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Network Performance Monitoring Tools

Best Network Performance Monitoring Tools

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Network Performance Monitoring Software Overview

What is Network Performance Monitoring Software?

A network performance monitoring system monitors the entire network for performance problems and collects performance data such as network traffic analysis performance bottlenecks, network delays, packet losses, crashed servers or other problems.

Network performance management tools also ensure that any problems are mitigated such that the network is restored to optimum operating conditions.

Network Performance Monitoring Software Features & Capabilities

  • Automated network device discovery

  • Network monitoring

  • Baseline threshold calculation

  • Alerts

  • Network capacity planning

  • Packet capture analysis

  • Network mapping

  • Customizable reports

  • Wireless infrastructure monitoring

  • Hardware health monitoring

Network Performance Management Increasingly Important?

The IT network environment is becoming ever more complex with the proliferation of virtualized components, cloud-based services, and BYOD (Bring your own device), and understanding how resources are being consumed and why slowdowns are occurring is critically important.

In addition to standard metrics like response time, availability, and uptime, consistency and reliability are measured against clearly defined performance benchmarks and are becoming the norm.

Network Performance Monitoring Products

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Top Rated
123 Ratings

Nagios is an infrastructure and network monitoring offering.

PRTG Network Monitor

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92 Ratings

PRTG Network Monitor is the flagship offering from German software company Paessler, for monitoring local and wide area networks (LANs & WANs), servers, websites, apps, and more.

SolarWinds ipMonitor

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28 Ratings

SolarWinds ipMonitor is a powerful but lightweight tool that monitors and provides visibility into network devices, servers, and applications.

9 Ratings

Intermapper is a network mapping and monitoring software that is designed to help IT and network administrators stay ahead of network outages. With Intermapper, users can monitor all of their physical and virtual equipment with an IP address. From traditional routers and switches to wireless devi...

4 Ratings

PathSolutions headquartered in Santa Clara offers the TotalView network performance management solution, providing network diagramming, the NetFlow bandwidth analyzer, SD-WAN performance visibility, as well as monitoring for cloud service availability.

10 Ratings

Opsview Monitor is a scalable IT infrastructure monitoring solution. This solution is designed to help organizations monitor the health and performance of their IT infrastructure and make informed decisions to prevent costly downtime.

5 Ratings

AppNeta is a leader in proactive end-user performance monitoring solutions built for the distributed, cloud-connected, digital enterprise. With AppNeta, IT and Network Ops teams can assure continuous and exceptional delivery of business-critical applications. AppNeta’s SaaS-based solutions give I...

1 Ratings

Rocket® Servergraph® solutions are designed to make it easy to understand what's happening in a backup environment. Users can automate daily backups and get prioritized real-time alerts, and get insight into heterogeneous backup environments from a single view.The vendor’s value proposition is th...