Try another product, and you'll end up back with digitalPersona's products!
Updated April 12, 2019

Try another product, and you'll end up back with digitalPersona's products!

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Overall Satisfaction with HID DigitalPersona (formerly Crossmatch)

We use it as a single authentication software across the entire organization.
  • DigitalPersona provides fast and accurate support. When looking for a solution to a problem, their support team knows exactly who to engage with in order to give us our fastest results.
  • Because the software is encrypted in our Active Directory, changing out a user to a new workstation is simple. We just install the software, and then re-add the users finger prints. All of their passwords are safely and securely stored and come right back once the user is identified.
  • I tested the Altus product on the new Microsoft Surface keyboard with a finger print reader, and it does work.
  • DigitalPersona Altus can make their renewal process better. Last time we had to renew, we did not get a notification to renew, and actually had to reach out to Crossmatch after we tried to get support and found out we were out of warranty. We would have easily paid our renewal, if we knew that the expiration was coming.
We mainly use this to log into our computers and websites.
We can change computers and because of the Active Directory integration we don't have to worry about losing our bio-metric history. It's all stored in AD securely.
We use DigitalPersona Altus to get into our main website, log into our timeclock website, access the myriad of other websites our staff needs to get into, etc.
  • Our users needed a product just like DigitalPersona Altus, but all the other products we looked at saved all of the data to the local computer. Having a central storage location that is not saved on the local computer allows for simpler migration and that saves IT staff time.
We used to use the finger print readers that came on the Dell computers, but the Digital Persona finger print reader works much more accurately. I will say, it has a problem in direct sunlight, but other than that, it really works well.
In a Microsoft Windows Active Directory network that has users who log into various websites with ever changing passwords, DigitalPersona Altus makes it simple for the user to manage getting access with just a finger print.

Using HID DigitalPersona (formerly Crossmatch)

35 - It's really a crossfunctional group of people ranging from member facing to IT and Administrative support.
3 - Knowing how to support the Microsoft Server environment and group policy is really the main technical part of the program you'll need to know to use it.
  • Staff do not have to remember all of their passwords.
  • When we reimage computers the passwords are remembered.
  • Administrator accounts can be quickly and easily assigned to a different finger so when you are supporting a user you can just quickly sign in with that account and not have to type a password in front of them.
  • We hope to be able to use the facial recognition availability in the Microsoft Surfaces at some point.

Using HID DigitalPersona (formerly Crossmatch)

I rarely get support tickets related to Alrus
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
Requires technical support
Lots to learn
  • Passwords
  • Web add on for Chrome
  • Loging into Windows
  • Cannot get facial recognition working