TrustRadius Facebook toolOur organization uses AgoraPulse mostly to get all Facebook page notifications in one dashboard which helps us do moderation on time. On the go, mobile app helps to get all notifications instantly. One button report system is also good.,Helps do moderation on time. To schedule in Nepal time zone. To get weekly, monthly reports with one button click. Alert 24/7,Competitors report needs to have more information. Dashboard sometimes crashes with Safari browser, so I use Chrome with no problems. Hope to see more features in future.,10,10,Faster lead conversion Increased employee efficiency Better customer service.,,Adobe Photoshop, Facebook at Work, Adobe Acrobat DC, AdWords, Facebook for Business,4,Instant alert Multi users Administrative control Instant support Email alerts Additional feature update without cost,Portability Now able to share instant reports,Maybe integration with other social platforms,10,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Vendor Reputation Analyst Reports Third-party Reviews,Don't have to till now. If necessary will update it here.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,Need to have admin access,10,Self-taught,This product is easy to learn without any support or training you can learn it yourself. For e.g. If you know how to run Facebook page then it that simple.,10,You just need to have admin access.,No - there is no facility to customize the interface,I have not done any additional configuration or customization because they do not have these features and I think they do not need any too.,No,8,Yes,I was looking for few year back report on Facebook which I could not get so I asked support team. Even thought they could not solve the problem. They told me reason which I agreed too.,Adding social platform Adding users Instant reports,Non,Yes,10,10,10,10Listen up: AgoraPulse has great social listening.We use it for social media management. It's being used by the Marketing department. It addresses the business problem of engaging with our audience on social media.,Social Listening Scheduling Responses in the app Reporting,Being able to customize the publishing calendar Publishing calendar showing post previews Weekly emails letting you know what the top posts are Customized weekly reports emailed to you,9,3,I haven't been able to prove a ROI with AgoraPulse I wish their was a non profit discount for adding on social media accounts Positive effect of better social listening, we're more responsive Love the Instagram location listening tool,Buffer, Hootsuite Free, Sprout Social, Sprinklr, Facebook for Business and TweetDeck,Blackbaud CRM, Facebook for Business, TweetDeck, Slack,1,Social media Social listening social media management,8The Sickest Social Media Management Application EverAgoraPulse is currently the premier social media tool used by TMC MindShare. We use AgoraPulse to schedule post and monitor user comments/mentions while analysis monthly or biweekly reports.,Direct Publishing to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Reporting KPI's All in One Inbox,Data Retention Period None None,9,2,Was never measured for 2017 to present.,Hootsuite Free,Hootsuite Free,2,Competitive Overview Reporting Social Media Management,None None,None None None,9,No,Product Features Product Usability Analyst Reports,I won't change a thing.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,None None None,10,Yes,8,No,No, I can't.,Publishing - Social Media Calendar Reporting Competitive Analysis,None None None,Yes, but I don't use it,10AgoraPulse has it all!I use AgoraPulse mainly for publishing and social analytics, however there are quite a few more features to be explored within the tool! It's great for managing multiple social profiles and gives me all the data I need in one place - a great time saver!,Social publishing. Great for monitoring various social profiles across different platforms. Reports provide great data.,Would like to be able to eventually upload more than one image per update. Would also be able to like to edit images within publishing without having to repost with a revised image.,8,The main positive is the level of reporting and data provided, allowing me to better analyse activity and revise social strategies going forward.,Hootsuite Pro,1,1,Publishing Analytics Monitoring,8,Yes,Product Features Product Usability Analyst Reports,I wouldn't really as I trialled quite a few different tools before deciding on AgoraPulse.,8,No,When I initially began trialling the tool I had some setup queries which were answered quickly and clearly.,Activating social channels Publishing Reporting,8No Static At AllI use AgoraPulse to create a brand identity and manage a social media presence. As a small business owner, I'm using it as part of my marketing plan. One important benefit of this product is ease of use. The user interface is clean. I find the using the tools intuitive.,I can monitor conversations from the social profiles that are most important to me. AgoraPulse cuts through the clutter. I'm looking forward to managing relationships with the CRM module. The demos of other platforms did not include this feature or