JobDiva is no Diva when it comes to service!
October 12, 2021

JobDiva is no Diva when it comes to service!

James Wilton | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with JobDiva

JobDiva is used across our entire organization. Our recruiters utilize all the modules on the recruiting side. Our sales team is very involved on the CRM side. We don't currently utilize anything on the "back-end" as it relates to timesheets, billing, etc. I enjoy the report and dashboard functionality. JobDiva helps keep all data in one place so our recruiters know everything that is happening with their candidates and our salespeople have the same for their client contacts.
  • Candidate process - sourcing to submittal, do a great job of empowering recruiters
  • Manager contact - single view of contact and all history, makes it very simple to find manager data, history and talking points
  • Reporting - great job with canned reports to help understand where we are across the entire staffing lifecycle
  • BI and Custom Dashboards are impossible to figure out. Could be great tools but don't know how to get data from them. I have tried.
  • Dashboards are simple - hard to figure out how to get better data from the dashboards
  • There are lots of canned reports (but almost too many) - is there a better way to organize them? It's hard to remember where I go to get a specific date b/c there are so many reports, so many drop downs and then options for data once I pick the dropdowns.
  • I would like to see a way to do a daily "board" so that it's easy to see open priority reqs by sales/recruiter. We currently utilize a spreadsheet b/c we can't figure out a way to do it inside JobDiva.
  • They are great at working with us to get things done. If I need help - someone is always on top of my request and seem to always find a way to help me.
  • I think there is a lot of functionality in the tool - but we need to do a better job of learning how to use it. We're probably using the main functionality and tools - but I know that would be more for us to utilize.
  • They are a great partner and have helped us grow tremendously - so their ROI impact has been a hue positive for us.
We are currently in the process of trying to link Salesforce to JobDiva CRM. It has not been a smooth integration. There is a feeling that there is more for us to utilize in Salesforce, but we can't leave behind the ATS functionality on the recruiting side. No tool is perfect, so we continue to look for opportunities to improve our processes.
Anytime I've had a request, needed something, or looked to make an enhancement - JobDiva was all over it. Their included support is amazing. I feel it's one of the best things about JobDiva. They make it really easy to ask questions and get help.

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I think JobDiva has done a great job across the board. No tool is perfect. If a tool caters to sales there are issues on the recruiting/job side. Too much recruiting focus will hurt sales users. I think JobDiva does an excellent job of having features and functionality for both groups. I know that Bullhorn did a lot of acquisitions to get best-in-class functionality. It might be worth looking at some acquisitions to help w/ the overall functionality, look/feel, etc.

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JobDiva Support

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I am not aware if our "package" for support is premium or not. I just know that when I send it a request - they do an amazing job of finding out what I need and then executing on it. They generally go above and beyond what I am asking and it's always better than what I was asking for.
Yes - There are issues that pop up from time to time and they are always extremely responsive. I feel that once I alert them to something, they get right on it. Sometimes it comes back to being an issue that we created - but I don't ever feel like my requests are going to black-hole or being ignored. Exactly the opposite of that - their service is excellent.
They are constantly helping me out. I had an issue with something we had done incorrectly. I needed to change the address for hundreds of contacts. I was not sure what to do - but knew there had to be some sort of automation to help. I reached out to JD with my question/request. They knew what to do right away. All I had to do was provide a list of names (there were hundreds) and they would update the address information. Done manually it would have taken me hours - they did it in a matter of minutes. So no anytime I have something that I want to see can be done via automation - I will reach out to get their help.