Knowbe4 is more than just for the Phishes.
Updated October 02, 2023

Knowbe4 is more than just for the Phishes.

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Software Version

Training Access Level II (Silver & Gold)

Modules Used

  • Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training
  • KnowBe4 Cybersecurity Awareness Posters
  • KnowBe4 Training Modules (e.g. Common Threats, Creating Strong Passwords, GDPR, etc.)
  • KnowBe4 Training Micro-modules (e.g. Captain Awareness, Credit Card Security, etc.)

Overall Satisfaction with KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training

Anyone who starts working for our business must take, and pass, the KnowBe4 Texas Association of Counties Cybersecurity training course as part of their orientation. This is an invaluable way to track our employee's progress and verify if they are allowed to be on our network. What makes things even easier is that once they pass the test, KnowBe4 immediately removes them from the Orientation group. This is the group we add all new employees to that automatically assigns them the test. Without this module, tracking and verifying new employees would be an arduous task.
  • Track Employee's Training Progress.
  • Automation of Tasks.
  • See who is and isn't a liability.
  • Creating Monthly Phishing Campaigns to automatically run.
  • Automatically assigning training for those to fail the monthly Phishing Campaigns.
  • Sending out information to employees to better arm them to spot Phishing emails.
  • Unlocking user accounts.
  • Assigning specific users to training rather than groups.
  • Ability to split up and modify the monthly phishing results.
  • Employees click on Phishing emails less.
  • Employees notify us on possible phishing emails more.
  • We have full support from the top down on Cybersecurity training and it is in mind more whenever to implement anything.
  • When you keep Cybersecurity information a constant factor, employees remember what they have read and heard.
  • Capsule8 and now part of Sophos
We have used the Texas Association of Counties Cybersecurity Training and while it gets the job done, it pales in comparison to what KnowBe4 has to offer.

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It is always good to have diversity when it comes to using the software as some have stronger points over others. In our case, we are required to use the TAC Litmos site for yearly Cybersecurity Training, but Knowbe4 allows us to better educate our employees and continue the education throughout the year. At this point, we do not see a reason to use anything else apart from KnowBe4 and TAC Litmos.
With KnowBe4, we synchronize its Active Directory in order to import new employees into the dashboard, then assign them a group based on where they are assigned in AD. Once this is done, their department falls into a schedule to get at least two Phishing Campaigns a year. This allows us to make sure they are following Cybersecurity guidelines as can track the employees who might need a little more training. The best part is that when someone fails a campaign, we can automatically assign them to a training group for additional education. Then, they will be automatically removed from the training group upon successful completion of the course.
Being able to continuously educate our employees and track where our problem employees or departments might be. Keeping the network as secure as possible is our number one goal and it starts with having better-educated employees. If they can spot a Phishy email, then we have built the walls of our company stronger and as a whole has become more resilient.
Knowbe4 is a wonderful tool to educate our employees with the ability to spot Phishing emails, avoid them, and notify the IT Department in the event they receive one. Not only can we send out educational material for those who have failed out simulated Phishing Campaigns, but we can also send out educational information to refresh the employees on a regular basis to keep them on alert. The employees are the first line of defense when it comes to stopping Malware from infecting the network, so there isn't really a scenario where Security Awareness Training isn't well suited.

KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training Feature Ratings

Training Content Library
Multilingual Training Content
Training Gamification
Industry-Specific Security Training
Individualized Security Training Plans
Phishing Simulations
Security Reporting
Integration with Security Tech Stack
Role-based user permissions
Single sign-on capability

KnowBe4 Compliance Plus

The content Knowbe4 offers allows us to create a number of Phishing simulations as well as follow-up training for our employees to strengthen their knowledge and be the front line we need them to be. The training has been immeasurable for our county as we are able to show the employees top-tier examples of Phishing Campaigns done by professional "bad actors" and what they should always look for.
Being able to use one platform to deliver Security and Compliance training not only cuts down on the time spent getting these types of things together and deployed, but it also allows us to have a centralized place for reporting when asked for statistics. As someone who has had to juggle multiple programs in the past, KnowBe4 allows me to supply superior data at half the time.
KnowBe4 Compliance Plus gives you all the tools you need without breaking the bank.
Most other training content promises the features that KnowBe4 has, but does not pay off. Additionally they cost far more than KB4 without the added features.

KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training New Features

Having the provisioning automated makes for onboarding and offboarding of employees seamless. We have high turnover of employees for some of our departments and with KnowBe4 synced with our AD it is amazing to be able to ignore adding and removing employees from the console. If they are disabled in AD, they're archived in KnowBe4. The same with additions. They're automatically added to the console. We've even had a few employees return and it added them back.
Being able to automatically have employees who fail a Phishing Campaign added to follow-up training or new employees added to Orientation training frees up a considerable amount of time. Not to forget you can have them automatically removed from said groups when they complete the course. The time freed up from the AI process and the data provided within seconds makes the software worth it.
I can create a campaign, a follow-up training module, and create a group for the employees who have completed the course to be moved into within minutes. This allows for quick data, and being able to use the provided templates from KnowBe4 means I don't have to relearn HTML to make customized templates unless I want to.