Transportation & Logistics Software

Transportation & Logistics Software Overview

What is Transportation and Logistics Software?

Transportation and Logistics Software includes a variety of products aimed at coordinating the physical movement of goods across a company's distribution network. These activities may include:

  • managing freight and shipping costs

  • meeting service agreements

  • automated job scheduling and tracking, and

  • optimizing transit time and routes.

Transportation and Logistics software is commonly used by businesses that have delivery needs, such as:

  • Freight forwarding companies

  • Courier service providers

  • Network service providers

It is used within engineering, analyst, and delivery operations teams to create the most cost-effective means of delivering products. Evaluating how route or shipping changes will impact journey time and mileage is a core functionality of most route planning Transportation and Logistics software.

Transportation & Logistics Software Features & Capabilities

Delivery Planning

  • Route modeling

  • Route and delivery planning

  • Real-time route scheduling

  • Route visualization

  • Route optimization based on set parameters

  • Stop placement optimization

  • Evaluate impact of potential route changes to travel miles/hours

  • Automated job scheduling and dispatching

  • Live delivery monitoring and tracking

Cost Analysis

  • Freight cost calculation

  • Financial services (optional)

Logistics Support

  • Integration with on-board monitoring devices

  • Centralized dashboard or command center (optional)

  • Reporting and analytics (optional)

Pricing Information

Some vendors offer a free trial of their Transportation and Logistics software. Most vendors do not openly disclose pricing information but provide quotes upon request.

Transportation & Logistics Products

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Blue Yonder Luminate Logistics (formerly RedPrairie, JDA WMS)

Luminate Logistics, from Blue Yonder headquartered in Scottsdale (formerly JDA Software Group) provides an end-to-end execution platform to help drive flexible, fully autonomous distribution networks. Built on top of their AI/ML-based supply chain platform, Luminate Logistics helps…

Oracle Transportation Management Cloud

Part of the Oracle SCM Cloud, Oracle Transportation Management Cloud spans all modes and geographies to provide robust capabilities for transportation planning and execution. Designed to support both shippers and logistics service providers, Oracle Transportation Management Cloud…

E2open Intelligent applications

E2Open offers the Channel Shaping Intelligent Application Suite (formerly Zyme), a partner relationship management (PRM) software solution acquired by E2open to add channel management/indirect sales, inventory, and demand capabilities to its supply chain management offerings.


GlobalTranz headquartered in Scottsdale offers GTZShip, an all in one transportation management system for managing large supply chains.


project44, headquartered in Chicago, offers their logistics tracking and analytics platform, supporting freight ETA, pickup and delivery tracking, container tracking, LTL and VLTL, rail tracking, automated shipping document access, and other related features.

FourKites Predictive Visibility Platform

FourKites, headquartered in Chicago, offers their freight tracking and management products, supporting freight and logistics management. Their offerings include load tracking for truckload, ocean freight, and rail transport, real-time predictive ETA, proof-of-delivery and dock rating,…

Descartes Global Logistics Network

Descartes Systems Group in Ontario offers the Descartes Global Logistics Network (Descartes GLN) to support logistics-heavy operations with document management (transportation / logistics related) and information sharing (e.g. fax, messaging, translation) between enterprises needing…

Manhattan Active Supply Chain

Manhattan Associates offers Manhattan Active Supply Chain, a broade suite of applications which combines the Manhattan Active Distribution Warehouse management software and modules dedicated to workforce and warehouse management, and Manhattan Transportation, a suite dedicated to…


Flexport in San Francisco offers a freight forwarding solution via its eponymous platform, designed to bring visibility, analytics, and collaboration to large shipping operations.


Cargoscan is a freight weight measuring system for airlines and freight carriers, from Swiss company Mettler Toledo. It includes features such as set freight price strategy and calculate freight cost based on dimensional weight.

Ramco Logistics Software

Ramco Logistics Software is a unified cloud based software for Third Party Logistics, Freight forwarders and Courier service providers. Ramco’s Logistics offering is built to address the needs of 3PL, Freight Forwarders and Network Service Providers. According to the vendor, Ramco…

Korber Supply Chain, formerly HighJump

From factories to warehouses, distribution centers, transportation fleets, yards and marine terminals, all the way to retailers and consumers, Körber’s all-encompassing suite of Supply Chain Software is designed to help organizations optimize their logistics processes, as well as…

Descartes Transportation Management Suite

Descartes Systems Group in Ontario offers their suite of Transportation Management applications.


ShipFusion provides software for the management of e-commerce shipping & fulfillment. The software is custom built in-house and is designed for users to effectively monitor and manage the state of their order fulfillment. Users have the ability view and manage shipments, including…

Avaal Freight Management

Avaal Freight Management (AFM) Suite is a web based software solution for Carriers, Freight Brokers and Freight Forwarders. AFM Suite has Dispatching, Accounting and Safety & Compliance core modules. integrates with multiple selling channels and shipping carriers to streamline the order management, shipping, and fulfillment for online retailers. One account to have access to all top carriers & services. The vendor's value proposition is that…


ProTransport is an all-in-one, easy to use, fully integrated software product designed specifically for trucking companies. ProTransport's technology can assist in every function of operating a trucking business, including booking a load, transporting the goods, updating and billing…


3Gtms offers a flexible, self-configurable TMS for shippers, brokers and 3PLs. The product manages the full transportation life-cycle, including: RatingRoutingOptimizationTenderingTrackingFinancial settlementExecutionPlanningReportingCustomers range from mid-sized companies searching…

Manhattan Active Transportation

Manhattan Active Transportation is one half of Manhattan Active Supply Chain suite, and emphasizes the oversight and control of large complex logistical operations, subsuming modules for fleet management, network modeling and transportation procurement, alongside Manhattan Associates'…

Magaya Supply Chain

Magaya Supply Chain is presented as a single supply chain software platform for operations, accounting, visibility and tracking, connectivity, and compliance. Magaya boasts robust automation functionality for freight forwarding, warehousing, 3PL operations, and customs brokerage.…

VIP Delivery

Vermont Information Processing (VIP) offers VIP Delivery, the company's route iOS based route management and distribution intelligence platform for beverage distributors designed to obsolesce ruggedized legacy devices, and also provide an electronic invoicing system to eliminate…

LogiNext Mile

LogiNext Mile is a last mile distribution and delivery channel optimization software which promises to enable companies to save costs by optimizing and automating delivery resource and medium management, delivery route planning and scheduling dispatch while dynamically tracking all…


UltraShipTMS in New Jersey offers a supply chain solution in its transportation management software platform, providing zoomed out supply chain optimization analytics, routing management, and fleet management features via associated module which provides GPS tracking, dispatching…