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Overall Satisfaction with Grasshopper

We use Grasshopper as our sole business phone line. We do not have a hard landline. We are a team of three with two based in NY and one in Nevada. Grasshopper allows each of us to have an extension and calls are routed directly to our cell phones. Since we are constantly on the go it's great not to have to worry about missing important calls as well as always appearing professional since our business line is "always on" regardless of where we are. It's perfect for a small organization like ours (or even a large one) that are not centrally located.


  • Since calls always come into my cell phone from the same Grasshopper number I just saved that number in my phone as my company name. So I always know when a call is coming in for my company and that it's not a personal call. Of course, all calls are saved and logged in Grasshopper so if I need to go back and check the actual caller ID I can do that.
  • All voicemails are immediately sent as audio files in an email to the email address on file for each extension. I personally love this feature. I can choose to go into the Grasshopper app to listen to them but its use so much more convenient to get an email, open it up and listen right from the email. The caller ID for the call is also included in the email text. So all the info I need for any missed calls is right there. Great stuff.
  • By far, one of my favorite features is the option to receive faxes to the same business number. Even though fax is being used less these days it is still used quite a bit and being able to receive faxes and having them immediately emailed to me is great.
  • The ability to transfer calls from extension to extension (as in cell phone to cell phone) is great. It doesn't matter where my colleague is. I can send the call to the right person and it's ringing on their phone in seconds.


  • There isn't much I can think of, although right now one of my team members isn't having her calls come through for some reason. We have to troubleshoot it and see if it isn't an issue with her phone first. But obviously its never good when things like that happen. Can't put the blame anywhere yet as we haven't yet looked at the issue.
  • Placing calls from within the Grasshopper app isn't always so solid. I've tried placing outgoing calls from the app and I've had issues where the person I called couldn't hear me or the call would just drop out of nowhere. It hasn't happened in a while but it did happen a few times when I first started using it. Admittedly that was over 4 years ago so it may not be an issue anymore.
  • This is a little out there but it would interesting if there were an option to SEND faxes as well. If I could take pictures of a document with my phone, or if there is an existing pdf file on my phone, the ability to send it would be great. It seems a little unnecessary because at that point you might think, well why not just email it? I agree but there are still some people and companies out there (strangely) that like to receive things via fax (i.e. the IRS still has some services that can only be taken care of if documents are mailed or faxed in). I'm sure eventually this will go the way of the dinosaur though.
  • The cost is incredibly small for the plan I use and the feature set we get is absolutely fantastic. I'm generally spending less than $20/month and that allows us to handle all of our business calls.
  • It has definitely saved time as well because any incoming voicemails or faxes are immediately emailed. That alone saves me time from having to log in to the Grasshopper interface.
  • Setup also saves time. Set things up once, and you'll almost never have to do it again (unless you're adding a new user or changing cell phone info). The app is feature rich, although admittedly I do not use it as much as the online site when I need to address issues. Get familiar with the online user interface as this is the easiest way to get things set up.
I have not used any other phone services like Grasshopper. I know that there is another option out there called Ruby, which is more like a virtual receptionist but since I did not try it out I cannot compare the two. When I started my company I found the services that Grasshopper offers to be perfect. It still works for us and we have no need to change to anything else right now.
The ability to have a business phone system "in the cloud", that allows my company to have the appearance of a centralized location, with no downtime on answering or returning calls is great. It also allows me to not have to give out my personal cell phone number to clients and contacts that I wouldn't want to have it. It gives me peace of mind and also adds efficiency for me and my team even as we are spread out throughout the country. For larger organizations with a centralized location where everyone works together it might not be necessary, and actually rather too cumbersome. In those cases, a dedicated VoIP phone system would certainly be a better option.

Grasshopper Feature Ratings

Hosted PBX
Not Rated
Multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
User templates
Call reports
Directory of employee names
Answering rules
Call recording
Not Rated
Call park
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Call screening
Message alerts
Audio conferencing
Mobile app for iOS
Mobile app for Android
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