it was offered as an add-on. Products that emphasize the idea of a "zero inbox" appeal to me. The smart inbox tool featured in this product is a match for what I think is important.,It would be great to have the opportunity to view feeds. I don't think this is what the developer had in mind when designing the interface. The interface appeals to me--feeds would be a nice option. At first, I was unsure how to review conversations, but it was not a steep learning curve. The demos for some of the platforms I reviewed include support for promotional campaigns. This feature appears to missing from this product.,10,2,A positive impact is to have found a solution for managing a social media presence. This product was just recently chosen; thus, the ROI is TBD. A negative impact is the effect on the budget for my small business! I feel, however, I found good value with AgoraPulse.,Hootsuite Pro, Sprout Social and Buffer,Norada Solve360, FreshBooks, Kashoo,10,No,Price Product Usability,I enjoyed the demos of other products. I enjoyed trying different solutions. I think I chose the best route possible to find the product that suited my needs. In sum, I wouldn't change anything.,Setting up social profiles is a snap. Navigation in the interface is intuitive. The goal of the smart inbox is "zero inbox"--I really appreciate that.,At first, I was unsure of how to review messages. I'm looking forward to using the CRM module. To date, I have been locked out of that feature. Initially, the time to authorize the app to use my first social profile was somewhat slow.,Yes,10Finally... what I was waiting for in my business.I have an agency of marketing services and I take care of my clients' social media services such as Community Manager. I am a entrepreneur in technology. I found AgoraPulse and it helped my company reduce time and efforts to generate useful data and to manage multiple conversations with my customers' clients. I am solving a problem I had for many years with a software that has value for money. I can generate useful insights to create more complete content for my audiences. I like this software a lot!,Helps to reduce time when making reports. Identify influencers for social media accounts. Easy to use, friendly and it doesn't require my time explaining it to others. Affordable, has a good relation of value for money. Helps to have conversations at the same time with multiple customers.,When using a post in Facebook that is promoted, and some messages are connected it is hard to find the initial point of conversation. To have more social media accounts included, for example blogs analysis. In competition analysis can have better organic results.,9,2,Hootsuite Free,Hootsuite Free, Sprout Social, TweetDeck,10The greatest engine in driving my business in the social media race!AgoraPulse has introduced me to tools, social media metrics, and analyzing capabilities that I was unaware had existed. It's an absolute marketing essential and critical piece to building my business and brand, and an effective tool to calculate the impact of my company's social media reach. Managing all my sites on one platform saves me a lot of time and I love how I can build my brand continuously while I sleep. The interface is very easy to use with a nice graphic layout, and provides solid reporting material that can be used to provide to higher-ups or potential clients who are interested in partnering with your company or brand. I now have a good understanding of which marketing efforts are building my brand, and now that I discovered AgoraPulse, I feel that I am given an advantage in the social media race with my competitors. It's become something I use on a daily basis and I'm excited to explore every feature that it provides.,Social Media metrics and reporting Competitor Analysis Publishing,Nothing,10,1,Improved presentation for potential investors and/or clients. Increased time efficiency in analyzing all social media sites. Better understanding of social media growth.,Hootsuite,10AgoraPulse, the must-have for Community Managers !We use AgoraPulse as an advanced platform to manage our social network accounts, and our clients' accounts. We had been amazed by the easy-to-use system, the multiple options and functionalities, and we are truly enjoying our experience with them. We manage multiple accounts from several large companies in Senegal, so we will transfer the management of these accounts directly into their platform.,Easy-to-use platform. Extreme flexibility and multiple options of posting. Detailed stats & updated reports. Users/followers monitoring.,Facebook API issue: impossible to tag someone. Instagram API issue : impossible to post directly from the platform.,10,2,Faster and more flexible posting. Terrific possibility of scrolling through accounts. Their Calendar screenshots and Waiting List : a must have in your social network management business plan! Users and Followers monitoring : thank God they provide these features!,None,10Does What it Says it Will DoWe needed a solution to a problem - what's better than Hootsuite? What's simpler to use, quick to get going with and provides good reporting?AgoraPulse is