The best agile planning and management tool for software development and creative teams
June 16, 2021

The best agile planning and management tool for software development and creative teams

Dustin Ghia | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Jira Software

I have used Jira Software for at least 8 years in my consulting company and in all projects developed for my clients. I have also implemented Jira Software in large government organizations (500+ users).

Jira Software (formerly called Jira Agile) is the best agile tool for planning, managing and tracking software projects and all kinds of projects.

Jira Software's basic setup is very useful because it comes with some powerful out-of-the-box workfow templates (Scrum, Kanban, Classic), and it integrates with other powerful agile and collaborative tools from Atlassian, such as Confluence.

However, Jira Software can be integrated with many more advanced tools, such as Bitbucket, Jenkins, Git, GitLab, etc.
  • Agile software development management and micromanagement with Scrum and Kanban.
  • Agile planning and agile management with Kanban boards and custom boards, for projects and daily work.
  • Agile and old-school bug tracking.
  • Helpful reports on work done, workload, time tracking, Scrum sprints, planned vs. executed, etc.
  • Super friendly setup on the cloud, with just one Gmail account (less than 2 minutes).
  • Powerful on-premise alternative for large companies.
  • You can mergen boards from different workflows!
  • Really free full edition for 10 users.
  • The main issue: on-premise edition for small companies. Currently you can just buy Jira on the cloud for Small companies.
  • A little tricky administration, you have to browse a lot of options to find something.
  • Next-gen workflows are not useful enough for most projects, it's best to use "the software approach" and disable the options you don't need on the screens.
  • It's free for small teams (up to 10 users). Every time I do a project for a client, and if possible, I use Jira Software (with Confluence) for my team and the counterpart, and I don't have to spend money on this powerful tools.
  • Custom boards are really useful, you can customize a Kanban board to fit the process and it only takes 5 minutes to do it.
  • Jira Software integrates with Confluence and the best way to use Jira is with Confluence.
  • I love time tracking reports, because with this information I can show my clients how much work has been done (and with this information I can charge for the work).
  • Great in software and creative projects! Having the best agile planning and management tool in the market for free is really good for your budget.
  • At scale, Jira = productivity, it does not matter if you have teams working from different locations on many projects, with Jira Software you can always apply discipline and an agile approach, with which you always know what is produced and its cost.
  • There is no mid-size self-server Jira Software, preventing companies that are neither small nor large from purchasing Jira Software for their data centers.
Jira Software works for many development environments, has custom workflows, is friendly, stable, robust, and can be integrated with the most recognized DevOps tools on the market.

Jira Cloud Software is very well priced and the free edition fits most projects with small teams.

Jira is always improving without regression, and you can always move (migrate) old tasks, stories, and issues to a new project.

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Jira [Software] is the best choice for software development projects and any type of creative project with people working on site or from remote locations. Jira is ideal for agile processes.

Obviously, you can plan and manage a software development project using a Jira Software Kanban board or you can use Scrum workflow if projects are complex, but you can also manage your CRM process with Jira Software using a Kanban board. In other words, Jira Software is ideal for software companies, creative companies and of course for organizations with a Software Department.

However, Jira is not an automation tool, you can manage projects and daily work with Jira Software, but you should not try to automate processes with Jira boards, for that type of requirement there are other technologies.

Using Jira Software

5 - 
Software development: All of our software development and maintenance projects are managed with Jira Software.
Consulting: IT consulting, software consulting, digital transformation, etc., all this work is managed with Jira Software using an innovative "software approach".
We also use Jira to run all the courses and trainings we provide to partners and customers on agile methods and product development.
1 - 
  • Basic IT knowledge, for example differentiating role permissions and security schemes.
  • It requires a minimum understanding of SQL, as the Jira Search Language (JQL) is based on SQL.
  • A fundamental knowledge about Kanban and Scrum, because the boards can be used if you understand how these frameworks work.
  • A minimum experience in management, because criteria are needed to organize projects and tasks using the conventions of each company.
  • Software Development
  • Product vision and creation
  • Daily work management
  • Software maintenance
  • Workflow customization to configure dashboards for activities parallel to software projects such as QA and QC.
  • Apply the divide and rule principle, that is, using more than one free Jira Software account for the same project when dividing it into sub-projects.
  • Adopting DevOps with Jira + Confluence + OpenShift
  • Integrating the UX process with software development process
This is because Jira Software generates a huge profit for an affordable price. Having a tool that makes team management transparent and effective is very valuable.

In addition, the renewal of Jira Software and all Atlassian tools is predictable and clear, as the prices are published on the Atlassian website and there is no pyramid of intermediaries.