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MatrixCare, ADL Data Systems, OnShift, Yardi Senior Living, Cerner Long-term Care, Aline, ePlan, iCareManager, Simplified Nutrition Online and Caremerge.

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MatrixCare, by ResMed, includes a suite of applications supporting in-patient assisted living operations, with CareAssist as the central application as its eMAR & point of care system. Also MatrixCare applications support KPI tracking, workforce management and payroll, and other…


OnShift delivers cloud-based human capital management software and proactive services to solve everyday workforce challenges in healthcare. Offered through a suite of products for hiring, scheduling and employee engagement, the vendor aims to drive quality care by empowering providers…

PointClickCare Core EHR Platform

PointClickCare provides their cloud-based technology for the senior care industry, the PointClickCare Core EHR Platform.

SmartLinx Solutions

SmartLinx Solutions offers a workforce management suite that includes applicant tracking, staff schedule optimization, time and attendance, human resources, payroll, employee self-service, business analytics, licensing and training management, ACA compliance management, mobility,…

ADL Data Systems

ADL Data Systems headquartered in New York offers a suite of application for both in-patient and outpatient senior care and assisted living.


Aaniie, formerly Smartcare Software, is a cloud-based (SaaS) platform for home care providers. With automation, connected technologies, and proactive analytics, Aaniie helps providers produce better patient outcomes and simplify back-office functions. Features include dynamic scheduling,…

WinPharm Pharmacy Management Software by Datascan

Since 1981, Datascan has operated in the pharmacy software industry. Their software is designed to streamline pharmacy workflows while building profits, efficiency, and patient adherence. The company boasts a boutique style of service that allows its clients to have a voice and helps…

Yardi Senior Living

Yardi, headquartered in Santa Barbara, offers a suite of property management applications, including Yardi Senior Living, with property management features but also assisted living features like eMAR, and EHR.

ECP Assisted Living Software
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ECP is a cloud-based software program for the senior living industry with features including electronic medication administration record (eMAR) that interfaces with pharmacies to sync med orders and reorder meds. It also has a care management program including integrated assessments,…

Momentum AMS
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Canadian company Momentum Healthware offers their Assessment Management System software, which is a suite of healthcare applications oriented to support senior care and assisted living facilities.

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Carevium, headquartered in San Francisco, offers applications to support senior care and assisted living facilities.

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GoldCare provides an end-to-end platform for management of home care or assisted living or long-term care facilities.

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HCare1 is a system with three modules supporting long-term care and assisted living operations, from Health Care Systems Corporation in Westfield, Indiana.

Senior Insight

Senior Insight in Denver, Colorado offers operational support software for senior, assisted living facilities.

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Move-N Software in Texas offers clinical and operational support software for Assisted Living facilities.

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eResidentCare is an assisted living and elder care operational support software from Software Solutions Associates in Minneapolis.

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My AdultDayCare

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Falcon Software

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Learn More About Assisted Living Software

What is Assisted Living Software?

Assisted living software helps organizations that provide assisted living services. It offers resource allocation optimization and automated workflow. Users can also expect the software to manage medical staff operations, including scheduling. Assisted living software simplifies the entire process, from resident intake to billing patients.

With assisted living software, users save time on operational duties. It allows them to concentrate on providing the best service, improving patient well-being and overall satisfaction. Given the rising need for assisted living care, organizations need this type of software to make sure they provide attentive service and stand out from the competition.

Assisted living software provides EMAR, or electronic medication administration records, which reduce errors related to the administration of medication. Integrations typically include:

  • Connecting data to EMR systems
  • Accounting and payroll
  • The CRM in use
  • Workforce management systems

Assisted Living Software Features

Assisted living software includes the following identifiable features:

  • Alerts and care plan guidance
  • Reporting for vitals, medications, and incidents with residents
  • Risk and process alerts (to ensure operations are proceeding safely, legally, and optimally)
  • Collaboration tools and document sharing to coordinate information across roles and shifts
  • Electronic medication administration records
  • Electronic treatment administration records
  • Patient scheduling
  • Medical billing

Assisted Living Software Comparison

Before choosing the proper software for your business, consider these factors:

  • Business size: Larger assisted care services may require more healthcare and social care features than a smaller organization.
  • Integration: Many users will require assisted living software that integrates with their current electronic health records (EHR) system.
  • Support: In case you run into problems down the line, you will want to be sure the vendor offers reliable support. It is best to do some research into customer support ratings from previous or current users.

Pricing Information

The cost of assisted living software is not displayed publicly. To obtain customized pricing, contact the vendor or request a free demo. Be sure to take advantage of free trials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does assisted living software do?

Assisted living software automates workflows associated with providing long-term care in an inpatient setting, or also home-based assisted living. It is also capable of helping organizations stay compliant with current healthcare and safety regulations.

What are the benefits of using assisted living software?

Assisted living software allows users to save time on repetitive tasks, which enables them to concentrate on providing the best healthcare services. It makes looking up patient records, such as medications, a lot easier. Streamlining administrative tasks also creates room for higher profits.

What are the best assisted living software products?

How much does assisted living software cost?

Pricing for assisted living software is not displayed publicly. You should contact the vendor or request a free demo. Products may offer a free trial as well.