LogicMonitor allows us to monitor all of our clients in one pane of glass.
November 07, 2020

LogicMonitor allows us to monitor all of our clients in one pane of glass.

Scott Ruoff | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with LogicMonitor

We are an MSP with clients that are very diverse, ranging from defense contractors to unions to hospitals. LogicMonitor allows us to monitor all the servers very easily and create dashboards that add value to the customer. It has been a game changer for our monitoring needs.
  • Automatic recognition of devices
  • Allows custom datasources with our own scripts
  • Easy to deploy collectors and get monitoring up and running in minutes
  • Allow return of data to include strings, not just integers; this is a pain point
  • Allow other types of scripts to run besides PS and groovy
  • Better LM Cloud datapoints, not everything is included for Azure; I know this is limited to the APIs that Azure allows
  • Easy setup, quick to deploy
  • Dashboards and scorecards are easily created
  • We can onboard a new client in minutes
Automate couldn't deal with non-persistent machines. That is the majority of our clients, and they have machines scale up and down based on load. Plus, we don't need an agent to be installed for LogicMonitor to work.
Every time I have contacted support, which is very rare since their support documentation is fantastic, I have had almost an immediate response and get an engineer who knows the product very well.
We are an MSP, so we have clients all over the country. We have roughly 1,600 devices being monitored almost all of which are servers. It makes having one pane of glass for monitoring very easy. On-premise, public cloud, we cover both.
It's the easiest tool to deploy by far. You install the collector with the proper permissions and run a netscan and you are done. Other tools require much more configuration and agents to be installed. No thank you, I would rather have one deployment cover everything.
It does. We no longer have to rely on agent-based monitoring tools. Customers have been amazed at the amount of information we can provide them through access roles and their own dashboards. We have even had clients creating their own dashboards to be able to see what they want. And if they aren't getting the information they want, we create a datasource script that will get them the information they are asking for.
LM can monitor almost any device, with very few exceptions. It makes our monitoring easy and is integrated with our ticketing system. It creates tickets based on error and critical alerts and makes sure our engineers are notified immediately.