primarily being used to enable a single view track of our Twitter and Facebook pages to enable a quick response where needed. The biggest thing it gives us though is easy to understand reporting, that's the biggest draw for us.,Reporting is AgoraPulse's best feature. Easy to understand and distribute. Quick setup and quick to understand. Simplicity is the key with AgoraPulse. Interactions with AgoraPulse staff are always fast and friendly.,I think AgoraPulse firstly needs to review its packages. The Micro package has no reporting facility and the Small package provides only a month's worth. Give the Micro package at least a month's reporting and the Small package either three months or full facility such as with Medium and Large packages. I would like to see the option to show more of a feed from Twitter and Facebook, or at least the ability to customise this.,8,,AgoraPulse has ensured that we have effective reporting, which was a goal we needed to achieve. It provides an overview of what is happening with a limited amount of attention, so the time overhead is limited. It has satisfied management that we will have control over what is occurring in our social media pages.,Hootsuite Pro,9AgoraPulse gets our social media pumping!AgoraPulse is used by our marketing team, including interns, to fully manage our social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It is used entirely by the marketing department and was selected primarily for its reporting features, its tag tracking, and its CRM capabilities. It was brought on to replace SproutSocial.,Reporting social media interactions CRM of conversations with customers Tracking of influencers in our Twitter scope Monitoring keywords on social media,Google Chrome extension would be nice Implementation of UTM tracking codes Compatibility with Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+,9,6,Lowered our spending budget as it was significantly cheaper than SproutSocial Increased employee efficiency Increased reporting efficiency,,Buzzsumo, Slack, Asana,8AgoraPulse has changed the way we communicate sociallyWe recently started using AgoraPulse as a way to better monitor our social media interactions. The platform has allowed us to keep track of interaction from users and fans of our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. When people take the time to reach out to us, we feel it is critical to recognize that and answer them. It was not always happening with other products that we tried. The stream of information is clearer now and we just don't miss comments, questions, or shares!,We have always struggled with sorting out what is happening in real time or where it is happening at. With AgoraPulse, this is simplified because everything is right in front of you. The platform alerts us to new interactions while we are away from the computer or office. This has stopped the long process of sorting back through social accounts to see what, if anything transpired during our off hours. The time savings with AgoraPulse became evident very quickly. We can take a few minutes in the morning to review the overnight interactions and check in through the day or as soon as we receive alerts from them. Social media is important but it can become a huge time investment and this product just helps us sort and respond quickly.,While AgoraPulse fulfills our needs, the platform is laid out a little funny and getting around it took some time to figure out. It makes sense after you understand where things are and why but it was a little confusing at first.,9,1,AgoraPulse has been an important tools in helping us connect with our social fans. In our business, this interaction is critical and we have seen steady improvement in that since implementing this platform into our process.,Hootsuite Pro,10AgoraPulse made our heart skip a beat (in a good way!)After scanning multiple platforms for managing our social media account, AgoraPulse stood out as one of our favorites! For a small organization with limited resources to dedicate to social media, AgoraPulse makes it so easy to publish content on an easy to view calendar and easily respond to comments from our followers. They also have one of the best reporting features that auto-generates into a PowerPoint. We absolutely love it!,Amazing reports with all of your metrics. Easily respond and interact with followers on your various profiles. The ability to monitor influential followers and brand promoters.,Not able to visually follow feeds. As with any social media platform, it can be pricey. Not able to publish to Instagram.,10,3,Increased employee efficiency. Ability to make smarter decisions thanks to social media reporting and metrics. Improved communication between departments when marketing programs.,,QuickBooks for Mac, Toggl, Slack,9Social Selling Made EasyAgoraPulse is used by the marketing department to meet social selling, scheduling and analytical needs for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We are planning to introduce the sales team to the platform to further our social selling strategy.,Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram analytics. The stats are presented