SalesLoft Product Review
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August 12, 2019

SalesLoft Product Review

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Overall Satisfaction with SalesLoft

Salesloft is a great tool and its main use case for our organization at Hootsuite is to be able to efficiently allow our sales team to reach out and connect with all the leads coming through our marketing team. We have a lot of leads that come through whether they are webinars leads or contact us leads and being able to efficiently get out multiple emails at once or make d40 dials in 15 minutes allows me to keep my pipeline fully loaded.
  • It allows you to send out many emails at once.
  • It allows you to easily listen back to your calls to help you improve.
  • It allows you to manage all your leads from Salesforce very efficiently.
  • Not being able to automatically send out emails.
  • Not being able to see easy-time data on your monthly performance.
  • Not being able to have the ability to send different emails to different prospects in the same cadences (personalizing more).
  • Its has had a positive impact on my overall business as it has allowed me to reach out to all my leads effectively.
  • It has had a positive impact on keeping my pipeline healthy.
  • It has had a positive impact on allowing me to close deals as I can listen back to all my calls for information on the company.
SalesLofts Meeting Intelligence is great because it allows you to track how your sales performance is doing across each stage of the sales process. It can give you great tips on how to improve on each stage so you can take this on your next call with all new potential prospects.
I haven't dealt with Customer Support personally but from what my manager has said is that they have been great. They always make sure our team's overall performance is monitored in terms of dials and emails and if there have been any issues they are very responsive to fix the problem.
The integration is great because of it integrated with other apps like Gmail calendar, Gmail, Salesforce and more. It allows you to easily pull in leads from Salesforce into Salesloft and whens ending off emails, it allows you to track all your opens when it gets sent out through Gmail.
It stacks up very well against its competition but from my use of it, I haven't seen any other solutions that can do what it does with all its integrations and how easy it is to use and set up.
I personally use Salesloft for efficiently reaching out to all my leads without having to personalize each email one by one. I also use it to listen back to all my calls to see where I can improve and what information I missed on discovery calls. It's great for allowing you to book a meeting straight from your email as they have access to your Gmail calendar.