Review: OneNote
Chris Hecox | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 17, 2018

Review: OneNote

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Overall Satisfaction with OneNote

OneNote is a powerful tool for personal note taking and client organization. OneNote makes locating specific notes easy using tags and search functions. I use OneNote personally and know others that use it as well.
  • OneNote has an excellent organizational system. Users can create a multitude of folders and subfolders, then drop whichever notes and files into each that they'd like. It's quick and easy to create notes and begin typing away. You can also draw images or insert pictures and hyperlinks.
  • OneNote has a great mobile app. You will need to wait for it to sync, but once this is done, you are able to take notes on the go, or reference notes taken on your laptop/PC.
  • OneNote makes locating notes/files easy and fast. You can search for keywords and instantly be able to reference any notable files or notes you've taken. Finding specific information is extremely fast, which makes for quickly referencing things in meetings on demand.
  • OneNote's interface is very quick to learn. It is not dissimilar to Office and other software, so the learning curve is short.
  • OneDrive can sync into OneNote, making for fast usability between the two.
  • You can import catalogs of notes from other users, but this process is not an easy one. It messes up some of the functionality of previous notes, and it's not user friendly to import. This is mitigated by sharing your notebook with another user instead of exporting it. This process is simple, but if you want a separate copy of a catalog, it's not easy to do.
  • You are able to click anywhere into a note to begin typing in that location. It's a nice feature because it's more freeflow than other document process programs (Word or Google Docs) but it's a learning curve, honestly. You won't think much of it at first, but if you prefer a more straightforward document style, it's a bit jarring.
  • OneNote saves time and money. You don't need to pay for an expensive note taking system when this exists. It's completely functional.
As far as I'm concerned, OneNote is the 'go-to' note-taking application. Evernote is not helpful and it's also confusing. OneNote has so much more functionality, putting Evernote to shame. Once I started using OneNote, Evernote became a thing of the past.
OneNote is great for note taking for personal use. It's good for referencing clients as well. I imagine it could be useful in a small business to help take notes on what certain clients are expecting and how to address them when meeting together. This could be useful to share among business partners as they prepare for meetings and for them to be mindful of how best to be respectful and effective.

I find it's most useful for personal note taking and organizing data.

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