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Truckstop Load Board, Oracle Transportation Management Cloud, Descartes Logistics Technology Platform, Fresa Gold, Trimble Fleet Mobility, SAP Transportation Management, OptimoRoute, Descartes Transportation Management Suite, TruckMate and drayOS by PortPro.

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Blue Yonder Luminate Logistics

Luminate Logistics, from Blue Yonder headquartered in Scottsdale (formerly JDA Software Group) provides an end-to-end execution platform to help drive flexible, fully autonomous distribution networks. Built on top of their AI/ML-based supply chain platform, Luminate Logistics helps…

Fresa Gold

Fresa Gold is a web-based ERP, fully integrated freight forwarding and shipping software designed for the Freight forwarders, NVOCC, IATA Cargo Agents, Transporters, Courier and Logistics service providers to organize, manage and monitor their business.The freight software modules…

Oracle Transportation Management Cloud

Part of the Oracle SCM Cloud, Oracle Transportation Management Cloud spans all modes and geographies to provide robust capabilities for transportation planning and execution. Designed to support both shippers and logistics service providers, Oracle Transportation Management Cloud…

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E2open’s network is powered by a broad portfolio of intelligent applications including Channel Shaping, Demand Sensing, Business Planning, Global Trade Management, Transportation and Logistics, Collaborative Manufacturing and Supply Management


Onro offers cloud delivery management software, a solution for Last-Mile Delivery businesses. The software helps dispatchers to control orders, drivers, and maintain a smooth running business. A driver's app (Android/iOS) is used to track orders, manage them, upload POD, and other…

J.B. Hunt 360

J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc headquartered in Lowell offers J.B. Hunt 360, a transportation management system featuring instant access to business critical logistical and shipping information, shipment tracking, text and email updates and notifications, and other features.

Truckstop Load Board

The Load Board is software designed to simplify how users find and post loads. With its load board, users get access to vetted users and unlimited truck/lane searching. It also includes that decision tools that gauge negotiation strength with truck-to-load ratio and…

Coupa Supply Chain Design & Planning

Coupa Supply Chain Design & Planning, powered by Llamasoft (acquired by Coupa in November, 2020) enables users to run a resilient and agile supply chain with the help of a comprehensive data model and AI. Helps users to democratize the power of intelligent supply chain decisions…

Trinium Technologies

Trinium Technologies in Palos Verdes provides enterprise software applications to intermodal trucking and container drayage companies and fuel marketers/distributors.

Elyxr Supply Chain Control Tower

Elyxr Supply Chain Control Tower is a real-time visibility platform for supply chain teams that provides a central repository of information starting from POs/SOs all the way till shipments that fulfil them. Its workflow management system can adapt to any business process and even…

Mojro Executewyse

Mojro’s ExecuteWyse helps digitize delivery processes, bring real-time visibility, and measure SLA compliance to improve customer satisfaction.Executewyse supports data-driven decisions, real-time changes management, digitizing delivery process automation, driver-manager collaboration,…


Floship is a logistics technology company that provides end-to-end global fulfillment and logistics solutions for eCommerce brands and large-scale crowdfunding campaigns, offering cross-border logistics, with international warehousing, global shipping and returns management, and…


GlobalTranz headquartered in Scottsdale offers GTZShip, an all in one transportation management system for managing large supply chains.

AllRide Apps

AllRide Apps provides solutions for Transport and Delivery businesses to streamline operations with automation, predictive analysis and forecasting. AllRide products come with features like managing and dispatching shipments, real-time tracking, route optimization, freight bid management,…

Trimble MAPS PC*Miler

ALK Technologies, acquired by Trimble, developed PC*Miler, a transportation management and route planning application for trucking entities needing geomapping and GIS information. The product is now offered under the Trimble MAPS brand.


A Last-Mile Delivery Software in the Cloud and a Delivery Management Platforms, that helps users manage their businesses, and allows users to significantly increase revenues and profits, harmonizing the sales team with the logistics team.


Shipsy is Shipment Management Platform that aims to make export-import operations easy, fast and transparent. Single platform for shipping rate procurement , monitoring task related to shipping execution & automated live tracking of shipments. The vendor describes the feature…


Airhouse is an ecommerce operations software solution, from the company of the same name in San Francisco. Airhouse connects to the user's ecommerce store and syncs orders and inventory. After receiving inventory data and setting preferences, Airhouse handles orders coming in and…


OptimoRoute promises to help delivery and field service businesses plan optimal routes and schedules. The vendor aims to drive dramatic efficiency improvements: increasing productivity and customer satisfaction, cutting operating costs and overtime, increasing earnings by getting…

LogiNext Mile

LogiNext Mile is a last mile distribution and delivery channel optimization software which promises to enable companies to save costs by optimizing and automating delivery resource and medium management, delivery route planning and scheduling dispatch while dynamically tracking all…

Descartes Transportation Management Suite

Descartes Systems Group in Ontario offers their suite of Transportation Management applications.

