ApplicantPro or ApplicantCon?
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December 20, 2018

ApplicantPro or ApplicantCon?

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Overall Satisfaction with ApplicantPro

We currently use ApplicantPro as our Applicant Tracking System. Our HR team uses this to post and edit jobs, sort through applicants, draft and send offer letters and house historical applicant information. We also allow managers access to ApplicantPro to review applicants, approve and send offer letter and post jobs as needed as well.

  • ApplicantPro is very good at tracking applicants throughout different jobs - allowing users to copy and find applicants easily.
  • ApplicantPro makes it easy to post jobs externally through just one posting system.
  • ApplicantPro job posting is very easy - simple questions that are quick to answer and copy/paste features.
  • ApplicantPro could improve process change implementation. If you change one part of a process, it often times changes the whole thing.
  • Within the offer letter (eForm) feature, you have to restart an offer letter entirely even if you just need to edit one item - this is time consuming.
  • Sometimes the layout can be difficult to navigate/find what you're looking for - specifically on an applicant's home page.
  • There have been a few times where we have been able to catch duplicate applicants or applicants that come through different sources applying to the same job.
  • We are able to keep track of all of our offer letters in one area.
  • The automation features are useful for our company.
These two systems are similar in that they track applicants, can store offers, automate email responses and allow easy job posting. I think that PeopleSoft is a little more advanced and has more overall options/safeguards, where as ApplicantPro is still in a learning phase both within themselves and for us as a company.
ApplicantPro is well suited in a environment where an employer isn't hiring a ton of people - this is because ApplicantPro is built with some automation, but you do have to pay attention to each individual candidate.
ApplicantPro would be less well suited for a company looking to hire a lot of people or a company where they want to post a ton of different jobs.

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