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98 Ratings
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Unbounce is a good tool for people who need to build landing pages but don't have the technical/development expertise to build landing pages using code. It takes little time to ramp up and learn the product which is a benefit. Additionally, if you are an agency that needs a tool to manage multiple clients' landing pages, Unbounce is well-suited for you. The biggest downside is page performance, but that can be sacrificed if you don't have the resources for coding landing pages in another system.
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  • A/B testing new landing page variants is the core offering, and Unbounce does it better than anyone. Confidence levels and tracking are front-and-center, spinning up new options takes mere minutes, and finding out what works and iterating has never been easier.
  • Designing a page can be a pain if you're a marketer and not a developer. But with a simple WYSIWYG editor, drag-and-drop functionality and a bunch of pre-existing templates, even someone like myself can build a page much, much faster.
  • Integrations with tools like Zapier & Hubspot make using Unbounce very attractive. It can send or receive data from numerous sources instantly, so when someone fills out a form it goes seamlessly into your CRM to trigger a follow-up sequence.
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  • The only hangup we've had was with a Pardot form integration as Unbounce doesn't display a configuration error if the fields are mapped wrong. It took a bit of trial and error to determine that the fields weren't labeled exactly the same in Pardot and in Unbounce.
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Likelihood to Renew


Unbounce 7.7
Based on 9 answers
Please see comparison information and other areas of my review. We have no need for Unbounce since all of its features are available in Pardot. We would have happily continued using Unbounce if we had not purchased Marketing Automation Software
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Unbounce 7.8
Based on 2 answers
It's pretty easy for someone who doesn't regularly deal with HTML to pick up. I've sometimes had to dig around in the help section to figure out how to do what I wanted to do. My client felt confident modifying my original design once I had built the first page. It got a little fiddly at times when making small tweaks to the design and text.
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Unbounce 7.0
Based on 1 answer
They have help pages that usually deal with a specific problem. They can sometime be a little out-of-date or too specific to be applicable to my own particular use case. The support pages seem to have grown ad-hoc and organically rather than being fully documented from the start. When I did need help, I was able to get it pretty easily.
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Unbounce 6.0
Based on 1 answer
Choose a subdomain that is appropriate for multiple types of pages. You don't want to have to keep changing it. Think about using Google Tag Manager to manage your Google Analytics code and event tracking. Build one landing page to completion. Then make a copy of it if you need to create variant pages.
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Alternatives Considered


I believe each tool is good for their own purposes but Unbounce is the most versatile of them.Leadpages is ideal to get your feet wet and have a solid landing page to drive traffic for opt ins in exchange for a lead magnet.Landigi when I tried it was pretty clunky, it might have improved since then.I found Clickfunnels a bit complicated for no apparent reason, but I'd recommend it for people who sell courses and want to upsell, etc.
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Return on Investment


  • Unbounce has helped increase our quality scores on our Adwords campaigns.
  • The ease of use has helped us launch more campaigns in less time.
  • Unbounce has helped us increase our ROI by increasing our conversions.
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Unbounce Editions & Modules

1. 150 landing pages, 16 popups & sticky bars
2. 375+ landing pages, 40+ popups and sticky bars
3. 75 landing pages, 8 popups & sticky bars
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