Outreach does all your work for you on the sales development team!
Alexandra Gold | TrustRadius Reviewer
May 17, 2017

Outreach does all your work for you on the sales development team!

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Overall Satisfaction with Outreach

Outreach is used by our sales development team, so the folks that cold-call or contact our prospective customers before our account executives address the sale and/or contact person on the prospect account. While we use Outreach on the sales development side, we also have a panel inside of our Salesforce instance that provides lead/contact information and reporting data to our marketing team and our sales team. It's crucial to determine a contact/lead's behavior and engagement for the sales development team because the sales development representatives performance evaluations are dependent on their proactive engagement with contacts/leads through Outreach. Our reps have a minimum number of people that they add into an Outreach sequence daily to ensure that there is always a consistent flow of prospects receiving messaging. We also use Outreach to understand converted leads and week-over-week/month-over-month conversion rates as well as reporting in SFDC based on Outreach sequencing data.
  • Customer support - our reps at Outreach have engaged with us almost daily (if not every few days) and are extremely pleasant to work with. This is a huge aspect of our reasoning for purchasing Outreach compared to another product in the same market. (We even heard about their awesome support before our purchase.)
  • Allowing the Sales Development Rep manager to accurately track behaviors of both her team and her team's contacts/leads. Outreach provides significant amounts of insight into data that we never could capture beforehand. It allows the manager to accurately and objectively evaluate her team's performance and also allowed us to implement good behaviors in terms of the sales cycle and engaging with prospects and rewarding those behaviors.
  • Helping me, the Salesforce admin, understand the field mappings between Outreach and SFDC, sequence process and its relation to data in SFDC, and reporting on those metrics inside of SFDC.
  • Sometimes the UI is overloaded when there are a ton of sequences used - this mainly concerns me, the SFDC admin, as I have to understand many services/applications that sit on top of SFDC and so it's sometimes hard to keep track. Other than that, I really don't have any complaints!
  • We'd want to be able to accurately document the previous sequence and data/timestamps of those sequences - however, I've had to create a custom field in SFDC to log previous sequence names and timestamps because Outreach/SFDC doesn't natively support this.
  • We've had faster lead conversion and increased employee efficiency.
  • Outreach has provided us with the capability to make reports on leads/contacts transparent across the company, especially for our board meetings.
  • Outreach has streamlined the engagement process for leads and contacts on the sales development team. They are now experienced with the tool, and the learning curve was very easy to hop over - it's a great product with a simply UI that's easy for anyone to jump onboard especially with a growing sales team in a growing company.
We were looking at SalesLoft but had heard that it wasn't as scalable as Outreach. If I remember correctly, the cost was NOT less than the competitors, but still 100% worth the purchase. We also use Outreach in Gmail and we had heard from colleagues that SalesLoft didn't have an easy integration with Gmail or other systems we use. The customization of Outreach is more robust than its competitors' capabilities when it comes to creating unique sequences, applying novel use cases, and using their amazing support team to direct us along the way (as needed).
From what I understand, we generate our reports within Salesforce (but using Outreach data). Reports that we generate include finding data on last contacted (for a lead/contact) and what sequence they're in and what messaging they've received. We also generate reports on the amount of touch by each sales development rep. We also have reports on: how many meetings sales development reps have booked today, daily activity of reps with our contacts, how amny people are added to sequences daily, etc.
I would suggest implementing Outreach as soon as your know that your business's key performance indicators (KPIs) depend on lead/contact engagement and follow-up. Outreach is very appropriate with growing sales teams - I wouldn't recommend it if the expansion of the sales team isn't the primary goal for a company (i.e. engineers may be more important in terms of hiring at a given point in time during the nascent stages of a company's growth).

Outreach Support

I feel like Outreach support reps provide better support about Salesforce than Salesforce does itself - we may have a better support package for Outreach than we do Salesforce, though. The support team at Outreach is also extremely available and conscious of our interests and use cases. We also still have regular Skype calls set up with Outreach and it is more personable than simply speaking on the phone - although we have texted our support reps at Outreach before for immediate responses!
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When I came onboard as the new SFDC admin, Outreach went out of their way to set up a call with me to go over their system and the integration between SFDC and Outreach. This single-handedly made me feel trust in our support folks at Outreach as well as familiarity with Salesforce that I hadn't had before (and of course familiarity with Outreach).
Plus, they sent us local cupcakes (my company is on the east coast and Outreach is based out of the west coast) as a thank you! Nobody can say "no" to the best local cupcakes around!