Best Platform for Personal Organization & Basic Business Project Management
September 20, 2019

Best Platform for Personal Organization & Basic Business Project Management

Amber Callan | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Todoist

Todoist is what I use to manage my daily tasks in my professional and personal life. While my organization uses a more advanced project management software (Teamwork Projects) to manage the big picture tasks and workflows of our office, I find Todoist's simplicity to be key in managing small tasks that pop up through emails or small internal tasks that we don't necessarily want to build out a big project for.
  • Simplicity & Ease of Use - Todoist is very user-friendly and simple to understand. They make it easy to add tasks with dates, comments, priorities, and attachments while organizing your projects. It's similar to creating a checklist!
  • Apps - I have Todoist on my phone, my MacBook and my iPad and they all sync seamlessly. I personally haven't run into any bugs using these apps for three years now and they're always pushing updates through. When I'm at a conference with my iPad, I can still see all of my tasks and when I'm on the go with my phone, I can see all my tasks too. I'm not tied to my work desktop!
  • Price - For $3 a month for personal use and $5 a month per user for business use, Todoist's pricing is very reasonable. They also offer a free version which is very nice as well! So if you're looking for a project management software with no frills at a low cost, Todoist could be your savior!
  • Task Dependencies - Particularly for business projects, I'd love if we could make one team member's task dependent on another's where we could say "do this task 3 days after another one is complete"
  • No Two Factor Authentication - For me personally, I like to keep all my passwords secure and backed up by two-factor authentication. Just wish this was something Todoist offered!
  • Adding Start Date & End Date - Sometimes I set an end date farther in the future, but I'm not alerted that I need to be working on it before then to achieve that due date. If I look at the "Next 7 Days" section, I can see upcoming tasks, but ideally, I'd love to be able to set a start date and an end date so it could appear in today's tasks without needing to be completed today.
  • Positive - When small tasks come up via email (like to update a sentence on a client website or to create a new Facebook ad with a new image), it doesn't make sense for me to create an entirely new project or to slip one of these small tasks into an unrelated client project. Todoist's email integration makes it easy for me to create a task and remember what I need to get done. This helps our clients get a quick turnaround on little asks, keeping them happy and increasing our retention.
  • Positive - Todoist helps me keep my productivity at an all-time high. While Teamwork Projects gives me the official due dates of big milestones in our projects, Todoist helps me keep track of the small things easily. Since it is so simple, I don't need to fill out a bunch of information to save a task, I just type in "change client email tomorrow" and boom! A task is created!
  • Positive - From a personal side, Todoist helps me stay focused on work when I'm at work. When I know what I have to accomplish in my personal life for the day, it makes it easier to wake up, determine what I'm going to do in the morning and what I'm going to do in the evening. Then I don't worry about my personal projects during the day and I don't forget tasks to run my household. I'm not calling places at work to make appointments or getting distracted because I forgot to do something important that needs to get done today. I know everything is noted and marked by day, so I can only check out my work projects when I'm at work!
In terms of Project Management, our organization has also utilized Basecamp and Teamwork Projects. Like I've mentioned earlier in this review, we currently use Teamwork Projects to manage most of our projects. I personally use Todoist to manage small tasks professionally that don't fit nicely into a project.

Teamwork & Basecamp are more sophisticated which is a blessing and a curse. You're able to do so much more with each platform but it also requires more set-up to add a random task or project because you need to fill in all the appropriate details to keep your organization clean. Todoist is simple and much easier to quickly add a random task to your Inbox or general "work tasks" project.

Plus, I personally use and pay for Todoist because I can also add my personal tasks into the platform. This helps me to keep quick work tasks and tasks from my personal life separated by projects but kept together by the platform.
I've used Todoist for about three years now and I haven't needed to contact support, which I'm considering a 10 out of 10. Honestly, their platform is so easy to use that I never had to look up a knowledge base or forum to be able to do what I wanted in Todoist. So I'm not sure what their support system looks like or how it works, but I do know that if I haven't needed support, that's also a good sign!

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I personally love Todoist. It helps me manage my day in the office and at home. Honestly, I don't know how I used to live without it. If you're personally looking for a simple checklist or project management software, there's nothing better than Todoist for simplicity, ease of use and price. If you're looking for a robust, advanced business project management software, there may be better options with advanced features that you want (we use Teamwork Projects, for example). I would say if you're a small team, then Todoist business could fit your needs while you grow. Once you get beyond a couple of members on your team, I could see how you may want advanced features that Todoist simply doesn't offer.

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