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Wunderkind, FullContact, Drawbridge (discontinued), AffinityIQ, Acxiom Real Identity, Alice Biometrics and Audience Acuity.

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Yahoo DSP

Yahoo DSP (formerly the Verizon Media DSP, and formerly Oath) combines the former services and technologies of the companies it comprises including the former Brightroll, One by AOL, Right Media Exchange, and ADTECH, as well as Yahoo!'s own ad tech. The solution currently includes…


The mParticle customer data platform supports data collection from a wide variety of sources and provides standardization, cleansing and deduping, and tags, as well as data enrichment via scoring, contextual or behavioral data, as well as segmentation and customer profile management.…

TransUnion TruAudience

TruAudience (formerly Signal Tag Management) from TransUnion (acquired August 2020) is a solution that aims to help marketers, web analysts and agencies establish autonomy from IT development cycles, accelerate the launch of new data-driven initiatives and campaigns while significantly…


Wunderkind (formerly BounceX) is presented as a people-based marketing cloud. It includes behavior-based personalization capabilities for website content, email, and other channels. The vendor states digital businesses use Wunderkind to remember who site visitors are, allowing them…


FullContact provides APIs to support individuals, businesses, and developers in managing and enhancing their contact and customer data. The APIs can be used to provide social profiles in an app, improve contacts in address books, enrich CRM information, or create highly personalized…


LiveRamp, from the company of the same name in San Francisco, is a data connectivity platform supporting the safe and effective use of data. Powered by core identity resolution capabilities and network, LiveRamp enables companies and their partners to connect, control, and activate…


Kwanzoo is a cloud-based platform built to help customers deliver media-based advertisements for both retargeting and account-based marketing campaigns. Kwanzoo has robust integrations with popular marketing automation and CRM platforms such as Marketo, Salesforce, Oracle's Eloqua,…


Amperity, headquartered in Seattle, offers their customer data platform, supporting raw data ingestion from all sources of customer data, identity resolution driven by AI, and delivery of enriched customer data to the marketing tools that need them.


Factors.AI helps B2B SaaS marketers amplify marketing ROI, save time and effort on routine analysis, and give critical insights into marketing activities impacting pipeline/revenue. Firstly, Factors brings together all data silos- website visitor data, CRM, Ads platform, Clearbit,…

Equifax Data-Driven Marketing

The Equifax Data-Driven Marketing platform is a digital marketing solution designed to help find the right customers for a brand: Audience identification and targeting Prescreen and Invitation to Apply audience selection Pre-approval and pre-qualification Digital identity Customer…

Drawbridge (discontinued)

Drawbridge was a customer understanding and identity resolution tool, acquired by LinkedIn in 2019. Its features have been incorporated into LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, and the tool is no longer available standalone.


Rudderstack is an open source Customer Data Platform (CDP) that provides data pipelines making it easy to collect data from every application, website and SaaS platform.

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Narrator powers self-service analytics across data, and allows users to get answers using the same data as the data team. Narrator helps data teams build a full customer 360 that covers every interaction customers have with a business (opened emails, paid invoices, new support tickets,…

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Zymphony is used to identify and view a complete profile of every visitor, lead, and customer. Users can collect data from every touch point and view in single user timeline. Users can access a custom dashboard to visualize KPIs improving tracking and enabling real-time adjustments,…

Infutor TrueSource

Infutor is a software company specializing in Consumer Identity Management headquartered in Oakbrook Terrace, focused on enabling brands to know everything they need to about consumers, to make informed marketing and risk decisions.

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Tapad is a platform for cross-device B2C marketing, advertising, and attribution. The Tapad Device Graph provides a unified view of consumer behavior across personal computers, phones, tablets, and TV, and Tapad's Viewable Exposure Time (VET) algorithm helps users understand the…

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Teavaro’s real time customer data platform (CDP) empowers brands (data controllers) to build lasting data-driven digital assets and to evolve their marketing strategy through continuous data-driven digital marketing and service innovation. With its integration capabilities, Teavaro’…

Merkury by Merkle
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Merkury is an identity resolution platform from Merkle, designed to enable marketers, media owners, and publishers to own, build, and control a cookie-less Private Identity Graph. Merkury uses an organization’s first-party CRM data and interactions such as logins, outbound email…

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Lifesight CDP provides marketers with a single source of truth that can be leveraged to deliver cohesive messages across channels and experiences. Users can connect to hundreds of data sources & destinations without code, and then connect that data to a data warehouse, or elsewhere,…

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TowerData headquartered in New York offers their email validation and deliverability checking service.

