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QuickBooks Enterprise

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QuickBooks Enterprise is one of the family of QuickBooks Desktop accounting products, the others of which are Pro, Premier and the Mac version. The Enterprise version differs from the other versions primarily in that it scales up to 30 simultaneous users, stores more than six times the data capacity, and provides access to advanced capabilities like Advanced Inventory, Advanced Reporting, and Advanced Pricing. From a functional standpoint, it has all the features of both Premier and Pro, with more customizable reporting tools, user access controls, the ability to track inventory items and handle inventory pricing, and the Full Service Plan, which is the top level customer support plan.

QuickBooks Enterprise is still a good choice for SMBs that use the software primarily to serve their own needs, and have more users and need access to advanced reporting, permissions, pricing, and inventory features in addition to standard accounting features. It also (like QuickBooks Premier) has a range of industry-specific editions, including Contractor, Manufacturing and Wholesale, Nonprofit, Professional Services, and Retail.

The Enterprise product is considerably more complex than Premier and Pro from a deployment perspective, and most deployments are handled by QuickBooks consultants / resellers.

Company Status: Public
Best Fit For: Small and medium sized business, with multiple departments and cost centers, and requirement for inventory control in addition to accounting
Most Compared To: SAP Business One
Customers: N/A
Employees: 8,000 (entire company)

QuickBooks Enterprise Customer Distribution

QuickBooks Enterprise Customer Distribution Pie Chart

Aggregate User Ratings of QuickBooks Enterprise on TrustRadius

Source: (26) User reviews of QuickBooks Enterprise on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute QuickBooks Enterprise Rating # of Reviewers Contributing to Rating Average Accounting Software Average Rating
Likelihood to recommend 8.0 26 8.1
Likelihood to renew 8.4 9 8.5
Product usability 10.0 2 8.7
Implementation satisfaction 10.0 2 8.1

Summary of QuickBooks Enterprise Reviews

Source: (26) User reviews of QuickBooks Enterprise on TrustRadius
QuickBooks Enterprise Pros QuickBooks Enterprise Cons
Good accounting features
Good standard accounting features like POs , sales orders, A/P and A/R, invoicing, bank downloads and reconciliation, etc. But the product is limited to accounting with adjacent capabilities like budgeting and inventory much weaker.
The product does not have any real workflow allowing transactions to be reviewed before posting.
Ease of use
Product has an intuitive design and layout and is easy to train and use for both beginner and advanced users.
Although the product has a good Software Developer Kit (SDK) for building integrations, some reviewers still struggle integrating with third-party applications like CRM systems.
Reviewers are largely complimentary about reporting saying that there are many canned reports with good drill-down capabilities and that the data can be exported to Excel. But some would like more options is customizing reports based upon customized fields.

Payroll integration
Payroll capability makes it possible to eliminate an outside payroll company.

Fixed asset management
Unlike other versions of QuickBooks, Enterprise contains a very good fixed asset manager for depreciating fixed assets.

Intuit Response to Reviewer Feedback

Thank you for the thoughtful review of our QuickBooks Enterprise software. Intuit is focused on continually improving the experience for our highest value customers that use our QuickBooks Enterprise software, as demonstrated by the addition of new features like Advanced Reporting which allows small businesses to put all of their data to use for them in a powerful reporting tool. Reporting is a key differentiator between our Pro/Premier software. Another key differentiator is Advanced Inventory, which serves many product based businesses with features like multi-location inventory tracking, row/shelf/bin, serial/lot number tracking and robust build assemblies. These advanced features allow more mature and complex businesses to manage their growing business complexity in an easy to use accounting software package.