beautifully. They are easy to understand by anyone and wonderfully show the value social has to a business. Their Facebook report is even available in stunning PowerPoint presentation! AgoraPulse also clocks the amount of time your users spend reviewing and answering questions on your social platforms. A great way to show the actual work that goes into managing a brand's online presence. Social Listening tools - definitely my favourite part of AgoraPulse. Their social listening over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is amazing. One can easily see which messages are new, review them and see a list of reviewed items. You can also like, comment and share mentions over all three platforms. Setting up searches is simple and hassle free and unlike Sprout Social has a box for you to tell it what not to include in search results. As a result, your time spent going through your social networks is minimal and you have more time for other tasks. Scheduling for Facebook and Twitter. Nice, simple scheduling tool. Looking forward to when they introduce Google +, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Social Selling - because of their great social listening tools, AgoraPulse makes it really easy for an organisation to implement social selling. A strategy that all organisations need to be looking at if they plan to stay relevant and ahead of their competitors. Customer Support - AgoraPulse has the best customer support I have ever come across. You really feel valued and not another customer churning their revenue machine.,I would love to see AgoraPulse add an App for scheduling/drafting social posts. A Google extension would also be amazing and would make scheduling easier. Adding more social networks such as LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest, Tumblr with analytics. Extending their social listening tool to include blogs, articles and other pages on the net. Integrating with WordPress to give users a one-stop shop for publishing and creating content.,10,Better customer service, customer interaction on social. Increased employee efficiency Better understanding about what people are saying about us on social media. Helped us with reviewing our social strategy for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and benchmarking our performance.,Hootsuite Pro,Sprout Social,,,Social media scheduling Social listening Social analytics,If they add WordPress and more social networks, we would like to use AgoraPulse as a one-stop show for all our content creation and publishing.,10,Publishing social media posts Reviewing brand mentions with their social inbox Pulling reports,Some aspects with publishing as it does not integrate with bitly. Therefore it doesn't pull the links title when you paste it, like HubSpot's publisher.,10Great tool, good pricing, so helpful for your business!When you are administrating a highly active community, collaboration in the admin team is key. And this tool makes it really easy to do that! Moreover it has a very easy to handle user interface and good, fair pricing. We have been testing a couple of systems and decided to go with AgoraPulse. We are really enjoying it - especially the chat support - that is really useful, when you are new to it. Plus, if you want to provide reports to your management, this tool comes handy too. Solid reporting material with a nice graphic format! Actually there is nothing I dislike with this tool. But I am looking forward to being able to add more channels to it, such as LinkedIn, blogs, and Pinterest maybe.We have definitely made a huge step by introducing this tool to our company software landscape. It makes our daily business easier and more reliable for our customers. We often had troubles, because notifications in Facebook itself don’t seem to be very reliable, if you have more than 1 admin on your page. We solved this issue with AgoraPulse and are really happy for it :) Absolutely worth the money!,Supporting in the collaboration process of social media content planning Reporting (out-of-the-box) Simple Facebook apps for more interaction,More social media channels (Pinterest, LinkedIn) Ads reporting 24 hr chat support,10,,More reliable notifications for customer support Increased client interaction Efficient approval processes,Hootsuite Pro,10Beautiful SimplicityAgoraPulse is being used by myself and soon to be clients I feel will benefit from using the software. AgoraPulse helps me to be productive and efficient with my workflow. The simple review feature ensures I never miss a message or mention on any of the profiles i manage. AgoraPulse also helps me to stay focused on engaging and posting content rather then consuming content. Other social media management tools can be overwhelming to my clients but I am confident the beauty and simplicity of AgoraPulse won't be too much to take in.,Simple to understand layout Clear visual one click export analytics straight into a presentation Review feature that makes sure you never miss a message or mention. The apps feature where you can run Facebook quiz, contest and personality test to increase engagement, add value and farm for data. The mobile