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18 Ratings
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Likelihood to Recommend


I think Streak is well suited for companies and users that want to better manage contacts and deals inside their Gmail/Gsuite inbox in a simple way, with the benefit of getting some productivity features that help save some time when working with a lot of e-mails. I think it is less appropriate for users that have a huge database of contacts and heavy CRM needs.
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  • Integrates well with Google Sheets and allows you to import boxes.
  • Color Coded and custom stages allow you to plan your campaigns and track them efficiently
  • Being able to assign it to different team members works great.
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  • Streak could improve in the way it first integrates into Gmail. When you clear Cache and Cookies it disconnects and then you can accidentally send out emails without open-tracking.
  • It could improve by having a better import system for importing data into the "boxes" used for mail merges.
  • It could be improved by having the ability to split reminders for companies, based on who you talked to.
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Streak 8.0
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They do a great job of explaining the product beforehand so support interaction is not needed as much.
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Alternatives Considered


Pipedrive is somehow "disconnected from the rest of the world" being a standalone app (the last time I used it was three years ago, that may have changed.)
Salesforce is over-complicated and cumbersome for the "discovery" part of the sales process.
Streak is straightforward to implement and starts saving you time right away, up to the point where a lead becomes an opportunity.
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Return on Investment


  • I can easily see who is engaging with my emails and who isn't. It has directly saved me time in not working with prospects who aren't even opening my emails, or potentially those who are opening, but never responding.
  • Streak has increased my awareness if old leads are re-opening my content. I've closed deals because I called someone who was re-opening my content.
  • Streak has saved me time in pre-programming when I want a strategic email to be sent. I can now have emails sent first thing in the morning while I may actually be on calls or in meetings.
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