How WWT embraced ScienceLogic as a strategic partner to build a powerful recurring revenue platform.
April 25, 2019

How WWT embraced ScienceLogic as a strategic partner to build a powerful recurring revenue platform.

Rich Dobry | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with ScienceLogic

ScienceLogic is a core solution in WWT's Managed Platform. It was introduced to allow for world-class operational monitoring, management engine that plays in the enterprise space. WWT also resells ScienceLogic to clients who wish to deploy their own instance.
  • Vast OEM support across thousands of devices out of the box.
  • Open API platform to extend as needed by business requirements & outcomes.
  • Amazing organization where our investment is in a partnership, not just a product.
  • More PowerPacks ready to go with new/leading technologies.
  • Faster/easier GUI drag/drop based workflow/RBA.
  • More out of the box RBA's to use day one and extend upon.
  • ScienceLogic has allowed WWT to create a world-class platform to deliver better recurring business outcomes to our customers.
  • Working with the ScienceLogic organization has allowed WWT to expand how we are building our go-to-market visions in recurring revenue.
  • ScienceLogic has allowed WWT to explore Art of the Possible situations solving nontraditional problems in IT like how to increase client's revenue, not just keep their IT systems running.
ScienceLogic has allowed WWT to create a single pane of glass methodology that brings visibility for our own teams as well as clients.
ScienceLogic has allowed WWT to go to market with our new recurring revenue platforms, which is a core piece of how WWT plans to grow services, providing exceptional business value and business outcomes to our clients.
ScienceLogic is still in the early stages with our deployment, but to date, has allowed us to have integrated event to incident, discovery to configuration items, and escalations. We are building more advanced automations which will provide value to our clients.
  • Applying SL1 to our multi-cloud practice is being explored to add additional value to consulting services.
  • Allowed WWT to create custom tools which use SL1 to feed into the systems.
  • The value of the partnership has allowed WWT to get best of breed/best practices from the ScienceLogic team that focuses on MSP's and their success.
While many products have very specific things they have a niche is being good at, they are still just a product.
WWT made the decision to invest in a partnership, knowing that any gaps in product features can be overcome, but buying just a product and you have just a product. We have a go-to-market partner, ecosystem and organization that is in with WWT to be successful.
ScienceLogic plays a great role in being the central data lake pane of glass integration point for both data gathering, analytics and ITSM integration. By creating ScienceLogic as a central data gathering point, it allows for a much easier hub/spoke cross-system functionality.