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SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM)

SolarWinds NPM is a monitoring and performance management platform. It provides performance troubleshooting support, auto network discovery, customizable thresholds, and can be rapidly deployed.

Key Features

  • Network monitoring (219)
  • Alerts (217)
  • Hardware health monitoring (203)
SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM)

SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager is network diagnostics and troubleshooting technology, from Austin-based SolarWinds.

SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA)

SolarWinds Netflow Traffic Analyzer is a network monitoring tool within the broader SolarWinds ecosystem. It includes core traffic monitoring features, as well as customizable traffic reports and alerts.


Wireshark is an open source network troubleshooting tool.


ThousandEyes offers Digital Experience Monitoring that integrates application performance monitoring within a broader network monitoring platform. It primarily focuses on connectivity monitoring and supports SaaS and hybrid systems monitoring.

Key Features

  • Alerts (14)
  • Network monitoring (14)
  • Baseline threshold calculation (13)
SolarWinds Engineer's Toolset

SolarWinds® Engineer’s Toolset (ETS) helps users monitor and troubleshoot a network with over 60 tools for network management. ETS allows users to monitor and receive alerts in real time on network availability and health, and perform network diagnostics for faster troubleshooting…


Preseem is an Edge Network Quality of Experience (QoE) solution designed to help wireless internet service providers (WISPs) measure, analyze and improve the experience of subscribers on their network. The vendor states WISPs can save time and expense with Preseem's automated plan…


PingPlotter is a graphical traceroute and ping tool that visualizes network performance in a way that makes identifying the source of problems quicker and easier for everyone from online gamers and video streamers to VoIP admins and IT pros. Features for remote deployment, network…

LinkRunner AT Network AutoTester

The LinkRunner AT Network AutoTester offers user-configured AutoTests for a wide range of tasks. This network tester’s cable test and switch identification facilitate problem isolation. The device is supported by netAlly after NETSCOUT divested its handheld troubleshooting devices…

Colasoft Capsa

Colasoft Capsa is a network performance monitoring and protocol analyzing tool. Capsa provides core monitoring features, as well as automated diagnostics and packet decoding. Colasoft offers a limited free version of the software.

Cisco Meraki Insight

Cisco Meraki Insight is a network analytics tool that supports troubleshooting, and helps IT administrators optimize the end user experience, so as to significantly reduce the time it takes to isolate network or application problems.

Viavi Observer GigaStor

Observer GigaStor from Viavi enables end-user experience scoring with packet capture, analysis, and storage, to provide IT teams with in-depth network conversation details for troubleshooting, performance optimization, and security investigations. The Observer Platform (formerly…

LinkSprinter Network Tester

LinkSprinter is a network diagnostics and troubleshooting tool acquired from Seattle-based Fluke Networks by NETSCOUT in 2015, divested in 2018, and now supported by netAlly.

EndaceVision (formerly Emulex EndaceVision)

EndaceVision is a browser-based application supporting network troubleshooting formerly from Endace, an independent company headquartered in New Zealand once divested from its parent Emulex, while the rest of that company was acquired and merged into Broadcom / Avago Technologies.…

LiveAction LiveWire

LiveAction offers the LiveWire network forensics analysis series of appliance, offering functionality previousyl provided by Savvius under the Vigil brand. LiveAction acquired Savvius in summer 2018. The LiveWire appliance is offered in three editions, LiveWire Edge for small branches…

Netmon 1U Server Appliance

Netmon is an all-in-one network monitoring appliance solution featuring real-time packet sniffing technology, device performance monitoring, syslog & event log monitoring and custom alerting in a centralized platform. With this solution, users can monitor their entire network…


Kentik Detect is a DDoS prevent platform that monitors incoming traffic, monitoring for anomalies and orchestrates a mitigation response using third-party solutions.

Cirries Packet Capture

Cirries Packet Capture is a software-based solution that supports packet capture at rates up to 100Gbps. It delivers the packet details essential for forensic analysis in security operations, for troubleshooting network anomalies, and for other investigative network operations.

Keysight IxChariot

IxChariot is an appliance which supports network and application troubleshooting after deploying new network devices or apps, from Keysight Technologies.

Kemp Flowmon NPMD Solution

The Flowmon Solution provides IT operations with an understanding of networks and applications. Boasting performance, scalability and ease of use, Flowmon delivers monitoring, diagnostics and analytics for optimizing performance of infrastructure. With Network Behavior Analysis included,…


Netdata is distributed, real-time, performance and health monitoring for systems and applications. It is an optimized monitoring agent that the user installs on all systems and containers, which instantly provides broad insights for health and performance troubleshooting via…

ManageEngine OpUtils

OpUtils is an IP address Management and Switch Port Mapping software solution. With real time scanning and troubleshooting capabilities, users can monitor, manage, and diagnose network resources. With a set of 20+ tools, this switch port mapper and IP address management tool helps…

Eltima Serial Port Monitor

Serial Port Monitor is a utility for monitoring and analyzing the activity of serial ports. It is designed to help identify potential problems, so users can solve them right from the beginning.

OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet

OptiView XG is a wireless network troubleshooting device acquired by NETSCOUT from Seattle-based Fluke Networks in 2015.

Riverbed NetProfiler

SteelCentral NetProfiler from Riverbed is a network behavior analysis application.

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Network Troubleshooting Tools Overview

What are Network Troubleshooting Tools?

Network troubleshooting tools help technicians find, analyze, and solve network issues.

Networks contain a large number of potential failure points. Hardware or software problems at one point in the network can cause interruptions, bottlenecks, and outages for many users. Network troubleshooting tools aim to help technicians solve these issues quickly and reliably.

Network troubleshooting tools monitor and analyze network traffic. Users can analyze the network in real-time or save reports for later analysis. Some vendors offer graphical assistance to help users identify where and when problems occur. These interfaces may include customizable data charts, visual network maps, and lists of network elements with their status.

Some vendors also offer network configuration tools. These tools are used for network management tasks, such as automation, compliance, and vulnerability assessment. These tools may support integration with the vendor’s network troubleshooting tools.

Network Troubleshooting Tools Features & Capabilities

Basic Features

Most vendors offering network troubleshooting tools include these basic features:

  • Real-time monitoring of network traffic

  • Data archiving for later analysis or comparison

  • Support for VoIP monitoring

  • Support for wide-area networks (WAN)

Additional Features

Some vendors offer additional features, including:

  • Graphical representations of network elements and traffic

  • Automatic network mapping

  • Highlighting of potential problems

  • Lists of network elements and their status

  • Customizable alerts to notify technicians of problems

  • Network management toolsets

Pricing Information

Pricing for network troubleshooting tools can vary based on the feature set, the size of the network, and the amount of data analyzed. Vendors may offer free trials or free tiers with limited features. Some network troubleshooting tools are open-source and free.

Some vendors charge by the number of elements - routers, switches, servers, and access points - in the network. Pricing ranges from under $3,000.00 for up to 100 elements to over $30,000.00 for unlimited elements.

Other vendors charge by feature set. These tiers range from under $300.00 per license for lower tiers to over $1,000.00 per license for higher tiers.

Vendors with one-time licensing fees may offer yearly maintenance and support plans. The prices listed here are licensing fees. Additionally, some vendors offer a yearly rate based on your requirements.