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Top Rated
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Google Analytics Premium

Great tool to start with. It provides great insight into what is happening on your sites and provides good information for general tasks. It is an easy to use big data analysis and reporting tool.
It is able to track detailed visitor behavior by connecting with tag manager or other tools. You have to use it in connection with other solutions.
You may not like it if your plan to collect and store personal data (emails, names, addresses, IP addreses) when you can violate any of google usage terms and conditions. If you plan to use the account profesionally, you should definitely read the terms and understand what is not allowed.
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  • Easy to use big data tool with impressive dashboards.
  • Easy to start with. Quick implementation on the website owner side.
  • Custom variables and custom metrics.
  • Very good user location profiles and analytics.
  • A session unification feature that allows identifying "clicks", or in other words visitor behavior, before the Google user ID was assigned. This would make the statistics a bit more precise (yes, we have solved a case benefiting from this feature).
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  • A little expensive from a startup perspective in India
  • Most features are already available in the free version
  • Not required / suitable for a small organisation
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Likelihood to Renew

Google Analytics Premium8.3
Based on 10 answers
I believe that once Google Analytics Premium releases some additional eCommerce capabilities, it will be the best tool on the market for multi-site customers. Google does an amazing job of fully vetting out new features and functionality before releasing them publicly, so I have found very few issues with the functionality and usability of the tool. Some of the other big players in the industry are too quick to release new features, and they are often riddled with bugs and defects. I know that when I set something up with Google Analytics Premium, I'm getting a reliable, strong product that will deliver what it promises.
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Google Analytics Premium8.2
Based on 4 answers
Google Analytics Premium has a very easy to use and intuitive User Interface. It's easy to find anything you are looking for and apply different segments to reports on the fly. This is very important especially if you are doing report comparisons. It's also an aesthetically pleasing design, making the general experience pleasant.
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Google Analytics Premium8.0
Based on 4 answers
Things are good but there is room for improvement by providing faster response
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Online Training

Google Analytics Premium7.0
Based on 1 answer
There is a ton of information online about Google Analytics, but Google Analytics Premium users will have dedicated support and training from Google or an Authorized Reseller.
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Google Analytics Premium9.1
Based on 2 answers
If you already have the basic version of GA installed, "getting" GA Premium happens immediately through a virtual flipping of the switch - no need to re-implement. You'll want to expand your use of custom dimensions and metrics (you get 10x the amount with Premium). Ideally, you'll be using a tag management solution to talk with GA Premium, in concert with implementing a dataLayer (to note, Google's Tag Manager platform is covered under the same GA Premium SLA, and it's free). There are some welcomed "configurations" with GA Premium, such as integrating with DoubleClick products, activating data driven attribution models, and building roll-up executive reports - but all of these are easy point and click solutions. In comparison with any other enterprise analytics solution, implementing GA and GA Premium is traditionally easier and more flexible. And if you have any trouble or need an extra set of hands for implementation, GA Certified Partners like LunaMetrics can help
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Alternatives Considered

We have to trust a company who store all our user's data.
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Return on Investment

  • Our Premium clients use GA to allocate marketing budgets, improve visitor flows and site conversion rates and better understand custom behavior. All of these activities have quantifiable benefits.
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Google Analytics Premium

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Google Analytics Premium
Google Analytics Premium
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Google Analytics
1. Up to 1 Billion hits/month
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