BlackPearl Diver

BlackPearl Diver provides visibility over who is interacting with your digital assets, including your website and email. Pearl Diver identifies leads from anonymous website traffic and tells the user who the most likely purchasers are, putting you back in control of the purchasing…

Audience Acuity

Audience Acuity is a consumer identity management firm that enables clients to identify and contextually interact with audiences across all consumer engagement channels, in a privacy-compliant manner, at scale. Their proprietary data science structure is individually oriented,…

Clari5 Identity Resolution

Clari5 Identity Resolution & Data De-duplication solution helps banks achieve a single version of truth of their customers across all lines of businesses and products. Clari5 helps enhance risk management efficiencies by controlling credit quality right from the origination stage,…

Acxiom Real Identity

Acxiom Real Identity is a customer identity solution technology solution that enables users to identify and connect with consumers.

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To help users direct resources to the biggest opportunities for impact, Affinaquest’s data enrichment solution (formerly HEPdata CareerAppend) offers information that can be used to build a complete profile of prospects and donors. Its append matching and identity resolution tools…

Learn More About Identity Resolution Software

What is Identity Resolution Software?

With the growing need for businesses to adapt to shifting online marketing standards, we have seen the emergence of Identity Resolution Software. Identity Resolution Software is designed to aid businesses in centralizing data about individual web visitors across all the digital touchpoints and channels they interact with. For example, aggregating data on an individual consumer’s behavior across different device types, websites, and social media platforms. This may involve creating identity graphs for each individual based on their digital behavior. With this information, businesses can develop personalized marketing campaigns to target individuals and further grow sales and customers.

Historical information on the web visitors’ online behavior is gathered across multiple different datasets. The data is then compiled and stored through first, second, and/or third-party sources. For example, if you were to spend time looking at pictures of purses, a company selling handbags would use this information through their Identity Resolution Software that would then specifically target you, a consumer already in the market for buying this particular item.

This type of software is growing in popularity as more consumers switch to online shopping and as businesses opt for online shops rather than the traditional brick-and-mortar storefronts. These products are becoming a go-to solution for enterprise marketing organizations to help them better understand their customers and maximize outcomes for both their business and their customers.

Identity Resolution Software Features

Though each Identity Resolution Software is unique, most will offer the same helpful features that allow users to fully utilize its services. They include (alphabetically):

  • A/B testing
  • Customer database
  • Customer predictive modeling
  • Data aggregation across digital channels
  • Expandability
  • Support for multiple devices
  • Reporting

The need for this software to offer an ample amount of information on customer data is essential for Identity Resolution. This data allows the end-user easy access to data from multiple different internal and external sources so that they can develop a more effective marketing strategy. Data features to look out for include :

  • Data accuracy
  • Data analysis tools
  • Data availability
  • Data enrichment
  • Data filtering
  • Data integration
  • Data security

Identity Resolution Software Comparison

With so much similarity among different products in this category, there are some features to keep an eye out for when getting ready to purchase:

Quality of Support: It’s important to know that you are supported throughout your partnership with the vendor. Issues that need troubleshooting will inevitably arise, and you want to be sure that any questions and issues you may have will be addressed. Be sure to look at how the quality of support is rated for each software you’re considering before purchasing. Most vendors use automated support bots within their help center, but you want to be sure you can talk to a human being when you need immediate assistance.

Ease of Use/Setup: The concept of how easy the software is to use may seem obvious, but it is still crucial when investing. As we all have heard, time is money and more time spent trying to figure out an interface is time lost trying to make money. It’s also essential to fully understand the data that is going to be presented to you. Without a real grasp of the product, the information won’t be as effective. Be sure the software aims to optimize ease of use while still managing to offer maximum functionality.

Additional Identity Resolution Use Cases

Identity Resolution can also be applied to other industries. Some additional use cases for Identity Resolution Software include:

Food Delivery Services
Real Estate Organizations
Automobile Dealerships
Banking Institutions
The Healthcare Industry

Pricing Information

Most of the pricing for Identity Resolution Software can only be obtained through contacting the company directly and requesting a customized quote. It is important to note that you may find prices that start from $29 a month and go up to $499 a month, depending on the particular software and types of features you are looking for.

If you opt to pay more, such as the premium plan offered by FullContact, you may find yourself paying for tools that further enhance your contact data and offer features such as webinars, enhanced support, and improvement of overall quality of being able to acquire new leads. Most, if not all of this software will allow you to try a free trial before purchasing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Identity Resolution Software do?

Identity Resolution Software targets the growing need for businesses to more accurately target their users and web visitors by aggregating data about their online behavior across digital platforms, channels, and touch points. This helps companies attract clients and generate more leads by analyzing this data.

What are the benefits of using Identity Resolution Software?

One of the most significant benefits of using Identity Resolution Software is running personalized campaigns across channels and devices without having to do any research or in-depth data analysis yourself. This saves time for the business when it comes to marketing operations and obtaining repeat and loyal customers.

What are the best Identity Resolution Software products?

Some popular Identity Resolution Software products include:

How much does Identity Resolution Software cost?

Prices vary and usually are customized depending on the needs of the business. Businesses can expect to pay anywhere from $29.99 to $299 per month, depending on the amount and quality of data desired. Most products offer free trials to allow customers to get a sense of whether or not a premium price is necessary.