Digital Content Creation Platforms

Best Digital Content Creation Platforms include:

Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Getty Images Enterprise Solutions, Pexels, Pixabay, AP Archive, and Substack.

Digital Content Creation Platforms Overview

What are Digital Content Creation Platforms?

Digital Content Creation Platforms offer content subscription or pay-as-you-go services for organizations. Whereas software like Content Marketing platforms facilitates the creation and dissemination of unique content, Digital Content Creation platforms focus on providing pre-created content for businesses to use. The content available ranges from photos and videos to audio recordings and transcripts.

In particular, Digital Content Creation platforms tend to offer licensing on current events that may be of particular interest. By offering access to this media, Digital Content Creation platforms make it so that organizations can share media of social interest while still complying with copyright laws. Examples of Digital Content Creation platforms include AP News, Reuters, or Veritone Commerce. Stock image websites like iStock or Getty Images also falls under the category.

Digital Content Creation Platform Features

Key features of Digital Content Creation Platforms the ability to download or stream content from your website or other communication channels. Many platforms that offer their services without a subscription allow users to preview content before paying. They will also offer detailed pricing breakdowns depending on the type of use case. Longer-term use may entail higher costs.

Another consideration is exporting and downloading in various file formats. While converting files is always an option, it saves significant time and resources if the content is delivered in the formats you need.

Digital Content Creation Platform Comparison

When on the market for a trusted Digital Content Creation platform, consider the following attributes:

  1. Do you prefer pay-as-you-go or a subscription service? In this case, the benefits, at least in terms of cost, are dependent on the platform you choose. However, subscription services may work best when multiple employees in an organization need access to the platform's available content. Subscription services usually have a cap or limit on what content you can use, which may be easier to monitor and track versus pay-as-you-go plans.
  2. What type of content do you need? Does your organization just need some stock photos or mostly videos? Some platforms excel (or entirely focus on) in one form of content, and it may be difficult to find a platform that has it all. However, because many vendors in this space have content specialties, you can focus more on pricing and delivery instead of worrying about the quality of content available.

Start a Digital Content Creation Platform comparison


The cost of your Digital Content Creation platform will vary based on the type of content you're licensing or downloading, and how you'll be using it. Stock image sites tend to be cheaper than those that focus on video licensing. For photos, expect to pay at least $25 a month for the most basic subscription packages. Per image, pricing will be a bit pricier, and in some cases, a one-month subscription will be cheaper than purchasing the rights to just one image.

For video content, including those that come with captions or associated transcripts, pricing is typically calculated based on the video length, usage terms, your location, and other factors particular to the content in question. Expect to budget at least a few hundred dollars per video for these types of platforms. Discounts may be available for longer-term contracts where you commit to license multiple videos regularly.

Digital Content Creation Products

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Ion, by Rock Content

Ion is an enterprise-grade content experience platform that empowers modern marketers and designers to create no-code interactive content experiences integrated with their CRM or marketing automation tools. Ion helps enterprises to build brand awareness and increase conversions and…

Key Features

  • Embedded CTAs (107)
  • Forms / Gated content (106)
  • Content performance analytics (115)
Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock consists of curated asset collections that allow users to explore diverse collections of high-resolution, royalty-free, stock assets for use in digital projects.


Shutterstock is a global technology company headquartered in New York, offering a creative platform boasting high-quality assets, tools and services. With it, users can license images, video, music, and editorial assets -- as well as custom content tailored to a brand’s needs.…

Screenocean Reuters Archive Licensing

Screenocean in the UK offers Reuters Archive Licensing, allowing users to purchase selected media clips for use in projects.

iStock, from Getty Images

iStock by Getty Images headquartered in Seattle is presented as a complete creative resource for original content, with millions of photos, illustrations, videos & audio to choose from.

Unsplash for Brands

Unsplash is an online community hosted by the company of the same name in Montreal, featuring photos and images that are available free. Unsplash for Business is a solution that puts content in the hands of people and add context by sharing visuals with their audiences.

Veritone Licensing

For content buyers and rights holders, Veritone Licensing offers access to a service team of experts and proprietary AI to support projects and ensure content delivery for nearly two decades. Documentarians, producers, directors, and creatives can use Veritone to provide them with…

Getty Images Enterprise Solutions

Getty Images Enterprise Solutions is designed to help unlock an organization's creativity with digital content and collaboration tools.


Pixabay headquartered in Germany offers a digital content platform, which they present as a community for sharing copyright-free images and videos. All contents are released under Creative Commons.


Substack is a subscription-based newsletter publishing platform.

AP Archive

AP Archive is a video archive with over 1.7 million video stories dating back to 1895, from the Associated Press. The vendor states their collection covers everything from global news and entertainment to lifestyle and sport, sourced from AP's own coverage and from content partners.…

Reuters Pictures

Reuters Pictures is a digital content service. The vendor states users can access over 1,600 news images each day, from a global network of 600 photographers, including award-winning photojournalists on the front lines.


Pexels, headquartered in Berlin, offers stock photos and video under the Creative Commons Zero license, from a global network of creators.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital content creation?

Digital content creation is the generation of materials in the form of blog posts, videos, infographics, and related web-friendly formats that facilitate their circulation. These pieces appeal to audiences while expressing expertise about topics and products.

What’s the difference in approach between digital marketing and traditional content marketing?

The chief distinction is: content marketing tends to focus on engagement, whereas digital marketing prioritizes sales and conversion.

Content marketing stimulates consumer interest in brands, building brand awareness. Great content encourages fresh attention and helps with retaining lasting, trusting relationships with customers.

For example, a content marketing blog can answer customers' questions, and high quality content about those inquiries will foster the impression of expertise. This dynamic can be leveraged to encourage engagement with services recommended by the blog as well.

Digital marketing employs tactics like SEO, PPC or running ads on social media, with the goal of capturing conversions. The materials need to appeal enough to consumers to cause a resulting click through to a related, well-constructed website. Persuading customers past merely relying on search results pages is a primary intention of digital marketing.

What are content marketing platforms?

A Content Marketing Platform is a software solution enabling centralization and optimization of the upstream marketing process pipeline, from planning and briefing stages, through collaboration, and on to approvals.

While different Content Marketing Platforms have different purposes, their typical objective is to assist enterprises with coordination and management requirements, therefore garnering concrete business successes by improving the efficiency of content management processes. This will increase the effectiveness of content, while reducing risks to brand partners.

In short, Content Marketing Platforms are tools for marketers that ensure their content that gets targeted, served, and optimized in the distribution phase of their process is meaningful, engaging, on-brand and compliant.