Great Coaching Tool!
May 27, 2020

Great Coaching Tool!

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  • I really like that I can see what percentage of a call our employees talk vs the customer. At Hudl, we like having conversational interactions with our customers so getting close to that 50/50 mark is what we aim for. really helps us do that.
  • Being able to create different scorecards for different levels of skill/length of employment has been great so that we can score the quality of employees fairly. It wouldn't be great if we had to score our new hires on the same scale we score our employees of 2+ years.
  • I like being able to search by keyword. I once had an employee who said "um" and "like" a LOT. Being able to search calls with the use of these words over and over and having that employee listen to herself really helped her in her conversational skills and confidence.
  • At this time, I'm not able to review scorecards that I have completed for the three people I manage. Our team has had to grant me the highest manager permissions in order to go over scorecards with my reports, so technically I am able to see anyone's scorecards at our company--not just my own reports.
  • Sometimes when I create a filter, listen to a call, and then go back to the filter page, my filter is actually gone and I just see all calls again.
  • I was able to coach one of my reports on how to use filler words less often.
  • I have been able to coach my reports on how they either did really well identifying a teaching or sales opportunity as well as how they could have identified one if they missed it.
  • Being able to create our own scorecards shows how well our team is doing at following the Effortless Experience guidelines that we have set in place.
Amazon Connect isn't an option in the dropdown, but that is how we can search our calls. We use Amazon Connect as our phone service and all of our calls are recorded there. I used to just have to search for calls in Amazon Connect. I couldn't search any key words there and it doesn't have any scoring capabilities, as it's basically just storing recorded phone calls.
We use for customer service. If we have a specific product that is suffering/having a lot of problems, we're able to take snippets out of phone calls and send those recordings to our product teams so that they can really hear our customers' sentiment/struggles with a specific area. This has helped all departments at our company understand customers' feelings.
I have found the very simple tool of talking percentage on a call very helpful. We are casual with our customers and like our interactions to be very conversational. So if a support rep is talking 80% on all their calls, that's an indicator that their conversational skills need improvement. It's a very simple piece of, but I love it.
I do not work with their support team, specifically, but our team who works directly with Chorus has said really great things. Whenever we have a problem or find a bug on the site, the Chorus team seems to be very on top of it and gives us updates on if/when something will be fixed.
It is great that we are able to see the Salesforce case number for every call in so that I can plug a case number into Salesforce and see if follow-up was done properly. If that wasn't a possibility, we wouldn't be able to check on follow-up and that is a key part of customer service. We also always rate our calls as either positive, neutral, or negative as far as the sentiment of our customers during the call. It is great to be able to search these sentiments so if my reports have "negative sentiment" calls. I can listen and then coach my reports on how they could do better next time.