app that you can manage your profile on is useful when you are out of the office. The ability to label follower or fans as ambassadors and/or influencers.,You can't use LinkedIn. You can't post direct to Instagram, although i do understand this is a fault on Instagram's side. A feature where you can put in a target audience demographic information and be given the top 5 used hashtags. The ability to see other content your audience are engaging with divided into written, visual and video content The ability to see what content you should curate for a certain audience.,10,1,Positive impact on my productivity and efficiency. The ability to run contests and stand out from the rest is a great feature. The simplicity of the one button export analytics which download as a presentation. I can then send to clients or take them through the results.,Hootsuite Pro and Sprout Social,9AgoraPulse rocks!We use AgoraPulse to manage the social presence of our clients and present to them our progress. AgoraPulse makes managing, replying and reporting an enjoyable process. We feel that we save time and resources by using it. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the platform.,Great management & monitoring tools. Easy to reply to users. Amazing reporting.,Lack of support of GooglePlus. Lack of support of LinkedIn.,9,3,Better customer service ROI Increased brand awareness,Sprout Social and Hootsuite Pro,10AgoraPulse has cut our Social media time down by over 80%I'm Liam, founder of an ecommerce company that specialises in selling unique and interesting products with a wow factor. We do the vast majority of our advertising on Facebook and can have up to 100 different adverts running at a time. We haven't yet used the CRM component for influencer outreach but are looking forward to getting started with this in the coming weeks.,AgoraPulse has simplified our business considerably and saved a massive amount of time by allowing us to have a single inbox of comments and messages across all these different posts to respond to. Previously we would spend hours trying to locate all the comments and reply to them and would miss many. This process now takes about 15-30 mins per day and we never miss a comment.,The only thing I have noticed so far that I would like to see improved is that you can't tag a person when you are commenting or responding from within AgoraPulse and you can't directly message the person who made the comment from the comment itself like you can in Facebook Business Manager.,10,,10Reasons Why You Should Purchase AgoraPulseAgoraPulse is being used to create statistics and evaluations for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for several companies we work for. The statistics generated allow us to send a complete and useful report to our clients. All of them have appreciated the reports sent to them and have praised how complete and functional these are to them as a company and to us as their social media managers.,Statistics. Clear and concise. Publishing. Allows us to publish Facebook and Twitter content. Reports are also available in other languages like Spanish.,Would love to be able to post on Instagram (although this is not up to AgoraPulse but up to Instagram).,10,,Better customer service. Instead of manually creating and generating these statistics, we can offer our clients a professional and thorough report. Efficiency. These professional and thorough reports help us to pay more attention to details and to improve the services we offer.,Hootsuite Free,10Get control over your social media and have a superb start generating revenuesOur marketing team using AgoraPulse as a tool for social media monitoring, analytics and to drive campaigns. It gives me a tool to track all user interactions I am getting through my social profiles in various platforms. It gives me a task calendar to organize my posts more easily. It gives me tools to engage with my fans and followers. After AgoraPulse I started generating revenues which is my ultimate target and it decreased our workloads very much. We now have more time to plan to dig deeper into social media to explore more ways to generate more revenue.,So easy to integrate, my social media data appears in a minute. Everything will be in one place to give you a total view. Making a decision will be so much easier, like it was never before. Their Facebook applications are like a killer platform to give you a rocket speed start for your business online. I appreciate their apps initiatives which would cost you hundreds of dollars on other platforms out there.,Ways to track competitors performance. Improve in analytics to populate more data in details on startup plans. More intense and interactive step by step guidelines on how to start a social media campaigns as a beginner.,10,,It is superb in generating new customers. It is very helpful for engaging with your prospects. It will give you ways to keep connected and generate return sales.,Compelte suite with exportable reportsWe use AgoraPulse to run our social media presence. It saves us a lot of time for having a suite [of software], and having all data in the same place.,Reports. Monitoring. Network