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Updated November 25, 2019

The best in the business

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Overall Satisfaction with Sauce Labs

We currently utilize Sauce Labs as our third-party provider for cross-browser testing. There are a lot of devices and mobiles out there. Even though we can manage to purchase a variety of devices in our lab, we sometimes run into issues when we are not actually having an un-common device/phone to test. That's how Sauce Labs comes into the picture. With a lot of real vs virtual devices, Sauce Labs helps a lot with debugging and testing across multiple devices, which reduces the cost of purchasing new real devices.
  • Real vs Virtual Devices
  • Tunneled connection for firewalled website
  • Well-documented wiki
  • Always keep up with new technologies
  • The ability to share the account with other colleagues without sharing the actual password
  • Should populate the most frequently used devices to the top instead of a static dropdown list
  • Improve quality by increasing browser/OS/device coverage
By using Sauce Labs, we are confident that whenever a new device comes to market, we can test it out first before the customer. Even for some out-of-date devices or browsers, Sauce Labs can help as well. With that being said, using Sauce Labs can help improve quality by increasing browser/OS/device coverage.
This is not a problem with Sauce Labs. Sauce Labs provides SauceConnect, which opens up a tunnel between a machine inside the network and the actual Sauce Labs website. With this method, we can easily run our tests before the firewall on Saucelabs, both manually and automatedly. Sauce Labs also provides a well-documented wiki for this setup.
Whenever a new device comes out to the market, Saucelabs makes sure they have it integrated to their list of real or virtual devices. We can easily choose from the list of real or virtual devices that can meet our expectation. Not only that, the virtual devices look really real and have all the required functionalities that we need.
With Sauce Labs, we can run multiple tests at the same time. With that being said, we can integrate Sauce Labs to our current CI CD process and we can run multiple jobs on our Jenkins server without any problem. That helps ensure all the built are being run as soon as the codes are pushed to the repository.
This is the best of what Sauce Labs has offered. With this Sauce Connect, users can easily open up a tunnel between a host machine and Sauce Labs. Some of the staging or testing website environments are sitting behind a corporate firewall, and sauce Connect helps ensure we can run the test on Sauce Labs without any problem.
Pricing is one of our most concern. Since Cross Browser Testing has increased their price, we were looking for another alternative. We are really happy with Sauce Labs right now. The price is very reasonable and the coverage is always at most. Not to mention that their customer service is always fast and responsive.
Sauce Labs can be utilized by any department and it's very easy to use, either automated or in manual testing. If you are planning to increase the coverage of responsive design, Sauce Labs provides you a list of many actual devices to test from. For automation, the setup is very seamless and you don't need to have a good experience with Sauce Labs to do so.

Evaluating Sauce Labs and Competitors

Yes -, because of the cost effectiveness
  • Vendor Reputation
we are not running a lot of tests every day, but once in a while. That's why paying for a whole lot of concurrent users is not necessary. Because of that, we go with Saucelabs because it's cheaper than its competitors.

Another reason why we chose Saucelabs is because of its reputation. It's being discussed during our meetings inside and outside the company
First, we still need to go with the price and cost-effectiveness. It's one of the most important factors that we consider when choosing a vendor. Another reason is the reputation and how big is the community. With saucelabs, there is a dedicated forum just for users/customers to ask and get help.

Using Sauce Labs

5 - Quality Assurance
2 - We do have 2 software engineers in test who manage saucelab in our organization. We have the skill of java, maven, cross-browser testing, andother automated processes.
  • Cross browser testing
  • Multiple Devices testing
  • Real Device testing
  • On-demand testing
  • connect through their sauceconnect tunnel to our staging environment
  • allow more and more testing on different devices to be run simultaneously
  • run test for multiple products that we have
Saucelabs is the best out there. They beat their competitors because of its price, customer support and an amazing forum where you can ask and get answered really quick. They never stop expanding. Whenever we have a new update for any browser, devices etc. they make sure it will be in their devices and browsers farm so users can use immediately.