TrustRadius Brings a Sense of Product Use Within Reach
September 10, 2018

TrustRadius Brings a Sense of Product Use Within Reach

Hubert Sawyers III | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with TrustRadius for Buyers

In my recent use of TrustRadius for Buyers, I was researching UTM generation or management tools. My agency has a client that is in desperate need of better reporting. We know we need to build a spreadsheet of UTM links, but we're hoping we can automate parts of the process. TrustRadius was used to see how companies were using the top UTM tools. This was quite helpful in evaluating cost implications. I am the lead strategist for our agency. I also lead operations, so I'm driving most technology recommendations. In this instance, we are in the interest stage of the buying process.
  • To understand my options (i.e. build my short list or long list)
  • To compare products
  • To determine what to ask a vendor
  • To find evidence to support my recommendation to colleagues or my client
  • To see what other users think of the product I am currently using
The options for UTM solutions are not uniform in features, so reading the reviews were critical. The reviews helped to see how an individual platform is being used in real-time, not just according to marketing copy. At this point, I am trying to find the right tool, so the reviews were my focus at this time.
I prefer reviews that showcase a decent understanding of the need for the tool, along with detailed descriptions on how the tool is being used. Many times, reviews can be really generic, especially the positive ones, which makes you wonder what is driving the review. I appreciate that TrustRadius tries to get at the elements that matter when help one make a sound purchasing decision.
It's incredibly valuable, if the reviews are thorough and specific. As I noted, I'm just seeing what options there are for UTM management. It appears each platform is built to support a particular use-case, so I need to be careful in what I choose. Reviews are certainly needed in this effort.


  • The scores are great.
  • The verified reviewers are clutch. I have followed up with reviewers in the past to get more information on a product.
  • I like how they've managed to appear on every product search I've ever done. I should just bookmark the site already.


  • Don't have anything to add.
There's good old Google. That usually avails sites like TrustRadius and Capterra. I also spend lots of time on the various sites of the platforms of interest. Lastly, I like to read articles written by others that compare tools. They tend to provide helpful insights as well. TrustRadius is quite complementary to my research process.
Unfortunately, I don't plan to spend any time discerning the difference between platforms. Sorry, guys.
It's one of a few platforms that can help a person make a decision on using a piece of software. That's quite valuable.

I recommend people read between the lines. It's obvious certain platforms prefer certain review sites. I don't know what that's all about. TrustRadius has done nothing to make me feel they're in cahoots with any product. It's in their best interest to continue to stay impartial. Otherwise, I usually recommend TrustRadius for everyone who is trying to make a software choice.


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