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Google Analytics Premium

Great tool to start with. It provides great insight into what is happening on your sites and provides good information for general tasks. It is an easy to use big data analysis and reporting tool.
It is able to track detailed visitor behavior by connecting with tag manager or other tools. You have to use it in connection with other solutions.
You may not like it if your plan to collect and store personal data (emails, names, addresses, IP addreses) when you can violate any of google usage terms and conditions. If you plan to use the account profesionally, you should definitely read the terms and understand what is not allowed.
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Google Analytics Premium

  • Easy to use big data tool with impressive dashboards.
  • Easy to start with. Quick implementation on the website owner side.
  • Custom variables and custom metrics.
  • Very good user location profiles and analytics.
  • A session unification feature that allows identifying "clicks", or in other words visitor behavior, before the Google user ID was assigned. This would make the statistics a bit more precise (yes, we have solved a case benefiting from this feature).
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Google Analytics Premium

  • Profile Filters - These are not as intuitive as in other analytics tools. This could be developed further to make it clearer how its filtering visit data.
  • Reporting limitations - Reporting isn't as robust as other tools. GAP lacks pulling multiple metrics into a single report and being able to segment it any way you like. Among other reporting limitations.
  • eCommerce Tracking is really rigid - There is really only one way to implement eCommerce tracking and doesn't allow for any customizations. This is limiting.
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Likelihood to Renew

Google Analytics Premium

Google Analytics Premium 8.3
Based on 10 answers
While Google Analytics met our basic business needs, it isn't customizable enough, especially compared to some of the other big analytics programs like Omniture/SiteCatalyst. It's much easier to look at the data we actually need in other analytics programs -- as Premium customers, we felt we should not have been limited to only certain metrics under certain conditions, etc. We also were not happy with the support we got from the GA team, and felt that we were essentially on our own when it came to finding solutions to our particular business needs.That said, Google is making some good changes to GA Premium, so it looks like some of these problems will improve in the future. New features like the BigQuery integration and Universal Analytics are supposed to make customization easier, and allow users to look at more granular data. Google does seem to understand how users would like to look at data (as evidence by the move toward an acquisition/behavior/conversion buckets model), even if the GA program isn't quite there yet.
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Google Analytics Premium

Google Analytics Premium 8.2
Based on 4 answers
Google has a great strategy in that it gets people to adopt its products at a mass scale. It gets people in by giving them the product for free. It keeps them around by having a solid product that is easy to use. This applies to Google Analytics Premium, which takes advantage of the developments of the free version. In fact, sometimes the simplicity of its usability is held against GA, in that the advanced power users want to avoid interfaces and wizards and just get right to raw querying and modeling of data themselves. But overall, I believe that the usability of this product will be what helps GA Premium take the throne in terms of enterprise analytics solutions - it will be most likely to be adopted by the full enterprise.
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Google Analytics Premium

Google Analytics Premium 9.0
Based on 6 answers
If you purchase Premium through a reseller like LunaMetrics, you are going to be taken care of. The additional amount of support and services that a reseller provides to make sure you have the best experience with the product is the reason why the reseller program exists to begin with. Support doesn't have to be just reactive, it can be proactive as well.
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Online Training

Google Analytics Premium

Google Analytics Premium 7.0
Based on 1 answer
There is a ton of information online about Google Analytics, but Google Analytics Premium users will have dedicated support and training from Google or an Authorized Reseller.
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Google Analytics Premium

Google Analytics Premium 9.1
Based on 2 answers
If you already have the basic version of GA installed, "getting" GA Premium happens immediately through a virtual flipping of the switch - no need to re-implement. You'll want to expand your use of custom dimensions and metrics (you get 10x the amount with Premium). Ideally, you'll be using a tag management solution to talk with GA Premium, in concert with implementing a dataLayer (to note, Google's Tag Manager platform is covered under the same GA Premium SLA, and it's free). There are some welcomed "configurations" with GA Premium, such as integrating with DoubleClick products, activating data driven attribution models, and building roll-up executive reports - but all of these are easy point and click solutions. In comparison with any other enterprise analytics solution, implementing GA and GA Premium is traditionally easier and more flexible. And if you have any trouble or need an extra set of hands for implementation, GA Certified Partners like LunaMetrics can help
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Alternatives Considered

Google Analytics Premium

GAP is far more intuitive than any other analytics vendor, what it lacks in reporting robustness it makes up in usability. A very solid product, business and technical users both can get up and running on this tool in no time.
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Return on Investment

Google Analytics Premium

  • More efficient cost management. Since Google Analytics integrates with AdWords, we were able to more clearly see the effect of our marketing spend and adjust CPAs accordingly.
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Google Analytics Premium


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Google Analytics Premium$150,000 1
Google AnalyticsFree
  1. Up to 1 Billion hits/month
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