Quick and Easy Applications to Fit Specific Needs
November 01, 2016

Quick and Easy Applications to Fit Specific Needs

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Overall Satisfaction with QuickBase

QuickBase is used within our practice separate from the rest of the company. In our instance it's used by about 30 people.
We use QuickBase for:
  • Service and Change Request Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Asset Booking
  • Evidence Tracking and Process Workflow
  • Graphical Reporting
  • Dashboards.
We rely on QuickBase as an integral part of our daily operations.
  • We have converted from a previous system to QuickBase for our Request and Change Management systems (ticketing). I feel QuickBase is particularly well suited for this type of application.
  • The forms are easy to set up and organize. The notifications are fairly straight forward and also allow for HTML code in order to create completely customized and branded email notifications. We consider this an absolute must for any emails that may be sent to clients. It also helps to add impact to notifications where needed.
  • Having come from a SharePoint background and being used to building workflows in Visual Studio or SharePoint Designer, I do find the workflows (form rules) to be a bit limited, but I do feel they should be adequate for most simple processes.
  • However, if you are comfortable writing some simple code, you can incorporate formula fields, table relationships and lookup fields which will allow you to pretty well overcome any serious limitations.
  • I would like it if there were options for "advanced" features in the form rules in order to add "Otherwise" statements or "If" and "Then" statements in order to make more concise workflow parameters.
  • It would also be nice if we were able to add our own CSS reference files for the pages.
  • Forms do tend to come across as very dry and unappealing. It would be nice to have more freedom to configure the form layouts as well as adjusting fonts, highlighting and background shading for sections etc.
We have been successful in creating and deploying custom applications using QuickBase and the user adoption has been very seamless. Whenever we have instances where an old process or application is no longer fitting the needs of the practice, we now look to QuickBase first to determine if the business need can be solved by creating a new application in QuickBase before considering higher priced and more proprietary applications.
QuickBase does not require highly technical resources to get up and running with new business applications as some of the other larger and more sophisticated business systems. If you value the ability to create applications quickly without the need for specialized resources then QuickBase is likely to fit the bill. When reviewing some of the current systems we were using we found that we were utilizing only a small portion of the applications while still paying for the entire application. QuickBase allowed us to create our own custom application to replace the portion of other applications that we were actually using.
QuickBase applications are simple to create and get started using without the need for highly specialized personnel. You may find that you'll need some help if you decide to incorporate intricate form rules and workflows. We have been able to create and start using new applications within only a day or two depending on the complexity and number of tables and relationships between tables etc.
  • Building and deploying business applications faster
  • Improving our ability to drive insights from our data
  • Building and deploying an application (or multiple applications) that meets our exact needs
We find it very useful to be able to update and "tweak" the applications we've built in QuickBase. In particular, such things as adding additional criteria to drop-down lists etc., can be done on the fly and updated in a matter of seconds. Simple adjustments to form layouts can also be completed in a matter of minutes.
QuickBase is very well suited for simple applications such as ticketing systems. New applications are easy to create and get started with. You may find QuickBase to be a bit limited if you require more intricate workflows and form rules.