Prophesy Dispatch

Prophesy Trucking Dispatch Software supports Fleet Management and is the central solution for managing every part of a growing trucking or truck brokerage operation. Users will never have to enter data twice, as all critical information flows in real time throughout every part of…


Flexport in San Francisco offers a freight forwarding solution via its eponymous platform, designed to bring visibility, analytics, and collaboration to large shipping operations.

Manhattan Active® Supply Chain

Manhattan Associates offers Manhattan Active Supply Chain, a broade suite of applications which combines the Manhattan Active Distribution Warehouse management software and modules dedicated to workforce and warehouse management, and Manhattan Transportation, a suite dedicated to…

Learn More About Transportation & Logistics Software

What is Transportation and Logistics Software?

Transportation and logistics software includes various products that help coordinate the physical movement of goods across a company's distribution network. Transportation and logistics software provides services for any business that needs support in managing freight and shipping costs, meeting service agreements, automating job scheduling, and tracking and optimizing transit time and routes.

This software is commonly used by a variety of businesses, including freight forwarding companies, courier service providers, and network service providers. It is used within the engineering, analyst, and delivery operations teams to ensure the most cost-effective delivery of products. The software enables this staff to manage inbound and outbound shipments and storage of supplies, optimize warehousing facilities, and document and analyze inventory management performance. Transportation and logistics software can be used in conjunction with Warehouse Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and other systems employed by businesses.

Transportation and Logistics Software Features

Most products in the transportation and logistics software category have the following features:

Delivery Planning

  • Route modeling
  • Route and delivery planning
  • Real-time route scheduling
  • Route visualization
  • Route optimization based on set parameters
  • Stop placement optimization
  • Evaluate impact of potential route changes to travel miles/hours
  • Automated job scheduling and dispatching
  • Live delivery monitoring and tracking

Cost Analysis

  • Freight cost calculation
  • Financial services (optional)

Logistics Support

  • Integration with on-board monitoring devices
  • Centralized dashboard or command center (optional)
  • Reporting and analytics (optional)

Transportation and Logistics Software Comparison

When purchasing transportation and logistics software, businesses should compare the following factors:

Automation of Audit Services: This is an important feature for shipping businesses that deal with customs and border crossings. By automating the auditing processes and cross-border report generation capabilities, a business can avoid national and international shipping risks. This feature can be unnecessary and costly for more local shipping and delivery operations.

Multilingual Support: For businesses that deal with international clients, the ability to maintain effective communication is imperative to building client relationships and maintaining transparency. Multilingual support provides the ability for accurate translations and document conversions, allowing businesses to navigate international markets more easily. For businesses that only operate within their domestic borders, this feature may add little value to their operations or the client base they serve.

Vehicle Tracking: This feature can be beneficial, especially during extreme weather scenarios that may slow down delivery times. Vehicle tracking services allow businesses to monitor real-time vehicle movement to ensure the safety and well-being of their drivers and provide clients with the most accurate delivery times. It is possible, though, that vehicle tracking may be interpreted by delivery drivers as a sign that a business does not trust its staff. All factors involved should be considered carefully before selecting transportation and logistics software with this feature and implementing it.

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Pricing Information

Pricing for transportation and logistics software is typically offered as a monthly subscription ranging from $10 to $20,0000. The majority of subscriptions cost between $200 and $800 a month. Pricing will vary due to factors specific to your business, such as shipping volumes, geographical region covered, and number of warehouses. Most vendors will provide a free trial.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does transportation and logistics software do?

Transportation and logistics software covers a variety of different products. The purpose of this software is to assist businesses with coordinating the physical movement of goods across their distribution network. The services offered by this software include freight and shipping cost management, service agreement management, job tasking automation, and transit time optimization.

What are the benefits of using transportation and logistics software?

Transportation and logistics software offers businesses increased product management, reduced inventory, and shipping costs. There is also the added benefit of delivery management, allowing businesses to provide the most up-to-date and accurate shipping details to their clients.

How much does transportation and logistics software cost?

For transportation and logistics software, vendors will typically offer monthly subscriptions, which can range anywhere from $10 to $20,0000. Most monthly subscriptions cost between $200 and $800 a month. There are free trials available to businesses through vendors before they commit.