Gainsight made my job so much easier.
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Updated August 23, 2019

Gainsight made my job so much easier.

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Overall Satisfaction with Gainsight

Gainsight is exclusively used by the global customer success team (about 15 people). We started using it this year to help us streamline our customer info, notes, and reminders into one platform. We also wanted the automation of reminders for outreach. It has helped us track our efforts and have more visibility into our accounts.
  • Allowing for customized 'calls to action'
  • Providing a lot of information about clients in one shared online platform
  • Sitting on top of Salesforce so that all of the data can be seamlessly transfered
  • More differentiation between 'calls to action' and timeline entries
  • More options for fields in the subscription info
  • Doesn't provide visibility to Salesforce users so there is a disconnect with the sales team
I have not had direct contact with Gainsight support so I cannot accurately provide an answer to this question. I have only had one interaction with a Gainsight customer success manager and it was not the best. The individual had some trouble understanding our questions and did not seem completely prepared.
I think that our executives want visibility at a high level. They do not need to see the nitty-gritty work that we do on a daily basis. they are just looking at the big numbers. I have noticed that our VP does reference the dashboards in Gainsight but still heavily relies on Tableau for reporting. We are bringing in a new director, so how our executives leverage Gainsight might change.
  • Boost employee efficiency
  • Become more scalable - able to grow as a team because of standardized platform
  • Increase quality of work because of automated reminders and built in playbooks
I have not used or evaluated any other products like Gainsight. In the past, I was using Wrike to store my client notes and use keep tabs on their onboarding process. I also synced my email to Salesforce so that the account managers could see my activity with customers. I know my managers evaluated a lot of products and ended up on Gainsight because it was the best fit for our needs.
We connect Gainsight with our own internal data sources as well as Zendesk and intercom. It is very helpful to have everything in one place so that we can understand customer health from a holistic view. It is still necessary at times to go out to the other platforms for more information, however, Gainsight is always the place I go first.
I love gainsight because it makes my job easier. I have already recommended it to my colleagues and peers because I have found such success from it. It is really good to use for proactive outreach such as for quarterly business reviews and health checks. It is not as helpful to break down your onboarding customers because it groups all of those types of CTAs together.

Gainsight Feature Ratings

Product usage
Help desk / support tickets
NPS surveys
Sponsor tracking
Customer profiles
Automated workflow
Internal collaboration
Customer health scoring
Customer segmentation
Not Rated
Customer health trends
Engagement analytics
Revenue forecasting
Not Rated
Role-based user permissions
Integration with
Integration with Marketo
Not Rated
Integration with Eloqua
Not Rated

Using Gainsight

40 - Only the customer success team in my company use Gainsight. Our sales ops, cs ops, and data teams helped with the implementation process. Furthermore, sales/cs enablement is involved with creating playbooks and other processes related to how we use Gainsight. I am unsure of the other teams that could benefit from using Gainsight as it seems directly related to Customer Success.
5 - Our sales/cs ops and enablement teams are the primary ones managing Gainsight. In house, we really have one person who manages it and Gainsight is his primary responsibility. He has to have an in-depth knowledge of our processes and needs. Furthermore, the data team is very involved in understanding our data environment and how we should map information over to Gainsight.
  • Customer Success Manager task management
  • Customer Success Manager account overview
  • Manager visibility of Customer Success Managers
  • We have created an integration dashboard so we can see what customers are using each integration
  • We have built out EBR dashboards so we can easily create EBR decks from Gainsight
  • We have integrated various tools such as delighted and intercom to pull data
  • I hope we will be able to use the Gainsight app on the go
  • I hope we are able to make our CTAs more relevant and timely
  • I hope we are able to provide visibility to our sales team so they can also access our notes
I think that there are some power users on my team, myself included, however the adoption has not been great overall. My team typically likes to build things ourselves so I would guess that we would ultimately like to build a solution in house. Gainsight is expensive and a bit cumbersome from the administrative side, from what I hear.

I personally think it brings a ton of value to me as a CSM however I'm not sure what the viability is from a leadership perspective.

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