Management.,Networks. More would be welcome. More analytics. An iPad app.,7,,Main ROI is time saving. Customer service improved. More visibility of our business in the social media sphere.,,Hootsuite Pro,8AgoraPulse - The Best of Social MonitoringAgoraPulse is immediate! It is easy to use and has the best user-friendly interface. For monitoring conversations and I think there is better! [It can still be ] improved as regards to the publishing section. Go for a share of RSS and the ability to re-share old posts. The rest is just what I wanted, especially the reports section - it's really the best!,Monitoring Social Conversation Report,Publishing,10,1,Monitoring Brand Awareness Monitoring Engagement Social Conversation,Fanpage Karma, Sprout Social, Buffer and CoSchedule,9I love AgoraPulseFirst of all, the platform is rock solid and provides a wide variety of promotional tools as well as top notch reporting tools. Take an amazing platform and add the BEST customer service I have EVER had with any vendor. They have made themselves available in a way that is very sincere as well as speed of light responses to questions about the application. They are so genuine in their efforts---great people to be in partnership with. In the first year with AgoraPulse, we doubled our Facebook likes by using their many applications for contests. The viral reach their apps provide is a hot selling point for us. I can't say enough great things about AgoraPulse. What I will say is that I have a solid platform that I trust and know will do the job. With as many things as I juggle at my job, there's a lot of comfort in knowing AgoraPulse will perform---do all the work for me and makes me look good!,One thing I'd like to change is removing the AgoraPulse label from shared posts and replace it with our company name. Another thing I'd like to change is the quick timing opur when the app is open. It's frustrating because in Chrome, when the app times out, I have to completely close it down and restart. If I don't do this, it just spins.,10,They've doubled our Facebook likes within a year. We're not sure how to monetize that, but with the reach we're getting, we are certain that our AgoraPulse efforts coupled with all our social media properties is a huge asset in growing our brand. We have a very difficult brand to make sexy or appealing, as we are a B2B wholesaler---nothing sexy about that! On Facebook, through AgoraPulse, we have chosen to build trust with our audience, and not concerned about turning all of our efforts into leads. Non-profits are a huge part of our business and we reach out to them with our monthly contests.,10,10Should be Agora PLUS!Everything from customer service management, reporting and application creation. Most applications specialize in one or two of these, but rarely do you see a full service Facebook solution.,Reporting Management Facebook Applications User Management,More flexibility in apps Adding other social media platforms,10,Effeciency Management use Better customer service save added costs on applications. Provide detailed reporting to clients,,2,9,10Agorapulse is simply ‘The best’ …Agorapulse is simply ‘The best’ …Agorapulse made my life simple with its rich features for social media applications like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I use it mainly on my Facebook page to engage fans by means of contests and quizzes. I found it to be one of the best plugins for the creating and managing contests. Agorapulse is the only plugin known to me which can handle the job it is supposed to with such an easy, simple and straightforward approach. The story does not end here: it gives you in-depth statistics about your account’s key metrics i.e. audience, engagement, brand awareness, etc., and you can export it all to PowerPoint for your further analysis and reporting.,Schedule and publish to Facebook and Twitter via an efficient calendar Monitor important keyword and shared contents Identify your top fans,Pricing plans,10,,I am able to provide better engagement level to my page fans, which helped me retain them and grow my Facebook page quickly.,,10Best CRM for FacebookIf you are looking for the best CRM for your social media page, Agorapulse is for you. Not only you can plan your posts, review your competition, create applications that will increase your fan base, but will also keep track of your best posts, your top contributors and help your team to keep track of responses and response rates. It's an essential tool for any brands that decide to focus on their social media page and increase their fan bases. Since using this fantastic tool I was able to understand my community, make sure every posts was answer and increase my fan base. One of my post this week received 32.000.000 views! THANKS AGORAPULSE,Facebook CRM Applications Competitors Fan base development Customer service,New Apps,10,Increase fan base Sales conversation Customer relationship,10,10
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Score 8.5 out of 101
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342 Ratings
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Score 8.5 out of 101

