Boxing Dropbox
Updated May 24, 2021

Boxing Dropbox

Oran Bar-Tal | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Dropbox Business

We use it across the organization. It is a good backup with history support and helps me easily share content with different team members in my organization and/or clients.
  • It has top-notch security, which is highly appreciated by my clients.
  • The history feature saved us numerous amounts of time from re-doing work.
  • Ability to track who made changes to a document, and comment on it helped us with keeping content organized and avoiding conflicts.
  • Recently we started integrating Dropbox into other product management and communication tools such as Slack and Monday. Works really good.
  • Once we had a major problem where one of the employee accidentally deleted lots of data and had to restore. It appears that this mechanism work much less effective than restoring a group of files. Eventually it took Dropbox about 2 months with resolving the issue, and us additional 2 weeks of cleanup afterwards.
  • Dropbox is getting very expensive and there are today some alternatives that have better price to value ratio.
  • Ability to work seamlessly from my file explorer without using the website interface
  • Content is integrated naturally on my pc (without "my content" and "shared with me" which are very confusing)
  • Ability of the admin to see who deleted content and when, and then restore it
  • When we had to restore a large portion of our database, it took Dropbox about 2 month to handle the problem, and eventually we got a very huge mess. Some of the files were never restored, and we lost money and reputation. Dropbox, on their part, did not do but the bare minimum to help us with this, nor they took responsibility for their inability to supply us with the backup and restore features they were committed to.
Google Drive UI is VERY messy. It is not convenient to use, and its integration to the desktop is arbitrary...
OneDrive sync functions tend to break and lots of time we found ourselves wondering why a work we just saved disappeared, only to find out that it was overridden by the server version, and that our newer version is available as a revision of the server...
Copy was actually pretty decent and cost effective, but the product was cancelled.

Do you think Dropbox Business delivers good value for the price?


Are you happy with Dropbox Business's feature set?


Did Dropbox Business live up to sales and marketing promises?


Did implementation of Dropbox Business go as expected?


Would you buy Dropbox Business again?


It is very good for small organizations or very large organizations. Everything in between may have problems with the sheer cost of maintaining the users' costs. Also, it is not recommended if your company has a huge amount of data as currently, Dropbox lowered the amount of storage they're offering for small businesses.

Dropbox Business Feature Ratings

Video files
Audio files
Document collaboration
Access control
File search
Device sync
User and role management
File organization
Device management
Storage Reports

Using Dropbox Business

6 - Because of the very high price of Dropbox, we only allowed a third of our employees to use it. These are the people who handle content and/or graphics within our company. Also the CEO and COO are using Dropbox, with the COO handling all the files and making sure the content is backed up on external drive weekly.
6 - Actually, no skill is needed, since the Desktop software is very intuitive. We never had a problem with a user not knowing what to do with Dropbox. To use the more advanced feature, a basic need in SAAS will help, as users will need to go to the Dropbox admin site and look for their deleted file. On the other hand, Dropbox did a very good job with adding a small widget to MS Office, enabling the user to reach most of the needed function straight from the widget.
  • Share content with clients
  • Backup
  • Organize the content to be easily reachable to my team members from anywhere
  • We used Dropbox comments to review content with our clients
  • Also used Dropbox to get content we needed to work on, when we were working abroad
  • Some business meetings were saved because some very important content that was unreachable, was eventually retrieved from Dropbox
  • We are currently exploring Paper and its functions
Dropbox is very expensive and its price is not as competitive as it was. We are looking for an alternative that will enable as to subscribe more users at a more affordable cost.

Also, we did not like Dropbox customer service, and felt that they should have found a way to compensate us for some of the damage they were responsible for when restoring our data.

Evaluating Dropbox Business and Competitors

Yes - We used Copy, but sadly the product was discontinued.
We also reviewed Box, but it felt like Box is aimed for bigger companies than us.
  • Price
  • Product Usability
  • Prior Experience with the Product
Dropbox usability is top notch - Very easy to work with the Desktop app, and the admin site is very straight forward. Rarely we've had users with problems with the product. The only one problem we ever found, is that you can't share a sub-folder with a team member, if the folder itself is already shared with someone.
Probably not.
For the period we've been using Dropbox, we still think it is the most convenient product there is right now. I am very upset that the price per user is so high in Dropbox, thus forcing us to look for alternative, because otherwise, we would probably have stuck with this product for a very long time.

