Outreach is Awesome
January 24, 2018

Outreach is Awesome

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Overall Satisfaction with Outreach

The user interface seems intuitive enough for the basic things I want to do. But once I get into the settings or want something custom (i.e. I wanted to copy individual reps on some of my sequence emails but couldn't figure out how), it's not obvious how to do it. Overall, adoption at my company is high though because of the usability of the main, basic features of the platform.
Outreach is being used by the sales organization which includes our ADMs, BDRs, account executives and customer success. It primarily helps us send emails in sequences to multiple people at one time and tracks what messages are opened/unopened, replied to, etc. I also use it to create "templates" and "snippets" that I can refer back to for use at any time.
  • Being able to create a sequence of emails beforehand that I can send in bulk saves me a lot of time and allows me to contact prospects at scale!
  • Being able to see when and if someone has opened my email is so valuable to help me know if they're a prospect worth continuing to go after and influences how I tailor my messaging going forward.
  • Tracking metrics on what messaging and sequences are working well helps me know how to approach my prospects going forward. (i.e. if I'm testing 2 sequences, I can see which one is more successful that I'll want to continue using).
  • There are intricacies within Outreach that I don't yet understand because they're not intuitive. It took me a while to figure out how to bulk upload names into a sequence and how to move them around afterward...(I tag the names and move them in, but not sure of best practices).
  • I'd love if Outreach sent out a weekly or monthly email with little tips and tricks of things that would be useful that I might not already know about within the platform.
  • Outbound calling through Outreach can be painful - the call sometimes won't connect or once it does it drops or the line is fuzzy.
  • Email campaigns are much more concise and organized and can be measured!
  • This is just an estimate, but based on personal experience, I'd say my meetings have increased by 50% - allowing me to have more conversations and a faster increase in pipeline.
  • Increases overall employee & sales rep efficiency.
It's been a while since I last used HubSpot, but I mainly only used it to track if emails had been opened/unopened. I feel like Outreach is a lot more robust in its functionality.
Scenario: I've identified a group of prospects I'd like to go after in the financial services space within my territory. I identify these people via LinkedIn and identify their email addresses through Salesforce. I then put all of these names into a .csv file to bulk upload into Outreach where I've created a sequence of emails that will go out to these prospects based on the time cadence I've assigned. Using Outreach this way has saved me so much time in reaching out to people without having to write and email individual messages that are all communicating the same thing.