MindTouch works the place!
Updated October 31, 2016

MindTouch works the place!

Bill McClain | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with MindTouch

We are using MindTouch to create a knowledgebase for customers of the Cisco Infinite Video line of products. Currently, we have 2 technical writers and one SME adding content. As content becomes available (the product is in its infancy), more writers and SMEs will begin to use MindTouch. Distribution will be through our website administered by MindTouch. Our users are cable operators in several different countries. MindTouch allows us to create and update our documentation on the fly, giving our customers access to the latest documentation via the web.
  • MindTouch allows people with multiple levels of expertise to contribute to the product documentation.
  • MindTouch allows us to present the user with the most up-to-date documentation possible.
  • MindTouch makes content creation fairly easy, with templates and use guidelines.
  • We struggle with customizing our site, because so much of MindTouch is 'behind the scenes' and difficult to discern. We can't see how they are using certain things (for example, one variable that we used as a glossary popup was 'JSON' - we had to change it because it blew our site up).
  • MindTouch does not allow two people to edit a page simultaneously. It does, however, warn you that someone else is editing the page.
  • The location of content in MindTouch is not always apparent. We struggle sometimes finding the pages that we've created. A more streamlined approach (like a file system) to content management would be nice.
  • At this point, we haven't seen much of a return on MindTouch (we've only been using the product for a few months). I expect to see many users and contributors in the system, but for now, the volume just isn't there.
  • I think MindTouch will contribute to a faster software update cycle (we are an Agile shop).
  • MadCap Flare and AuthorIt
Both Flare and AuthorIT are different products - think more standard online help and documentation (PDF or printed) output. MindTouch is a different beast - I think it's strength is in its ability to create and publish (to the web) documentation that is quickly available to the user. All three products support some type of content reuse (Flare and AuthorIT seem to be a bit more robust in this department). MindTouch seems to have some issues with reuse (though, again, we are new to the game).
MindTouch is well suited for groups that are geographically dispersed, when writers and SMEs are using the system at different times. We have issues, at times, in our local group because we need to change things when someone else is editing a topic.

MindTouch is great for groups that produce product documentation and need to iteratively update that documentation (for example, in an Agile environment).

Using MindTouch

10 - At this point, we have Technical Writers as content creators, editors, and publishers. We have product owners, product project managers, and engineers as SMEs creating and updating content. We also expect to have support engineers as SMEs to create and edit content. Currently, the product we support is not released, and is in development, so we expect the impact of MindTouch on all areas to be much bigger in the near future.
2 - Currently, one full-time and one part-time persons support MindTouch. We are technical writers, and have leaned on the MindTouch support team to help us navigate the waters of this software. We have had a few issues, as I've described, but overall, it's been a valuable and interesting experience. I recommend giving MindTouch a try if you're going to publish a knowledgebase for your users.
  • Supporting a new product.
  • Allowing SMEs (amongst several groups, e.g., Support and Engineering) to create and edit content. (Only technical writers can publish content to our site at this point.)
  • Creating content that is the most up-to-date for our customers.
  • We are new to the MindTouch experience, so we have had little time to experiment with the product. We are concentrating on gathering material to add to the product at this point.
  • Track user feedback on our documentation so we can give them the best experience possible.

Configuring MindTouch