Dropbox Business Implementation

Employees should be advised about how to work properly with Dropbox and sharing
  • Work only in designated folders
  • Delete files that can be removed for the entire team
  • Only temp files can be local
  • Selective sync and online save are imperative to keep the content secured
Change management was minimal - Nothing was needed because of the easy integration, and we've used Dropbox almost from the day 1
  • We've had to teach employees that deleting files on their computer will delete these files for the entire team
  • We've needed to teach employees not to work on local folders

Dropbox Business Training

It was easy to learn without training, but accidents happened and employees deleted file they shouldn't have

Configuring Dropbox Business

Out of the box configuration is great and we did not have to do any major changes.
  • Use selective sync
  • Have admin create and dictate the folder structure
  • Use the public folder for essentials only
No - there is no facility to customize the interface
No - we have not done any custom code
There is no special configuration possible that I know of

Dropbox Business Support

One of our employees accidentally deleted large portion of our database. I've reached out for help as the admin site did not manage to restore the content (it requested I contact support). It took Dropbox about 2 month to handle the problem, and eventually we got a very huge mess. Some of the files were never restored, and we lost money and reputation. Dropbox, on their part, did not do but the bare minimum to help us with this, nor they took responsibility for their inability to supply us with the backup and restore features they were committed to.
Problems get solved
Quick Initial Response
Slow Resolution
Poor followup
Not kept informed
Escalation required
Difficult to get immediate help
Need to explain problems multiple times
Not Available

Using Dropbox Business

It integrates perfectly with file explorer. This is leagues away from competitors. We're working with this like it is a local folder.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Share files/folders with the team
  • Send links to files/folders
  • Send as a transfer file with receipt
  • Manage activity and restore data
  • The software itself is cumbersome, and I have no idea why it is needed
  • Restoring a folder can be difficult
Yes - It works pretty well and I can easily find my Barings there.
The only issue I've found is that while uploading content to Dropbox on iPhone, the Dropbox app must be in focus and the phone screen should be always on (Which is annoying because it drains the battery and the phone is unusable at that time)

Dropbox Business Reliability

We've used this when we were 2 users and when we were 20. It did not make any difference.
Even when we've had to scale down and fire 10 employees, it was still easy to salvage all the material and keep it organized within Dropbox.
We once had a problem where an employee accidentally deleted a major folder (Before we knew how to manage permissions properly) and we had to restore ~1,500 files and fast. We've contacted Dropbox and their support were with us all the way, through various talks, phone calls, emails, and a long communication to understand what and how to restore.
We manage to salvage 90% of the data. Sadly it was messy (because files and folders which were deleted prior to the incident have been restored as well) but it was better than facing our clients and telling them that we will not be able to deliver our work because of a data loss.
Since we mostly use Dropbos's File Explorer interface, it works seamlessly most of the time.
When working online, the preview sometimes displays low quality.
We integrate Dropbox with any service we work with that uses storage and did not encounter any problems

Integrating Dropbox Business

Countless other business offer integration with Dropbox with a click of a button. Up until now we did not encounter any service that needed file hosting and did not integrate with Dropbox
  • Jotforms
  • Nintex
  • Office
  • Clickup
We use Dropbox as a link to our files everywhere. It is easy as it connects with a press of a button and authentication
  • Wordpress
I don't think so, but it would have been awesome if instead of uploading images from my PC I could just link them to Dropbox
  • File import/export
Countless other business offer integration with Dropbox with a click of a button, so most of the time nothing is needed.

Relationship with Dropbox

There is nothing to do
You purchase the licenses at their terms, and that's it
Dropbox have a fair support team and we've found they are mostly accommodating when we've had to make changes to our plans. Most of the account options are available on site and do not require contacting support.
There is nothing to do
You purchase the licenses at their terms, and that's it
There is nothing to do
You purchase the licenses at their terms, and that's it

Upgrading Dropbox Business

Yes - It is most of the time unnoticeable. The app updates automatically
  • Dropbox Transfer
  • To consolidate Office online comments and Dropbox comments
Yes - We've started with a standard version with one user paying, and the others using free accounts. Once the company grew to more than 5 employees, we've moved to the teams version in order to effectively sync everyone to the organization. This was made easy as a bit earlier Dropbox introduced the ability to have two accounts installed on the computer (Personal, and Professional)