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Score 8.4 out of 100

Likelihood to Recommend


  • Great at helping marketing and sales surface leads that might be interested in your product.
  • Great at working low level leads and see if there are opportunities within a large number of leads
  • Great at providing a more personal touch, ie it looks like it is coming from an actual person vs. a marketing-driven, standardized email.
  • Since you are allowing Conversica to do a lot of the manual work of emailing and working low level leads, it really helps free up work of your sales team which would otherwise cost more.
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  • Conversica does a good job of prospecting.
  • We love that they have a follow up feature that allows us to hold our staff accountable for reaching out to those who are interested in timely manner.
  • The dashboard in Conversica helps us to both navigate current conversations and leads easily, as well as view the progress of current and past conversations.
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  • There are some parts of email templates that are not customizable. This makes it difficult to change sentence structure.
  • There are times when the AI assistant is reaching out to leads at the same time as one of our sales reps. Often this is because the salesperson didn't follow the proper process in turning the assistant off but it happens often enough that I wish the process was simplified.
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Likelihood to Renew


Conversica 8.6
Based on 6 answers
Tool is extremely powerful but comes with a heavy price tag. As long as we close more than 30 deals with year with Conversica's assistance it will be an easy choice to renew. If we don't we will have to figure out if these funds are best spent in other lead generation places.
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Conversica 8.7
Based on 64 answers
We had a lot of pushback in the beginning from our sales staff. No one likes it when their weaker areas are pointed out and made public; nor do they like anyone/anything working "their" leads. However, once they saw that Conversica's AI was able to engage leads that were not responding to them, they quickly bought in and are happy to have it!
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Conversica 8.2
Based on 40 answers
Implementation went very smooth. They did a nice job of handing off from sales to our support team. They also did well with Salesforce technical questions. There was some things we could not do ourselves and relied completely on the support rep. I didn't like that.
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Alternatives Considered


We do not see any competitors to Conversica, that offer the same or similar value proposition. We selected Conversica after experiencing disappointing ROIs over 7+ years at predecessor companies, with 90% of the vendors or solution providers out there, none of whom offer anything remotely close to Conversica's services.
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Return on Investment


  • No lead gets left behind. Your agent doesn't get sick, take vacation or have any lapse in productivity.
  • Employee efficiency. Our teams can now focus on the great leads rather than getting overwhelmed with hundreds of contacts to follow up with.
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Pricing Details



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Conversica Editions & Modules

Starter Edition$1,4991
  1. per installation
Additional Pricing Details
A Conversica subscription includes an unlimited number of seats for marketers, sales reps and managers. Different editions include different levels of functionality to match your needs. The service is a monthly subscription with an annual commitment.

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