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Richard Burgner profile photo
February 11, 2016

No Static At All

Score 10 out of 10
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The decision has been made. It's time to get to work--no steps back. I feel confident this product is well suited to help me make progress. I want to get down business and utilize the functionality of this product to meet my marketing goals. I feel very comfortable with the choice I have made.
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Pili Mejia profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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Likelihood to Renew

The software has what I was waiting for, I learn to use it fast, is very intuitive, time solving, value for money relation and I liked that is easy to collaborate with my people thru the software. I find it very useful. People in customer care speaks my language, I can have support in spanish and is very useful for me, I feel great. They are entrepeneurs like me. I feel connected with the way they do business.
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Mike Gillan profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source

Likelihood to Renew

AgoraPulse does what it's needed to do, is cheaper than the competition, is easier to use and manage, has better reporting and has a roadmap of improvements which will add to its value.
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Chuck Ellis profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source

Likelihood to Renew

We love their month-to-month pricing. We also love how competitive the market is for this type of service. We're hoping for a long relationship with AgoraPulse, but we will be continually monitoring other services for improvements. We like SproutSocial a lot. They could choose to offer more at a lower price as well and we could switch back, for example.
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Christopher Kimball profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source

Likelihood to Renew

We really love the way this platform works and the way it has helped us organize and streamline our day! The time saved is a key factor in why we will continue to use this software and might only consider something else if it were to cover more networks or to improve on the combining of information streams.
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Pia Römer profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source

Likelihood to Renew

I would really like to share my experiences with readers. Especially for small companies it is crucial to read reviews and make a decision on buying by all possible factors. I enjoy using AgoraPulse, so it is my pleasure to write this.
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Theo Thompson profile photo
November 16, 2015

Beautiful Simplicity

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Likelihood to Renew

Simply because it is the most efficient and easy to use on the market. Also as it is a new platform they can only add better features. The ability for new users to pick up and run with this software is rewarding for me to recommend to clients without hand holding. The pricing is also the most affordable for the features they currently have for offer.
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Jackie Eldridge profile photo
March 18, 2015

I love AgoraPulse

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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Likelihood to Renew

The price is right, the platform is a performer and the staff at AgoraPulse is unparalleled.

They also have a great blog that is highly topical---keeps me on top of social media. It's the best social media blog I have found---and I read a lot of blogs!
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Ahmed Dawood profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Likelihood to Renew

Agorapulse is constantly working and improving its software. The management team is also very helpful and easy to get in touch with to give insights and ideas.
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Alex Petrilli profile photo
September 30, 2015

Best CRM for Facebook

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Likelihood to Renew

There is no other tool the provides the same level of detail on the current fan base, and lets you understand what you are doing well and what needs to be improved.
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Workflow management (128)
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Customer interaction histories (137)
Bulk actions (123)
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Content marketing (1)
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Twitter (136)
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About Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a social media management tool that aims to help mid-sized businesses and agencies better manage their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube activity.

It allows users to post content, engage with their community, and download reports from a single dashboard that is designed to be intuitive.

Agorapulse Features

Listening/monitoring Features
Has featureBoolean keyword searches
Has featureFiltering out noise/spam
Does not have featureSentiment analysis
Does not have featureBroad channel coverage
Publishing Features
Has featureContent planning and scheduling
Has featureAudience targeting
Does not have featureContent optimization
Has featureWorkflow management
Engagement Features
Does not have featureAutomated routing and prioritization
Has featureCustomer interaction histories
Has featureBulk actions
Marketing Features
Has featureLead generation
Does not have featureContent marketing
Does not have featurePaid media management
Has featureCampaigns and promotions
Channel coverage/integration Features
Has featureTwitter
Has featureFacebook
Has featureLinkedIn
Does not have featureGoogle+
Has featureInstagram
Does not have featurePinterest
Does not have featureYouTube
Reporting/analytics Features
Has featureCampaign success analytics
Has featureReal-time tracking
Has featureCompetitor analysis
Account management Features
Has featureRole-based user permissions & privileges
Has featureMobile access
Additional Features
Has featureSocial Media Inbox for each account with real time tracking of incoming messages and ad comments
Has featureAutomatic moderation, real time email notification, post scheduling
Has featureCompare your page with Competitors and measure your posts’ performance
Has featureInbox assistant to help you moderate incoming content. Available on all plans.
Has featureContent queues to store queued or requeued content according to content type or theme.

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Has featureFree Trial Available?Yes
Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
Does not have featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?No
Entry-level set up fee?No
EditionPricing DetailsTerms
Medium$99per installation
Large$199per installation
Enterprise$499per installation
X-Large$299per installation

**Medium plan: 10 social profiles, 2 users **Large plan: 25 social profiles, 4 users **X-Large plan: 40 social profiles, 8 users **Enterprise plan: 60 profiles, 20 users

Agorapulse Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)
Enterprises (> 500 employees)

Agorapulse Support Options

 Free VersionPaid Version
Live Chat
Social Media
Video Tutorials / Webinar

Agorapulse Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Android
Supported Languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese