the number of reviews they have) are:

How much do URL shorteners cost?

There are several free simple URL shortening applications or plugins, many paid tools also have free versions available. The starting price of more comprehensive URL shortening platforms can range from $10 per month for about 500 active URLs, to $30 per month for between 1,500 and 5,000 active branded links, to $48 per month for up to 10,000 active links.