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Likelihood to Recommend


When you need to be able to do it yourself Unbounce is the perfect platform to help. When IT resources in our department were overly committed to other things and Marketing was not able to have in-house landing pages built, it was the perfect solution for us. It allowed us to create our own pages quickly and easily when we were unable to build them otherwise. Since this point, we have moved the building over to marketing. It helps us stay brand consistent while also leaving IT time to handle other things.
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  • Customer Support
  • Unbounce provides users with valuable resources for building landing pages, including pre-existing template designs, a navigable technical support forum, and the "live chat with a human" feature. Therefore, Unbounce is ideal for users ranging from beginner to advanced levels of industry experience.
  • Cross-Channel Reporting
  • Unbounce can be used to track conversion data for major SEM channels such as Bing Ads, Google AdWords, and Google Analytics. By placing javascript at the head of an Unbounce page for Bing UET Tags, Google AdWords Conversion Goals, and Google Analytics Global Site Tags, users begin to compile the necessary data for producing highly detailed multi-channel performance reports.
  • Creating Contact Lists For Drip Email Campaigns
  • Unbounce also allows users to transfer and store contact information into a mailing list by integrating landing pages with various email marketing platforms (e.g. ConstantContact, MailChimp, etc.), both seamlessly and effectively empowering users to create a new mailing list, or bolster a preexisting audience.
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  • The reporting is very basic - pretty much only A/B test comparisons. If you need more in-depth reporting you will have to use an external system.
  • Page performance isn't great. When running our landing pages through Google's Page Speed analysis tool, they did not perform well compared to landing pages we created outside of Unbounce. This was big for us because, in paid search, Google looks at your landing page quality as a factor that affects what you pay per click.
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Likelihood to Renew


Unbounce 7.7
Based on 9 answers
The nonprofit discount makes it so affordable that my client was happy to continue their subscription all year round. They have used it to build landing pages to capture expressions of interest for their next recruitment window. It hasn't quite produced the sort of results we were hoping for, but I'm not sure that's Unbounce's fault.
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Unbounce 7.8
Based on 2 answers
Unbounce made it easy for my team to build landing pages for website and email. We gained valuable A/B testing insights and gathered information from visitors effectively converting them to leads. The Editor is straight forward and I was able to learn to use it on my own without instruction. CRM integration was easy and consistently worked.
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Unbounce 9.0
Based on 2 answers
They have help pages that usually deal with a specific problem. They can sometime be a little out-of-date or too specific to be applicable to my own particular use case. The support pages seem to have grown ad-hoc and organically rather than being fully documented from the start. When I did need help, I was able to get it pretty easily.
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Unbounce 6.0
Based on 1 answer
Choose a subdomain that is appropriate for multiple types of pages. You don't want to have to keep changing it. Think about using Google Tag Manager to manage your Google Analytics code and event tracking. Build one landing page to completion. Then make a copy of it if you need to create variant pages.
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Alternatives Considered


Unbounce and Leadpages are very similar, I really don't have anything bad to say about either. I chose Unbounce over Leadpages because of the customized URL option. From a branding perspective, it looks stronger to have try.mycompany.com/myoffer than something like mycompany.Leadpages.com/myoffer. I just like that and i felt more comfortable knowing that we would be able to take ownership of the url even if it wasn't hosted on our home site
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Return on Investment


  • Unbounce has allowed us an easy way to offer lead generation and conversion optimization services regardless of what technology the client is using for their website.
  • ROI is achieved fast, as a single client engagement more than pays for the software each month.
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Unbounce Editions & Modules

  1. 150 landing pages, 16 popups & sticky bars
  2. 375+ landing pages, 40+ popups and sticky bars
  3. 75 landing pages, 8 popups & sticky bars
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The prices listed above are based on paying for plans monthly. If you'd like to see annual prices or compare our plans further, please visit unbounce.com/pricing.

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