VembuBDR Smokes Other Overpriced Backup Solutions
July 27, 2019

VembuBDR Smokes Other Overpriced Backup Solutions

Daniel Castro | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction with Vembu BDR Suite

It does what it says, it does it efficiently, it does it at a decent price point, and the support is great. That's from my perspective. You can go download a trial, set it up and chat with support if you run into any issues getting it going. When messaging support, you don't get some low-level schmo, either. You get an engineer that knows his stuff. So I'm pretty technical and setting this up and getting it going myself was not an issue. Once it's working, backing up, and you test some restores, you'll see how usable it is!
Vembu BDR Suite is used as a backup/recovery, disaster recovery solution and can also be used for Hyper-V and ESXI VM replication and migration. There's an image-based backup client for Windows/Server and Mac, and a file-based backup client for Windows/Server, Mac, and Linux. No client needs to be installed on the hypervisors for backup - you can run the backups directly from the backup server.
  • Fast VM backups
  • Fast image backups
  • Fast file based backups
  • Easy restore options
  • Excellent support with minimal hassle
  • Excellent value
  • I would like image based backups for Linux and FreeBSD.
  • I would like the ability to directly restore an image backup to ESXI or more cross-platform restore options.
  • Managing storage by yourself (without support helping you out) can be tricky. I wish there were easier options to assign storage to users/backups, especially "after the fact."
  • Windows image-based backup needs to assign drive letters to partitions that don't usually have them (system reserved, etc.). There should be a way for the program to identify the drives by different means.
  • You can set up a BDR hosting server that will make you recurring income.
  • You are provided NFR licensing so you can set this up, test, and train yourself.
  • Having efficient, proper backups and restores pays for itself pretty quickly. Servers die, misconfigurations happen, people delete stuff, and there are ransomware hoodlums out there. Don't you think it's worth it to have your data protected?
  • The licensing is affordable.
Best bang for the buck, period.
  • Fast
  • Hostable
  • Great support
  • Fast
  • Good pricing
  • Fast
If you have half a wit, an ounce of imagination, and faith the size of a mustard seed, you can make this product work great for you. If you have none of those, but you have money for the licensing, VembuBDR's support will make this product work great for you. You win either way.
Some handy options:
  • You can backup a physical Windows machine and restore it to different hardware, or spin up the backup as a Hyper-V VM.
  • If you're hosting the backups from your environment, you could potentially host the spun-up backup to your clients while their instance is down.
  • You can set up a VMWare replication job to aid in migration, or setting up a test environment.
It moves data fast and securely and keeps files size in check.
I used to recommend Aconis, but it gets super-expensive when you get to the server and hypervisor level stuff, and I'm finding myself to not like the latest user interface and options. I also used BackupAssist, which is actually a great product for Windows Servers, but Vembu just smokes it in performance, so if you have multiple servers and workstations backing up to one location it makes it easier. You have more time and you don't have to troubleshoot Windows Server Backup/VSS components.
I really can't think of too many scenarios where I would not prefer to use Vembu. I guess I would never sell this to a client for them to set up themselves—it's not like Carbonite or some other backup solutions where the user pushes a magic play-mobile button and derp derp derp the cloud, but a technical person can manage this easily. There are cloud options, but I prefer to host the BDR servers to clients on my own resources, and I think technical folks can do this without involving the big data companies.

BDRSuite Feature Ratings

Universal recovery
Instant recovery
Recovery verification
Business application protection
Multiple backup destinations
Incremental backup identification
Backup to the cloud
Deduplication and file compression
Flexible deployment
Management dashboard
Platform support
Retention options