A robust PDF compiler, great for optimization, collaboration, and editing
June 16, 2022

A robust PDF compiler, great for optimization, collaboration, and editing

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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Acrobat DC

We primarily use Adobe Acrobat DC to export any and all art files created that we need to send to our production floor for printing, as well as to digitize those print pieces and share them on our website, social media, and with clients. The majority of our users don't do any editing directly in Adobe Acrobat DC but rather use its compression features and commenting system when sending proofs.
  • Optimize and compress PDFs for email/web
  • Allow seamless collaboration through a diverse comments area
  • Allow for rapid reorganization/insertion/editing of pages in a multipage document
  • Create signature areas and date pickers in documents to be filled digitally
  • The create files from multiple PDFs can feel a bit clunky when trying to add files from multiple folders
  • I would love the ability to change the page thumbnail size when going through large documents
  • Sometimes when editing a PDF, even if you have a foreground element selected with the bounding box, when you go to move it the program seems to grab an element behind it instead, it's a little clunky if not just editing text
  • File optimization
  • Collaborative commenting/proofing
  • Quick reorganization of pages in large documents
  • Ability to edit PDF outside of native application
  • We've been able to send clients robust "Lookbooks" of our products we couldn't previously
  • We've saved immense server space by compressing files, appropriately, before sending them to print
  • Our proofing process in my department is dramatically streamlined by utilizing PDFs and comments rather than a trail in emails that can be challenging to understand or follow
  • Mistakes have been reduced by being able to run a spell check on any live text in the file before sending it for printing
I find the Mac version to be a lot easier to use than the Windows version I use at the office, but part of that is likely the OS. I've earlier mentioned sometimes when editing a PDF and working with non-text elements that the program can often seem confused about what element you're trying to grab and move, despite accurately showing a bounding box it often snaps to move another piece instead. On the whole, elements are labeled cleanly and clearly and the color bar that sticks to the right hand of the screen lets you rapidly run your PDF through a number of different functions (edit, merge, comment, export) without having to go through the tedium of drop-down menus. I feel each new version becomes a little cleaner and better in terms of UI too.
Honestly, we don't do a lot of work with secure documents so I can't speak to this element of the program. I know there are secure files sending features within Adobe Acrobat DC but I don't have much experience with them.
Honestly, there really isn't anything equivalent. I've used Adobe's online PDF compressor in a pinch, DocuSign is great but I really don't feel we necessarily need it when Adobe Acrobat DC has all the functions it does, and sending Word documents to clients isn't a great look when you can actually style and design something more cleanly as a PDF. While there are a ton of other PDF tools out there, I really haven't given them much consideration as there's literally nothing missing from Adobe Acrobat DC, if it's available to you as an option.

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It's perfect for creating and compressing PDFs to a size that you can often send over email, post on social media, put on Google Drive, etc without huge file bloat. Even for sending things to print, its multiple compression options help keep our server size reasonable without destroying the quality of the document. The ability to edit PDFs directly right within Adobe Acrobat DC rather than whatever program they were natively made in (InDesign, Illustrator, etc) is a huge time saver for small edits and tweaks. Adobe Acrobat DC pairs really cleanly with the entire Adobe Suite and I love using it to last-look PDFs before they go to production. It's also great for proofing and lets you write comments on things on a doc and send them to coworkers. I don't use a lot of the form and sign functionality in my current position, but it's incredibly easy to set that up as well.